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Doris Lance, Author, Hiker, and Fitness Advocate: Age Well with Movement and Nature

Doris Lance is an avid hiker and wildflower photographer who happens to be over the age of 70.  She’s also the author of the book Botanical Reflections––a book to “Explore feelings, reduce anxiety, and reconcile emotional conflicts” all through time spent journaling with wildflowers. Doris presents a unique message on health, fitness, and aging. I […]

Andres Lopez, Owner and Executive Chef, Duck a Diet Meal Prep: Delivering Delicious, Healthy, Ready-to-Eat Meals to Busy Adults and Top-Level Athletes

Most people fail to achieve their weight loss or fitness goals because of their diet. They become further proof that you can’t out train a bad diet. If you struggle with finding an eating program that meets your fitness needs and that you enjoy, this episode is for you. Andres Lopez is the owner, and […]

Mike Concha, Personal Trainer at Equilibrium Personal Fitness Studio: How Customized Programs Produce Sustainable Results.

Mike Concha is a personal trainer at Equilibrium Personal Training Studio in Barrington, Illinois. Mike has been a trainer for twenty years and received his degree in exercise science from Western Illinois University. Mike’s passion for sports and fitness stems from his extensive and varied athletic background, including tennis, soccer, bodybuilding, and MMA (mixed martial […]

Andra Lopez: Getting Fit and Staying Fit with F45 Training

Andra Lopez has been in the fitness industry for many years. She was a college athlete, and health/wellness has always been at the forefront. As a Psych major, Andra knew she wanted to help others but didn’t think it would be a fitness career. But that is where she has spent her time. Andra has […]

Robert Protass, VP Life Line Screening: How Our Screenings Provide Early Detection or Give Peace of Mind

Robert Protass is Vice President at Life Line Screening. Robert earned an MBA in Marketing from UC Berkley and spent many years in New York City in the financial services sector.   Deep down, he desired to work for an organization that helps people live better lives and left the financial world for Life Line Screenings.  […]

Cathy Richards, M.A., Exercise Physiologist Wellness and Healthy Aging Coach: Your Fresh Start to Forever Fit  

How many Monday mornings have you said to yourself “This is the week I’ll get back on track”? with exercise, healthy eating, or [fill in the blank]. So many of us could use a little more motivation and expert guidance to get started (or re-started) with healthier habits that will get us the results we […]

Kandy Gore – Yoga – Personal Trainer for Equilibrium Personal Training Studio – How Yoga Helps People Over 50 to Achieve Their Fitness Goals

Kandy Gore is a yoga and Pilates instructor at Equilibrium Personal Training Studio, in Barrington, Illinois. Kandy says being a student of yoga allowed her to experience a healing journey that began with a sports injury.  Seeking a solution for her reconstructed knee and low back pain; the continual practice cultivated muscular balance and flexibility […]

Shawn Bork, Certified Personal Trainer at Equilibrium Personal Training: How to Get and Stay Fit After 50!

Shawn Bork is a Certified Personal Trainer at Equilibrium Personal Training in Barrington, Illinois. He is certified through NASM for 4 years with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Indiana State University. He has been a chef for 9+ years creating, and crafting meals based on a client’s needs or restrictions. He has been […]

Amy Baltes, RD, LDN, Dietitian for the Equilibrium Personal Training: Helping People Over 50 Get Healthy with the Power of Food.

Amy Baltes, RD, LDN, is the primary consulting dietitian for the Equilibrium Personal Training. Her mission is to help people get healthy by embracing the power of food. She gives down to earth recommendations on how to make better food choices, meal planning, getting to a healthy body weight, balancing hormones, the use of alternative […]

JR Burgess -Visionary Health Coach Shares His Transformational Journey to Better Health and Happiness

If your health is a priority and your plan of care leaves you feeling stuck, unsatisfied, and not in control, this episode is for you. JR Burgess found his purpose for helping people be free from pain at a young age. As a healthcare consultant, he regularly shows his commitment through transparently communicating and being […]

Erik Peper, PhD., Launches New Book, TechStress-How Technology is Hijacking our Lives, Strategies for Coping and Pragmatic Ergonomics

Erik Peper, PhD., is an internationally known expert on holistic health, stress management, and biofeedback. He is a professor at San Francisco State University, where he was instrumental in establishing the Institute for Holistic Health Studies, the first holistic health program at a public university in the U.S. He is president of the Biofeedback Federation […]

Martin Rooney, Author of “Coach to Coach”: Inspires People 50+ with an Epic Pandemic Half Time Speech on Never Too Late for Fitness Radio

We are in the middle of one of the biggest health and financial crisis the world has ever experienced. The pandemic is touching people around the globe. While some states and countries are still in lock down, others are testing the concepts and boundaries of opening things up. Everyone accepts that things will be different […]

Jeff Powell, Founder, Age Proof: Unique Fitness Strategies for 50+

If you are over 50 and feel like age is starting to catch up with you, but… you are not ready to hang it up, this episode is for you. If your workouts are not working out, you will discover why, in this episode. Jeff Powell has over 30 years training people and over 13 […]

Master Lee, Body & Brain Regional Manager: Optimizing Your Immune System with Brain Education and Energy Training

The pandemic has turned our lives upside down putting our concern about our health and the health of our loved ones’ center stage. We are in uncharted territory and our metal, physical, emotional and spiritual health is under constant attack. If you are seeking specific strategies for the stress, anxiety, and physical drain the pandemic […]

Drenda Weldon, CFT and Health & Wellness Coach: Encouraging Women Over 40 to Thrive Not Just Survive

If you are a woman over 40, and dealing with pre, menopause and post, this interview is for you. If you are finding it difficult to find the time and motivation to make you and your fitness a priority, this interview is for you. My guest today is a mom who has gone through 5 […]

Rae Lynne Morvay, CFT and Senior Fitness Specialist: Helping People Over 50 Get Fit and Improve Their Overall Quality of Life

Rae Lynne Morvay is an AFAA certified fitness instructor and Senior Fitness Specialist.  Rae Lynne has certifications in Zumba, Zumba Gold, Pilates, Advanced Pilates, Flow Yoga, Yoga and Pilates on the ball, Barre, Active Aging, and Foam Rolling.  She also has many Fitness continuing education certifications and credits especially in the areas of injury, recovery, and active […]

Brian Hanson, Brain Injury Survivor and Advocate: Jesus, Lazarus, and Me. One Man’s Journey Overcoming Death and Brain Injury   

We have all had senior moments. We walk into a room, only to forget why we went in there. Or, we have a word on the tip of our tongue, and you cannot get the word out! Fortunately, these incidents happen briefly and infrequently for most people. For many they define the day, every day. […]

Jay Croft, Founder Prime Fit Content: Connecting with the 50 Plus Market During the COVID-19 Crisis

Jay Croft is a veteran writer, editor, and content director. He is the founder of Prime Fit Content that is a content service helping fitness professionals grow their businesses by engaging more people over 50. He focuses on the 50 plus market because he feels that it is the key market for gyms, studios, and […]

Phil Squatrito, Owner of Training For Warriors: Achieving Fitness and Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Crisis

Phil Squatrito, also known as Coach Squats, is the Head Coach and owner of Training For Warriors, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. He has over 18 years of experience in physical fitness and have helped thousands of people lose fat, build muscle, and feel great about themselves again. He believes that with the right Coaching, Culture, […]

Dr. Kelly Miller: How to Protect Your Health and Well-being During the COVID 19 Crisis

If you are looking for practical and proven strategies that will keep your environment safe from the corona virus and help you manage the stress brought on from living in such uncertain times, this episode is for you.   If you’re looking for some certainty about how to stay healthy and sane in the face of […]

Neil Achim, Owner Body & Brain Crystal Lake: Harnessing Your Energy to Get Your Power Back

Neil Achim is a Master of Yoga & Tai Chi with over 20 years of experience and the owner of Body & Brain Yoga/Tai Chi in Crystal Lake Illinois. Master Neil, believes that to achieve and maintain optimal health in body and mind, we need to practice movement and meditation, daily. With a holistic approach […]

Dennis O’Toole, Owner of Bath Consultants Inc: Getting the Bathroom of Your Dreams with the Peace of Mind You Deserve.

What do you do when you’re over fifty and are living in a home where you want to remain, but you have an old, outdated bathroom that no longer fits your needs or lifestyle? Dennis O’Toole, owner of Bath Consultants Inc located in Algonquin Illinois has the answer. They are a family owned company that […]

Karla Mans Giroux: Helping Women 35-65 Diagnosed with Cancer Find Remission and Optimal Health

Karla Mans Giroux is a health coach, lifestyle consultant, speaker, cancer thriver, and Radical Remission coach & teacher. Also, a longevity geek with a goal to live to be 100! As a 2-time cancer thriver, Karla has17 years of experience on her journey to health and healing. Because of her own experience Karla is passionate […]

Dr. Pam Fernandes, D.C.: Helping Women Over 40 Resume Their Lifelong Pursuit of Health, Fitness, and Well-being.

Dr. Pam Fernandes is President and owner of Wellspring Chiropractic and Acupuncture located in Algonquin, Illinois. She is a third-generation chiropractor, acupuncturist, a graduate of National College of Chiropractic, a Chi Gong instructor, and Team Physician for multiple sports and levels. Dr. Fernandes’ approach to chiropractic involves an innovative, gentle technique called “Specific Prone”. She […]

Katie Van Diggelen, Owner of Achieve Footwear: How Proper Fitting Shoes Enhances Your Quality of Life

Katie Van Diggelen is the owner of Achieve Footwear in Crystal Lake Illinois.  With over thirty years’ experience, Katie has helped thousands of people avoid injuries, relieve pain, and improve performance on the job and in their sports activities. She and her staff make sure that their customers get a perfect fitting pair of shoes […]

Mike Lim : Drug-Free Immediate Pain Relief

Mike Lim MPP, ITPI, MPsy, CPT is the owner of Advanced Pain Rehab and has been a physical therapist for over 20 years specializing in sports injuries, geriatrics, and pain management. Mike is a Master Pain Practitioner and pain relief expert treating concussions, injuries, pain, and scars using Voila Method and MPS therapy-a drug free […]

Andy Zagami: Leading an Unbreakable Life

If you’re over 40 and not satisfied with the quality of your life because of how you look, move, or feel, you’ll want to listen to my guest today. Andy Zagami is an author, personal trainer, and nutritional therapist from Melbourne Australia. Andy has used the challenges he faced earlier in his life to create […]

Molly Rodriguez, RN, MPH, PCC: 30 Days to Healthy Living  Program

Molly Rodriguez is a Professionally Certified Coach and trainer with a bachelor’s of nursing, a master’s of public health and 700 hours of coaching experience. Molly understands the importance and connection of biology, physiology, and psychology behind strong bodies and spirits. She loves all things food and health; she is the first to admit that […]

Bill Protzmann, Founder of Music Care, Inc: Transforming Your Life Using the Music You Love

Bill Protzmann is an entrepreneur, musician, husband, father, and proud member of the human race. He’s the founder of Music Care Inc, the first for-profit business established to teach you how to give yourself effective, evidence-based self-care using nothing more than the music you love. Bill’s work has been recognized by the National Council for […]

Dr. Thomas Mitchell, D.C.: How Neuro-Stability Training Helps People Get Stronger, Move Better, and Bulletproof Their Bodies from Injury!

Dr. Thomas Mitchell is the owner and Clinic Director of the Chicago Institute for Health and Wellness located in West Dundee, Illinois. Dr. Mitchell is a Natural Healthcare Practitioner, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Chiropractic Physician, a Functional Rehabilitative Specialist, and is certified in Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Mitchell’s practice includes Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, as well […]

Brandy Schroeder, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach: How  Reverse Dieting Helps Women Over 30 Finally Achieve Sustainable Health and Fitness Results.

Brandy Schroeder, aka ‘Coach B’ is on a mission to help women feel confident in their skin and balance life’s chaos through sustainable nutritional and lifestyle changes. Brandy helps women understand that it is often more than food when it comes to their weight and how they feel about themselves. Brandy is a retired bodybuilder […]

Dr. Robert Hedaya, M.D.- Relieving Joint and Back Pain Naturally with Dr. H Rejoint

Robert J. Hedaya, M.D., DLFAPA, is a pioneer in Functional Medicine and psychiatry and a clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center. He is the author of three books on the biological aspects of psychiatry and is working on a 4th one. He has authored various peer-reviewed journal articles and been a national […]

Shawna Kaminski, Female Fitness Expert: Helping Women Over 40 Get Their Sexy Back!

Shawna Kaminski helps women over forty who have tried everything to lose their menopause belly how to apply simple and effective life hacks to get their sexy back! Shawna has been a fitness professional in the industry for over 30 years. She has a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Bachelor of Education and too many certifications […]

Dr.  Kelly Miller Hits Number One on Amazon with Saving Your Brain: Causes, Prevention, and Reversal of Dementia/Alzheimer’s

Dr. Kelly Miller is the founder of Health Restoration, located in Temple Terrace, Florida, and in Kansas City, Missouri. Dr. Miller’s clinical practice covers over 38 years treating over 15,000 patients. He is an international lecturer on the genetic, nutritional, and hormonal considerations related to heart health. Dr. Miller’s educational background in acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, […]

Dr. Ryan Comeau CEO of Kinetisense:Leading the 3D Motion Capture Revolution in Health Care.

Dr. Ryan Comeau is CEO and Co-Founder of Kinetisense Inc. Dr. Comeau is considered as a world leader and pioneer in the field of human 3D motion capture.  Dr. Comeau is an innovator, best-selling author, and advocate for the implementation of objectivity and patient engagement in the health sciences.  Dr. Comeau is an international speaker […]

Geoff Morris, Senior Real Estate Specialist: How Boomers Can Help Their Aging Parents Transition to the Next Phase of Their Lives

Today’s show is for people over 50 who are faced with the challenge of helping their aging parents when the health of one or both is declining. Many people have this challenge thrust upon them unexpectedly and the stress and overwhelm can be incredible.   Geoff Morris is someone who is trained to help relieve […]

Patty Cummings, Creator of Astro-Durance: How Her Bungee Training System is Changing Lives with the Gift of Movement

Patty Cummings is Owner of P2 Personal Training and Creator of “ASTRO-DURANCE is a low impact, motion based, resistance training program that allows the user the needed buoyancy to perform exercises they might not be able to perform without assistance. ASTRO-DURANCE is safe and fun for all ages, sizes, and for most all types of […]

Shelton Matsey, Owner-Operator Fit Code: Discover the Power to Transform Your Body and Your Life

Shelton Matsey is owner-operator of Fit Code, a fitness boot camp that helps people increase their metabolism and get in great shape. Fit Code has four locations in the Chicago area including Mokena, Beverly, Midway, and Dyer Indiana. Since 2009, Shelton has been working with women and men alike to provide a boot camp program […]

Clint Phillips: Losing Weight and Getting Fit After 40

Clint Phillips is a personal trainer with over 25 years of experience in individualized fitness testing and assessment, personalized fitness prescription and programming, training singles, doubles, and groups. He has expertise in various settings, including homes, offices, gyms, outdoors. Clint was named “One of the Best Personal Trainers in America” by Men’s Journal and the […]

Robyn Caruso: Incorporating Stress Management Into Your Daily Life

Robyn Caruso is the Founder of The Stress Management Institute for Health and Fitness Professionals™ and Uniquely U Wellness Center™. She received her bachelor’s Degree from Rowan University in Health Promotion and Fitness Management. She is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer and group fitness instructor, a Certified Health Education Specialist by (NCHEC), Health […]

Stephen Hercy: Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training System

Stephen Hercy is globally known as Dr Fitness USA. Stephen is a body transformation mentor, ergonomic expert, and postural alignment specialist. His expertise as a transformative force and a maverick in the field of dynamic wellness and personal development is unrivaled for more than 40 years. More than an “exercise plan” the “Body Design Formula […]

Dr. Mari Swingle: How Screen-Based Technology is Impacting the Mental and Emotional Fitness for People Over 50

Dr. Mari Swingle is a practicing clinician, researcher, writer, presenter and author of i-Minds: How Cell Phones, Computers, Gaming and Social Media Are Changing Our Brains, Our Behavior, and the Evolution of Our Species. She practices in Vancouver, Canada, and speaks locally and internationally to professionals and the general public on the topic of health […]

Dr. Stephen Sideroff, Ph.D.: Developing Resilience After 50

Stephen Sideroff, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA, as well as the Director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics. He presents seminars and professional training programs worldwide on resilience, optimal performance, addiction, and alternative approaches to stress and mental health. His trademarked innovative treatment approaches span a […]

Batista Gremaud, Co-Founder of Dr Fitness USA: How Women Over 40 Can Get 20% Stronger in 20 Minutes, Independently of a Personal Trainer.

Batista Gremaud is the co-founder of the company Dr FitnessUSA helping busy women over 40 get 20% stronger in 20 minutes; look and feel 15 years younger and achieve a pain-free life with the Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training System created by Dr FitnessUSA. Certified in personal training, Batista’s expertise in strength training includes […]

Dave Van Til: Practical Fitness Tips from a 74 Year Old Bodybuilder

Dave Van Til has been full time mediator and arbitrator for over 35 years both as a private mediator and as a member of the Superior Arbitration and Mediation panels and is widely accepted by both the plaintiff and defense bars. Prior to becoming a full-time mediator/arbitrator Mr. Van Til practiced law in San Diego […]

Dr. Kelly Miller: Founder of Health Restoration: Achieving Optimal Health Naturally

Dr. Kelly Miller is founder of Health Restoration and his clinical practice covers over thirty-seven years, treating over fifteen thousand patients. He is an international lecturer on the genetic, nutritional, and hormonal considerations related to heart health. Dr. Miller’s educational background in Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Functional Diagnostic Medicine, Aging and Regenerative Medicine allow for a multi-faceted analysis and […]

Marvin Berman, Founder and President of QuietMIND Foundation: Safe, Effective and Drug-Free Alternatives to Stop Memory Loss and Improve Mental Fitness

Marvin H. Berman, Ph.D., C.B.T., is Founder & President of QuietMIND Foundation. QuietMIND Foundation’s mission is to study, provide and promote drug-free, low-cost, noninvasive approaches to understanding and treating disorders that affect people’s thinking, behavior, and movement. Dr. Berman earned his Master’s and Ph.D. in Psychoeducational Processes from Temple University, where he studied group and […]

Mike Carberry, DC: Why a Medically Integrated, Holistic Practice is Best for Helping People Over 50 Get Healthy and Fit Naturally

Dr. Michael Carberry is the founder of Advanced Medical Integration, a nationwide consulting company teaching a fully compliant integrated medical model from 2013 to present. He is the founder of Apple Medical Corporate Wellness in Chattanooga TN and was also the executive director of Dynamic Medical Centers in Chattanooga, Hixson and Murfreesboro TN from 2011-2013. […]

Mike Carberry, DC, CEO of AMI: How a Medically Integrated, Holistic Health Care Model Improves Patient Outcomes and Helps Practices Thrive.

Dr. Mike Carberry DC, is a national speaker, Founder, and president of Advanced Medical Integration. Advanced Medical Integration (AMI) is the nation’s leading consulting group for establishing holistic, philosophically based medical integration.  Whether you are new to medical integration or already have an integrated center, AMI will help develop your practice to the new standard […]

Erik Peper, Ph.D.- How Biofeedback Improves Athletic Performance for People Over 50

Erik Peper, PhD., is an internationally known expert on holistic health, stress management, and biofeedback. He is a professor at San Francisco State University, where he was instrumental in establishing the Institute for Holistic Health Studies, the first holistic health program at a public university in the U.S. He is president of the Biofeedback Federation […]

Richard Harvey, Ph.D.: How to Develop Psychological Hardiness, Courage and Biofeedback

Richard Harvey, or Rick, has a Ph.D. in Psychology and Social Behavior.  He was educated in California, and studied as an undergraduate at the Berkeley and Santa Cruz campuses of the University of California, finally receiving his doctoral training at the University of California, Irvine.  He is tenured in the Holistic Health Education program at […]

Inna Khazan, Ph.D. – How to Use Mindfulness-Based Biofeedback to Improve Health, Fitness and Personal Performance

Inna Khazan, Ph.D., BCB is a clinical psychologist, author, speaker, and performance excellence, expert. She is a faculty member at Harvard Medical School, where she has taught biofeedback and mindfulness, and supervised trainees since 2008. Dr. Khazan works with executives, athletes, lawyers, physicians, managers, scientists, artists, and other professionals on optimizing their health and performance. […]

Richard Loniewski, Owner of Online Fitness Pro : Personalized Fitness No Matter Where You Live

Richard Loniewski is owner of Online Fitness Pro that helps his clients live a healthier lifestyle no matter where they live. Richard uses his 30 years in the fitness industry to craft personalized fitness programs that help his clients achieve their health and fitness goals. During the interview, Richard shares: How transitioning to online personal […]

Cathi Lamberti, CEO of SMARTfit Inc: Putting the Fun Into Physical and Mental Fitness

Cathi Lamberti is the Founder and CEO of SMARTfit Inc. Cathi is a career entrepreneur having founded and run five separate companies. She founded SMARTfit in 2013 and their products combine brain fitness with body fitness improving physical, sensory, and cognitive performance creating a fun, multisensory experience for all ages and abilities. Their SMARTfit™ exercise […]

Dr. Ryan Comeau, CEO and Co-Founder of Kinetisense: Helping People Move Better and Pain Free

Dr. Ryan Comeau is CEO and Co-Founder of a company called Kinetisense that is in Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada. Kinetisense is the world’s first markerless 3D motion capture analysis tool that allows human performance and rehabilitation practitioners to objectively assess biomechanics in real time. Kinetisense is the software of choice for many world-leading professional sports […]

Lisa LaManna, Owner of Max Fitness Personal Training:Helping Women Over 50 Get Fit, Strong, and Healthy.

Lisa LaManna is a certified personal trainer, nutritional counselor, and owner of Max Fitness located in Lake Zurich, Illinois. With over 20 years as a personal trainer, Lisa uses her education and own experience in health, fitness, and nutrition to craft personalized programs for each of her clients. The results her clients achieve are both […]

Carter Davis, President Lift for the 22: Shares How Fitness is Helping Prevent Veteran Suicides

Carter Davis is President and founder of the non-profit organization Lift for the 22. In recognition of the staggering statistic that 22 veterans commit suicide daily, Lift for the 22 promotes fitness as a solution to help veterans feel better physically and mentally as they transition to civilian life. To help them accomplish their goals, […]

Lisa Dougherty, CEO Medical Fitness Network: Pioneering the Medical Fitness Marketplace

Lisa Dougherty is a fitness industry pioneer, a personal trainer as well as CEO of Medical Fitness Network and President of Medical Fitness Education Foundation. Lisa graduated from the University of California, Irvine’s Fitness Instructor Program, and went on to get her Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach Certifications through the American Council on Exercise. […]

Maureen Sullivan D.C. (Doc Moe): How to Take Control of Your Health and Fitness Naturally

Recent statistics point out that almost 40% of Baby Boomers are overweight, 72% have one or more chronic diseases, 52% lead a sedentary lifestyle and 25% have walking disabilities that make exercise difficult. To shed some light on how we got in this challenged state of health and what we can do about it, is […]

Jennie Ann Freiman M.D. and Founder of Oobroo: Turmeric the Natural Solution for Inflammation and Chronic Pain

Dr. Jennie Ann Freiman practiced medicine in New York until relocating to Santa Fe, NM where she writes and blogs about health and wellness issues. She is also the founder and product developer of Oobroo Inc, a wellness company. She is currently co-writing a book on the natural prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease, slated for publication […]

Jill Skidmore: A 70-Year Old Grandmother Shares Her Fitness Secrets for Winning the Game of Life

At 70 years old, Jill Skidmore is as busy and active as ever. She runs her own tax accounting business, is an active grandmother and is the gold standard of fitness at Palmieri Personal Training where she works out religiously. During the interview Jill shares: How losing a mother and sister to cancer motivated her […]

Lawrence Klein Co-Founder and VP of Thought Technology Ltd: Mental Training for Peak Performance at Any Age.

Lawrence Klein is Co-Founder and VP of Thought Technology Ltd. which was founded in 1975 and is the world’s leading biofeedback, neurofeedback and psychophysiological instrument manufacturer. Over 10,000 Olympic athletes, and professional athletes have used their biofeedback equipment resulting in 5 Guinness World Records, many Olympic gold medals and countless personal bests for competitive athletes […]

William Hogarty: CEO of Proof Smart Food, explains how small lifestyle changes can dramatically improve your health and fitness.

William Hogarty is a highly successful entrepreneur, body builder and fitness authority. He’s built many successful business’s including the 2nd largest mortgage company in the US and founder of a retail Bank. William has a degree in nutrition and marketing.  As a fitness professional, William practices what he preaches as he is often referred to as the […]

Chris Freeman: Introduces the Reactive Power Trainer for Building Core Strength, Balance and Coordination

Chris Freeman is a 60-year-old husband, father, and grandfather. He has a beautiful wife of 38 years, two great sons and daughter-in-laws and five active grand kids. Chris has always enjoyed being active. Chris and his wife enjoy hiking, biking, and exploring together. Chris has been involved in sales in the construction industry for the […]

Sohil Farahmand: Incorporating Fitness and Nutrition into a Busy Lifestyle

Busy professional and Baby Boomers often find fitness and nutrition taking a back seat to their hectic lives and work schedules. They want to eat healthy and workout regularly… but either don’t know how or can’t fit it into their lifestyle. If you can identify with those challenges, this episode is tailored just for you. […]

Richard Haynes: Owner Total Joint Fitness LLC Shares the Keys to Successfully Recovering from Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Richard Haynes is owner of Total Joint Fitness LLC, where he is an online personal trainer and physical therapy rehabilitation specialist. Total Joint Fitness was developed to help seniors with developing a healthier lifestyle through physical rehabilitation and physical fitness. Richard has over 20 years’ experience doing Physical Therapy in the home health sector in […]

Deborah Stern: Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor Explains How Women Over Forty Can Get Fit and Stay Fit

If you are a woman over 40 who has been disappointed or injured by personal trainers in the past and avoided weight training/working out because of that issue, this episode is for you. If you’ve tried every “diet” and failed to keep the weight off, this episode is for you. If you’re at the point […]

Brian Cygan: CEO of The Exercise Coach Shares the Perfect Fitness Program for People Who Are Busy, Afraid of Getting Hurt, Sick of Gyms or Just Hate to Exercise!

Brian Cygan, founder and CEO of The Exercise Coach, a technology-driven, paradigm shifting fitness franchise. He has over 16 years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and entrepreneur. The Exercise Coach is designed to be the perfect fit for the 85% of people conventional fitness wisdom has failed. They specialize in […]

Brian Magazine: How a 56-Year-Old Business Owner Used a Ketogenic Diet to Get Fit and Lose 25 Pounds of Body Fat!

Brian Magazine is a 56-year-old professional from Newburgh, Indiana. Like a lot men his age he had let his health and fitness stop being a priority. Although he wasn’t obese, he was overweight and out of shape.   Through a series of circumstances, he transformed his five feet six-inch body from 185 to 160 pounds with […]

Dwayne Wimmer: Vertex Fitness Owner Shares Proven Strategies for Adding Muscle and Increasing Strength at Any Age

Dwayne Wimmer is founder and trainer of Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio located in Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania. When he opened the doors in 2001, Dwayne was excited to bring a new concept about personal training to the people of Philadelphia’s Main Line. His background is both varied and impressive. While a strength coach at Villanova […]

Heidi Zwart: Health Coach and Author of “It Began In The Garden”

Heidi Zwart, is a professional coach, counselor, personal trainer, and author. She’s helped hundreds of clients make healthy life changes. Her habit based change has helped people lose weight, eat better, workout smarter, sleep better, reduce stress, and re-gain their self-confidence. Her new book It Began In The Garden weaves the Biblical story of Adam & Eve with […]

Franziska Wintergerst CEO of Metabolic Balance: Why metabolic balance® is the natural solution for Metabolic Syndrome

Today’s guest, Franziska Wintergerst, is CEO of Metabolic Balance Inc. where she is responsible for strategic direction and market development in the USA. She is also the CEO of Metabolic Balance in, Germany; and president of their French subsidiary Metabolic PROFIL. She holds a degree in international business studies and is near completion for her […]

Joel Jamieson Explains How Fitness Can Save Your Life

Joel Jamieson is widely considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on strength and conditioning for combat sports, having trained many of the sports best athletes since 2004. He is the author of the bestselling book “Ultimate MMA Conditioning” and is a contributing writer to several top magazines and a frequent guest speaker at conferences […]

Cherell Lucia Talks About How to Transform Your Body and Your Life

Cherell Lucia is a fitness expert, educator and the owner of redesignyourbodynow. She has her AS in Health and Fitness, BS in Kinesiology and an MBA. She’s a Certified Personal Trainer who is certified in Metafit, TRX, Pilates and Spin. She also teaches in the exercise science department at Becker College. By now, most of […]

Denise Smith Talks About How Injury Prevention Helps Baby Boomers Move Better, Longer and Pain Free

Denise Smith is the owner of Smith Physical Therapy and Running Academy, located in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  Denise is an injury prevention specialist, running technique specialist, and physical therapist.  With over 15 years of experience, Denise believes that athletes deserve individualized attention to focus on learning how to move properly to avoid injury and improve […]

Dr. Thomas Mitchell: Results-Driven-Healthcare for Baby Boomers

Dr. Thomas Mitchell is the owner and Clinic Director of the Chicago Institute for Health and Wellness with locations in Elgin and West Dundee, Illinois. Dr. Mitchell describes himself as “a Natural Healthcare Practitioner, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Chiropractic Physician, a Functional Rehabilitative Specialist, and is certified in Applied Kinesiology. Clinical Nutrition is another area […]

Len Tucelli: Shares the metabolic balance® solution for helping Baby Boomer women lose weight and keep it off.

Leonard Tuccelli is Director of Sales and Marketing for metabolic balance®, a global company that provides a sophisticated nutritional program based on a client’s blood values and unique health profile. During the interview, Len explains: How metabolic balance®, originated in Germany and entered the US in 2008. How he started as a client, became a […]

Dr. Dan Reardon: CEO of Fitness Genes – Shares how Baby Boomers can get fit faster using a personalized program based on their DNA

Dr. Dan Reardon, CEO and Co-Founder of Fitness Genes explains how Baby Boomers can leverage their genetics to lose weight and gain muscle faster and more efficiently. Fitness Genes takes the guesswork out of fitness by providing a personalized fitness and nutrition program based on your DNA. Dr. Reardon is a medical doctor in the […]

Randy Janousek: Retired educator shares his secrets for losing 60 pounds and getting fit at age 65!

Retired educator, Randy Janousek, describes his fitness journey of losing 60 pounds and getting in better shape than he was at 40. Before starting his journey, Randy spent most of his day sitting and suffered from sleep apnea, asthma, high cholesterol and was pre-diabetic. Today, Randy’s sleep apnea is gone, he no longer needs asthma […]

Mark Palmieri, Personal Trainer, Shares Keys to Fitness for Baby Boomers

Mark Palmeiri, owner of Palmieri Personal Training, Inc., helps Baby Boomers achieve their fitness goals in a safe and effective manner. Mark shares his fitness philosophy and strategies to ensure Baby Boomers exercise pain free, achieve their fitness goals and have fun doing it. To learn more about Mark go to: or email Mark […]

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