Kandy Gore is a yoga and Pilates instructor at Equilibrium Personal Training Studio, in Barrington, Illinois. Kandy says being a student of yoga allowed her to experience a healing journey that began with a sports injury.  Seeking a solution for her reconstructed knee and low back pain; the continual practice cultivated muscular balance and flexibility that sustains her pain-free lifestyle.

As a teacher, she inspires practitioners to find the confidence and the courage to let go of their “busy” lives and heal through the essence of yoga.  Yoga is peaceful journey that accepts you as you are while opening the body emotionally and physically to its unlimited potential.

During the show. Kandy shares:

  • How her sport injuries led her to a career in fitness and yoga.
  • Describe the types of people over 50 with whom you work at Equilibrium Personal training.
  • Why do people over 50 use yoga to help them meet their fitness goals and address their health issues.
  • What unique challenges people over 50 present to fitness trainers and how Kandy resolves them.
  • The biggest misconceptions people have about yoga and Pilates?
  • How someone would know if they were a good candidate for yoga and Pilates?
  • Why people are hesitant to try yoga and what they can do I overcome it.
  • How she works with clients to make the comfortable, confident, and committed.
  • What Equilibrium is doing to ensure their clients and staff are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information about Kandy and Equilibrium Personal Training go to:



860 S Northwest Hwy Barrington, IL 60010


Phil Faris

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