Batista Gremaud is the co-founder of the company Dr FitnessUSA helping busy women over 40 get 20% stronger in 20 minutes; look and feel 15 years younger and achieve a pain-free life with the Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training System created by Dr FitnessUSA. Certified in personal training, Batista’s expertise in strength training includes structural realignment of the spine and injury prevention.

Batista is a No1 Best Selling author and co-creator of the Feminine Body Design prescription strength training system.

She is a featured guest expert and authority speaker on the International Pain Foundation. Batista regularly writes for addiction recovery magazines and online health platforms and has appeared as a celebrity guest speaker on numerous radio shows.

A visionary, also certified in hands-on healing, intuitive readings, and energy clearing. Batista Gremaud ‘s passions in quantum physique and metaphysical science inspire her to help people of all ages to achieve greater integration of body, mind, and spirit through the practice of strengthening the body and the mind with the Body Design Formula prescription strength training coaching system.

During her interview, Batista shares:

– Her health and fitness journey and how it has shaped how she helps her clients achieve their health and fitness results.

– Why she focuses on working with women over 40 who are experiencing hormonal changes, weight gain and suffering from injuries or chronic pain.

– Why her female clients seek her out and get results that they never experienced before.

– Why women need strength training instead of long hours of cardio each week.

– How her prescription strength training system helps women build muscle without risk of injury.

– What her system gives her clients results that they can’t get from working with a personal trainer.

– What you must know to make sure that you get optimal results with each piece of gym equipment.

– How each program is designed to address a client’s unique health and fitness strengths and development opportunities.

– Why her system produces results that are sustainable.

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