Most people fail to achieve their weight loss or fitness goals because of their diet. They become further proof that you can’t out train a bad diet. If you struggle with finding an eating program that meets your fitness needs and that you enjoy, this episode is for you.

Andres Lopez is the owner, and Executive Chef at Duck a Diet Meal Prep. For over five years Andres and his company has been providing delicious and nutritious meals to busy people and top-level athletes in the Crystal Lake, Illinois, and surrounding areas.

During the interview, Andres shares:

  • How Duck a Diet came into existence and the types of people who use their services.
  • The biggest challenges people face when they start a fitness program and diet becomes a priority.
  • How meal prepping saves clients time, money, and stress while helping them meet their fitness goals.
  • Why people over 50 to must have a good diet to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.
  • The most common misconceptions or concerns people have about meal prepping.
  • How Duck a Diet helps local fitness clubs provide better service to their members.
  • What it takes to get started with a Duck a Diet Program.

To get more information about Andres and Duck a Diet go to


Phone: (815) 705-4597


Facebook: @duckadiet


Phil Faris

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