If you’re over 40 and not satisfied with the quality of your life because of how you look, move, or feel, you’ll want to listen to my guest today. Andy Zagami is an author, personal trainer, and nutritional therapist from Melbourne Australia.

Andy has used the challenges he faced earlier in his life to create a blueprint for helping his clients improve their health and fitness.

Within a week of birth, Andy had to undergo life threatening brain surgery.

At the age of 21, Andy was diagnosed with testicular cancer which subsequently required chemotherapy and multiple surgeries. In the years that followed he took his health into his own hands with the realization that there are alternative methods to treating yourself instead of relying on chemicals and medicines.

Throughout his many treatments, Andy never stopped training clients simply because of his love for what he does. He now aims to help as many people as possible to have the best health of their life. Whether it’s to prevent a disease or to reverse the side effects – whether they are physical or psychological.

In recent years, Andy has continued his studies to better understand the human body. He now shares his knowledge through speaking events, his book (Unbreakable) and online training programs designed to help you create your Unbreakable life.

During the interview, Andy shares his knowledge, experience, and passion for helping people achieve the best health of their life, including:

  • How he leverages his own experiences with health challenges to help his clients achieve their health and fitness goals.
  • How chronic pain and mobility issues with people over 50 impacts their health, both physically and emotionally.
  • Why mobility is so important to improve fitness.
  • How making progress on small goals lead to personal transformations.
  • What the biggest obstacles to fitness success are, and how to overcome them.
  • Why nutrition and mindset are essential for any fitness program.
  • How he helps people globally.
  • His biggest lesson learned for attaining the best health of your life.

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