Shawn Bork is a Certified Personal Trainer at Equilibrium Personal Training in Barrington, Illinois. He is certified through NASM for 4 years with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Indiana State University. He has been a chef for 9+ years creating, and crafting meals based on a client’s needs or restrictions. He has been a Nutritionist through AFAA for 2 years, giving clients consultations on how to eat better and what to eat. Shawn was born in Wisconsin, which would not make sense now since he is officially 4 years Whole Foods Plant-Based (Vegan) and don’t like the Packers. Shawn got up to 220lbs in College and got back down to 160 in September of 2019 for a Physique Competition. He also runs a Small Meal prepping company called Essential Kitchen, which is the first Mexican inspired WFPB meal plan business in Cook County.

During the interview, Shawn shares:

• What makes Equilibrium Personal Fitness unique, especially for people over fifty.

• Why people over fifty seek him out and the types of health and fitness issues they experience.

• How he adapts his fitness programs to help clients reach their goals without risking injury.

• The biggest misconceptions people have about fitness and working with a personal trainer.

• How he incorporates fitness and nutrition into his clients’ programs and why that is essential for success.

• What he does both in the gym and outside of it to ensure his clients get optimal results.

• How he helps clients maintain the motivation they need to prevent getting stalled on their fitness journey.

• What he and Equilibrium do to ensure all clients’ safety from COVID19.

• How people can determine if Shawn is the right type of personal trainer for them and what they can do if they are on the fence.

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