Brian Magazine is a 56-year-old professional from Newburgh, Indiana. Like a lot men his age he had let his health and fitness stop being a priority. Although he wasn’t obese, he was overweight and out of shape.   Through a series of circumstances, he transformed his five feet six-inch body from 185 to 160 pounds with 10 percent body fat. He has learned a lot about reclaiming his health and fitness and in the interview, he explains:

  • How raising a family and running a business helped him add 25 “creeper” pounds over the years.
  • How he finally decided to change his life and get fit.
  • How getting his body to burn ketones instead of glucose increased his energy and focus.
  • Why burning ketones for fuel is important to achieving sustained health and fitness.
  • Why most people have difficulty getting their bodies to burn ketones.
  • How a supplement helped his body make the switch to burning ketones for fuel.
  • What he used to measure his fitness progress to stay on track and motivated.
  • Why you must “want to be better” to “get better”.
  •  How support systems help overcome challenges along the fitness journey.
  • Why SMART goals are essential for achieving success.

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Phil Faris

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