William Hogarty is a highly successful entrepreneur, body builder and fitness authority. He’s built many successful business’s including the 2nd largest mortgage company in the US and founder of a retail Bank. William has a degree in nutrition and marketing.  As a fitness professional, William practices what he preaches as he is often referred to as the fittest man in the US over 50. He has won 10 bodybuilding titles and currently maintains 5% body fat at 53 years old.

William’s company, Proof Smart Food INC provides healthy high protein foods that taste amazing. They are designed for every person in the US who is looking for a healthy and easy way to experience energy and fitness never dreamed of before.

William has a HUGE passion for his family whom consists of his wife Christy, daughters Hailey 16, Rachel 14, and Briana 4.

His goal is the help the 20,000 people that will die today and every day due to sugar related disease (diabetes, cancer and heart disease) one person at a time!

During the interview, William shares:

  • How his return to body building after the age of fifty helped motivate him to start his company.
  • How the FDA’s guidelines helped fuel the dramatic increase in obesity and diabetes over the last 14 years.
  • How sugar is contributing to the deaths of 20,000 people every day.
  • How confusing food labels and misinformation cause people to make poor food choices.
  • How to read food labels to make sure that the food you purchase provides the healthy benefits you expect.
  • Why a healthy food must taste great to be successful.
  • Why your body craves the foods that make you gain weight and threaten your health and how to eliminate them.
  • Why the FDA is having food companies start specifically listing “added sugar” on labels.
  • How making small changes you can live with can dramatically improve your fitness and health.
  • Why Proof Smart Foods can give people comfort foods without the guilt.
  • How Proof Smart Food gives you a natural energy boost, helps build muscle and stops food cravings.
  • How you can get 25% off your next Proof Smart Food order.

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