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The BAR is OPEN – Business Authority Radio talk Corona Economy Meltdown

Craig Williams and Neil Howe talk about the current economic climate and the problems Coronavirus has caused in the US and around the world. How can we possibly pull through this as business owners and leaders? It is the topic of discussion on Business Authority Radio today. For more episodes or Business Authority Radio, visit: […]

Best Selling Authors Obi & Belinda Ndu Share The Secrets To A Happy Marriage

In this episode, host Craig Williams sits down with Best Selling Authors, Obi & Belinda Ndu to discuss the success of their 2 books, “Out Serve Your Spouse” & “The Secret Society Of Happy Marriages”. Obi & Belinda are the founders of Covenant Marriage Academy where they teach how to build marriages God’s way! They […]

Cindy Moore – Co-Founder of Senioridy on Finding Affordable Senior Living Options

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Cindy Moore, Co-founder of Cindy helps Seniors and their families find affordable Senior Living Options quickly through the use of an advanced online Senior Community Search Engine and Listing Directory. Cindy’s 10 plus years of experience as a Lead Web Developer, Solution Architect and Director of Technology for […]

Don Moore – President of Moore Tech Solutions On Leveraging The Internet In The Modern Era

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Don Moore, President of Moore Tech Solutions.  Moore Tech Solutions was founded in 2004, is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and helps small to mid-size business clients around the United States to leverage the incredible power of the Internet by providing custom web solutions and cutting-edge search engine technology. […]

Paul Irvine – IT Consultant On Protecting Your Business Investment With Tech Systems And Backups

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with IT consultant and problem solver, Paul Irvine about the scary tech issues that many business owners and entrepreneurs hate to deal with. Paul talks about the important issues that need to be addressed to make sure your business runs smoothly and without costly interruptions. Some of the […]

Richie Norton – Author of The Power Of Starting Something Stupid On Starting To Live And Following Your Dreams

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with author Richie Norton about his book “The Power Of Starting Something Stupid”. Richie is an entrepreneur that has a sourcing business, consulting business as well as being an in demand speaker and personality. Richie inspires people to Start that Stupid idea and follow their passions, even if […]

John Schmehl – Philadelphia Tax Attorney on Helping Entrepreneurs Save Money On Taxes And Keep More Of Their Money In Their Pocket

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Philadelphia tax attorney John Schmehl on how he is helping entrepreneurs keep more money in their pockets by paying fewer taxes. John helps both individuals and entities with significant federal and state or local tax issues either in controversies or in planning transactions.  There are many ways to […]

James Warren – Washington D.C. Tax Attorney on Audits, Business Structure and the King of Jordan

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with James Warren. James is a Washington, DC tax attorney who helps people and business deal with complex tax issues and transactions, everything from fighting IRS in court to how to structuring a new business or forming a charity. James specializes in helping people or businesses that are being […]

Jeffrey Kahn – California Tax Attorney and CPA on Taxing Crypto Currencies, Marijuana and Unreported Foreign Income

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with California tax attorney and CPA Jeffrey Kahn. Kahn has multiple offices in north and south California including Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco and Walnut Creek. The Law Offices of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C helps any individual or business who has tax problems […]

Ernie Neve – Plymouth Meeting Accountant on Facing the Wrath Of The IRS and Surviving

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Certified Public Accountant Ernie Neve of The Neve Group, LTD. Ernie helps clients who are facing the wrath of the IRS, (the most powerful collection agency in the world) in the form of tax liens, bank account levies, wage garnishments and other financial hardships. Neve warns that […]

Stephen Weisberg – Southfield MI Tax Attorney on Resolving Delinquent Tax Debts With The IRS and State Authorities

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Southfield, MI tax attorney Stephen Weisberg. Stephen is a well known tax attorney in the Detroit area who specializes in resolving delinquent tax debts with the IRS or state taxing authorities. Stephen helps many self-employed individuals such as truck drivers, real estate agents, general contractors etc. Business owner clients […]

Janathan Allen – San Diego Tax Attorney on Finding Solutions To Complex Tax Problems With a Tri-Professional Approach

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with San Diego Tax Attorney Janathan Allen of Janathan L. Allen, APC. Jan is also a Certified Public Accountant with Allen Barren,  Inc. Allen and her firm helps business owners from both a personal and business perspective.  They are a tri-professional firm who views issues from tax, accounting, and legal perspectives. They […]

Bryce Johnson – Dallas CPA on Strategies To Maximize After Tax Cash Flow

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Dallas CPA Bryce Johnson on having a strategic plan to enhance profitability and maximize after tax cash flow. Johnson, a CPA for Armanino LLP in Dallas, TX works with the clients to focus on what their goals are for the future, whether that be growing their business, investing […]

Pete Williams – Axiom Award Winning Author on Doubling Your Business Profit With 7 Simple Wins

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Badass Aussie Entrepreneur Pete Williams on how a business can double its profits with 7 simple 10% gains. This remarkably simple system needs to be analyzed by every business owner as it is so simple to implement and see real results in very little time. Pete calls […]

Selwyn Whitehead – San Francisco Bay Bankruptcy Attorney on Getting Help To Reorganize Debt or Liquidate

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with California Bankruptcy Attorney Selwyn Whitehead on helping people with their debt problems. Selwyn helps consumers looking to save their homes or other major assets and Small business owners looking to salvage what they can from their stalled enterprises. One of the first problems is admitting that there is […]

Dr. Mark Page – Arizona’s Vision Optometrist on Invisalens and Optimal Eye Health

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Arizona optometrist Dr. Mark Page. Dr. Mark is the owner of Phoenix based Arizona’s Vision. Listen as Dr. Page describes the remarkable InvisaLens and what it can do for your eyes. He talks about stopping degenerative eye conditions and preventative health to maintain good eyesight. Dr. Page has been an […]

John Hall – Buckhead Wine Cellars on Wine Storage and Wine Transport Logistics

In this episode, hosts Neil Howe and Craig Williams talk with John Hall, founder of Buckhead Wine Cellars in Atlanta. Listen as John talks about the type of person who needs wine storage as well as the perfect temperature for wine storage. Hall has a unique wine membership model that allows members to use the […]

Cedrick West – Tampa CPA on Having Certainty with Business Systems That Save Time and Money

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Tampa CPA Cedrick West. Cedrick is the CEO of C. S. West & Associates, PA. He helps small businesses increase their cash flow and profitability by performing a full review of his client’s business structure, internal controls, and accounting to understands how their businesses work. Cedrick takes […]

Michael Plaks – REI Tax Attorney and Black Belt in Real Estate Taxation on What It Really Takes To Succeed In Real Estate Investing

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with the Black Belt in Real Estate Taxation, Michael Plaks about what it really takes to succeed in Real Estate Investing. Michael states that 95% of real estate investors fail to make money and the popular fix and flip TV shows and local seminars don’t tell the whole […]

Kim Wyatt – Dallas Tax Attorney on Buying and Selling Property and Corporate Tax

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Dallas, TX tax attorney Kim Wyatt of Exall & Wood, PLLC. Kim shares some of the tax issues that come up when buying and selling property as well as some of the complications that can arise at tax time when companies merge. At Exall & Wood, Wyatt helps advise clients […]

Ryan Schwartz – Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney on Personal Representation For Felony and Misdemeanor Charges

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Ryan Schwartz on getting the best representation for criminal prosecution. Schwartz gives great insight into cases involving DUI, Traffic Accidents, Drug Possession, Assault and Battery charges. Even though there may be a guilty party, there are always two sides to a story and […]

Dr. Lisa DiFrancesco – Atlanta’s Top Rated Plastic Surgeon Highlights Non-Invasive Surgery For Melting Fat and Tightening Skin

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Top rated Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lisa DiFrancesco about the new trends in plastic surgery. Dr. DiFrancesco has been in practice 15 years and voted top doctor in Atlanta by her peers (other physicians). Double board certified in plastic surgery and surgery. Fellowship trained in oculoplastic surgery or […]

Jason Kovan – Miami Tax Attorney and CPA on Filing Taxes For US Residence Overseas

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with tax attorney and CPA Jason Kovan about US residents filing taxes if living and working overseas. The Law Offices of Jason R. Kovan assists individuals residing outside the United States that have not filed US income tax returns or are delinquent in filing a US tax return […]

Ryan Locke – Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney on Steps To Take After An Accident

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Ryan Locke from the Locke Law Firm. Listen as Ryan shares the steps to take when you get into an auto accident or any accident where you were not at fault. Find out the schemes the insurance companies try to pull and how […]

Charles Zimmerer – Cryptocurrency Tax Attorney on Bitcoin Tax Implications and 2018 Tax Bill

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Tax attorney and CPA Charles Zimmerer about Cryptocurrency law and tax implications. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies exploded in 2017 and many people made a lot of money. But, what are the tax consequences? Charles explains just what you have to look out for when addressing cryptocurrency investment […]

Jack Husney – CPA and Tax Expert in New York City on Best Practices For Small Business In 2018

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Certified Public Accountant and tax expert Jack Husney. Husney has been a CPA for over 9 years and helps both individuals and small businesses with their accounting and tax issues. Listen in as Jack Husney explains the benefits of the new 2018 tax bill and how it can […]

Alyssa Whatley – Atlanta Tax Attorney on New Tax Bill and Best Practices For Small Business

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Atlanta tax attorney Alyssa Whatley about the changes in the new tax bill and how it will affect small business for the 2018 tax year. Alyssa Maloof Whatley is a tax and bankruptcy attorney that helps individuals and small businesses with all types of Debt Relief including IRS and Georgia […]

Dr. Susan Kolb – Atlanta Plastic Surgeon and Holistic Doctor on The Naked Truth About Breast Implants

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Holistic doctor and plastic surgeon Dr. Susan Kolb about the dangers of leaking breast implants and the symptoms many women have. Dr. Kolb shares the problems with both saline and silicone implants and the reaction in the body when they leak. Listen as Dr. Kolb exposes information […]

Dr. Alan Larsen – Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon on Body Lifts and Weight Loss

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Buckhead, Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Alan Larsen about some of his well-known procedures. Dr. Larsen is a highly educated and sought after plastic surgeon in the Atlanta area with decades of experience in the industry. He covers all areas of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery from major body […]

Dr. Jason R. Bailey – Houston Board Certified Plastic Surgeon on Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason R. Bailey in Houston, TX. Dr. Jason Bailey helps everyday people with simple or complex injuries or diseases of the body be restored with “plastic surgery”.  He does this in an innovative way by bypassing the insurance companies, complex medical middle-man and […]

Dr. Norman Rowe – Cosmetic Surgeon in New York City Talks History of Plastic Surgery and The Exciting Future

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Dr. Norman Rowe about the beginnings of plastic surgery and the recent advances in laser and stem cell solutions. Dr. Rowe is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing in New York City for almost 10 years.  He specializes in the latest and most innovative techniques to reduce […]

Dr. David Shafer – New York City Board Certified Plastic Surgeon on Current Trends and Practices in Cosmetic Surgery

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Dr. David Shafer about the growth in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Listen as Dr. Shafer explains the current trends in plastic surgery as well as how some of the most common procedures such as mommy makeovers, liposuction and breast augmentation are performed. Dr. Shafer answers a lot […]

Dr. Phillip Craft, Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon in Miami Talks About The Art Of Cosmetic Surgery Today

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Dr. Phillip Craft about being a plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Miami. Miami is a hotbed for plastic surgery as a year round temperate climate has Miami residents always wanting to look their best. Dr. Craft specializes in breast augmentation and all round body contouring. Listen as he […]

Matt Hardage, CEO/Founder, Matt Hardage Consulting Serving Small Business with Big Solutions

In this episode, Craig talks with his youngest guest to date about the early start Matt got to launch his consulting practice for some of the most influential leaders of industry in his community. Matt Hardage, former athlete, serial entrepreneur turned consultant and strategist founded Matt Hardage Consulting with over a decade of practice in […]

Dr. Jeremy White – Rhinoplasty Specialist Cosmetic Surgeon, Miami, FL.

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Dr. Jeremy White from ARC Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL. Dr. White has become a specialist in Rhinoplasty (nose job). Listen as Dr. White talks about the delicacies of working on a small and functional part of the body where tiny mistakes can make a world of […]

Dr. Fara Movagharnia – Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon Atlanta Ga. Discusses The Dangers And Benefits Of Plastic Surgery

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Double board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Fara Movagharnia about the trends, misconceptions, and benefits of plastic surgery. Dr. Fara warns of shopping for the best price in a relatively unregulated playing field where a simple weekend course can qualify some people to perform cosmetic procedures. He also addresses […]

Germaine Moody, CEO/Founder Moody & Chaplin Consulting Firm, Global Networking Pioneer and Authority

In this exclusive episode, Craig finally catches up with globetrotting entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, and multi-industry mogul Germaine Moody. Listen as we journey through the creative mind of a young man living in ‘purpose, on purpose’. Germaine shares with us that no vision ever reaches the heights of Greatness without inclusion. Mr. Moody expresses his […]

Bryan Payne CPA, MBA – The Accountant’s Advocate and Finance Professional’s Career Sherpa

Bryan Payne, Atlanta-based Founder of Apollos Partners, states that ‘Life is too short to dread 

Pat Houston- Powerbro-Her

Celebrating the showing 25 Years ago of The Bodyguard (1992), starring the late Whitney Houston, Craig sits down with former manager of this icon, Pat Houston shortly after her return home from the Miami Beach Celebration. In this episode, we dig deep into the psychology of building big business with larger than life brands and the inspiration behind a […]

Luke Ferdinands – Physical Therapy Injury Specialist Brookline, MA

In this episode, Neil talks with physical therapy expert Luke Ferdinands. Luke has worked with a variety of injuries and has become a proponent for pursuing PT to address the cause of the issue instead of opting for medications and surgery that can just mask the symptoms. Luke graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2004 […]

Jerry Wesley-NPBS – Police reform from the most effective resource-Media.

In this episode we talk to Nigerian business mogul E. Jerry Wesley, Chairman/CEO of Nigerian Police Broadcasting Service (NPBS), educating citizens on their rights and privileges while showcasing police activities around the country. Jerry shares how the present negative stigma of the region of Nigeria can only be overcome by distributing positive media. We often […]

Dr Irene Davis Explains How We Have Got Our Running Mechanic All Wrong

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with renowned biomechanics expert and physical therapist, Irene S Davis, PhD, PT, FAPTA, FACSM, FASB. Dr. Davis explains how we have the fundamental mechanics all wrong and how the athletic shoe industry has manipulated our running style. Listen as she explains how striking the ground first with the heel […]

Milind Bharvirkar President/Founder of Priatek Talks Customer Conversion with Prize-Based Digital Promotions

In this episode, Craig speaks with this UMASS economics major who brought us the popular game, Tiger Woods EA Sports PGA Tour. Milind Bharvirkar shared how he entered the world of fun and gamification, and used his winning business acumen to land software agreements with well-known publishers like Activision and Electronic Arts (EA). Milind shares how important a win-win […]

Justin Batt- Founder/Chief Dad at Daddy Saturday

In this Special Edition, Craig talks with Tedx Speaker, Husband, Father, and Founder of Daddy Saturday, Justin Batt. Justin shares his passion to help other Dads become intentional fathers and experience the same positive growth in their kids that they pursue in the marketplace. Tune in as this Chair of Health and Sports Business at ForbesBooks reminds […]

Barry Meklir – Chronic and Acute Pain Physical Therapist, Brookline, MA

Today’s guest is Barry Meklir the owner of Muscular Solutions.  He is both a licensed physical therapist and muscular therapist who has taken more than a dozen workshops and seminars on chiropractic applied kinesiology. He specializes in treating people with chronic and acute pain and dysfunction who have often received no relief from more standardized medical care live […]

Ellen Helinski- Physical Therapy & Wellness Practitioner, Cambridge, MA

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to Ellen Helinski.  She helps people recover from pain so they can return to life without limitations. Ellen Helinski, MS, PT, IMT.C is the founder and clinical director of Inner Bridges Physical Therapy & Wellness in Cambridge, Massachusetts where she specializes in combining manual therapy with nutraceuticals and wellness […]

Minsu Blanca – Physical Therapist and Holistic Healer, Miami, FL

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Minsu Blanca, a physical therapist, and holistic medicine practitioner in Miami, Fl. In her physical therapy practice, Dr. Blanca realized there were deep, underlying issues beneath the physical complaints of her patients. Getting to the actual root of and resolving the conditions became a passion of hers, thus […]

Tim Fagerson – Spine, Orthopedic, and Sports Injury Physical Therapist, Wellesley, MA

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Doctor of physical therapy Tim Fagerson. Dr. Tim Fagerson has over 25 years experience in the field of Physical Therapy including private practice (outpatient), sports teams (West of Scotland Rugby Club, Scotland U16 Football, Scotland U18 Rugby), and hospital settings (Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Massachusetts General Hospital). As the […]

Jim Ruetenik – Physical Therapist Needham, MA – Don’t Let Your Life Be Limited By Pain

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Dr. Jim Ruetenik, a doctor of physical therapy in Needham, MA. Jim helps people whose lifestyle is limited by pain and helps them return to being active, social, and not focused on their limitations. Listen as Jim talks about: How to evaluate a pain problem What you should know […]

Bob Schroedter – Movement Through Rehab Physical Therapy in Miami

In this episode, Neil talks with Bob Schroedter. Bob helps people who are injured and require rehabilitation or those who are looking for an edge in their athletic performance. He is fellowship-trained in orthopedic manual physical therapy, a board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist, and Doctor of Physical Therapy. He is a long-time educator in Pilates rehabilitation, a […]

Andy Zapata – CEO & Founder Physical Therapy Now Franchise

In this episode, Neil talks with Andy Zapata Founder & CEO of Physical Therapy Now Franchise, Inc., in Miami, Florida. He also owns Physical Therapy Now Holdings LLC. in Miami, Florida since its inception February, 2010 to present formally known as Miami Rehab Center LLC with 8 corporate facilities. He is one of the few […]

Isiah Fowler-Founder of Starts With A Vision. Podcaster and Digital Media Strategist.

In this episode, Craig talks with Isiah Fowler an authority in media and content creation specialist. Isiah shares how while in the Air Force he managed victory in a fight of his life through malaria, and later defeat in divorce to find his voice and gift as an entrepreneur. Listen to Isiah’s passion to help […]

Dr. Anthony Pribila, DSc. PT – Therapeutic Rehab Specialists, Lakeland FL

In this episode Neil interviews Dr. Anthony Pribila from Lakeland FL. He is the co-founder of Therapeutic Rehab Specialists along with Brad Young. They have been providing excellent physical therapy care to the central and West Central Florida area since 2007 with practices in Lakeland, Brandon, Tampa & Pinellas Park. To learn more visit: Brandon […]

Dr. Elaine James – Physical Therapist, Chronic Pain Specialist Tampa, FL

Neil Howe interviews today’s guest, Dr. Elaine James.  She is licensed physical therapist and a certified athletic trainer. She graduated from the University of St. Augustine with a focus on manual therapy. She helps anyone in chronic pain to get back to the activities and hobbies they love, without surgery, injections or pain medication. Elaine started […]

Christi Slaven – Clinic Director Egoscue Tampa, FL. Share How To Relieve Chronic Pain Without Medicine

In this episode, Neil interviews Christi Slaven, clinic director at the Egoscue Clinic in Tampa, FL. about how to relieve chronic pain without the use of drugs and medicine. Listen as Christi passionately explains how the Egoscue Method treats the body as a whole and deals with the underlying problems that might not be apparent. […]

Dr. Karmetria Burton – Presenting the Power of a Measured Women

In this episode, Craig speaks with Dr. Karmetria Burton, Executive Professional and Founder of Paint Your Lips Red. Dr. Burton shares the sometimes overlooked value of our women in the workplace but calls these highly measured women to task by challenging them to take action at the standard of excellence being the base. Join us as […]

Dr. Lauren Polivka, DPT – Performance Athlete Physical Therapist, Atlanta, GA

In this show, host Neil Howe talks with Dr. Lauren Polivka DPT about the need for physical therapy for elite and lifetime athletes. Dr. Lauren discusses how weightlifters, endurance athletes, and CrossFit enthusiast have a hard time slowing down for repair and recovery when their body is in pain. Listen in as Dr. Polivka explains some […]

Dr. Amanda Shipley, DPT – Pelvic Health Physical Therapist, Atlanta, GA

In this episode, Neil talks with Dr. Amanda Shipley DPT, MTC. She is the founder and doctor of physical therapy at Renew Pelvic Health in Grant Park, Atlanta, GA. She treats women with pelvic floor dysfunction and helps them restore their quality of life by focusing on total well-being. Dr. Shipley covers a range of sensitive topics […]

Maurice Evans, Retired NBA Player, Entrepreneur, and Founder of E.L.O.S.

Building LIFE + IMPACT + EQUITY for Influencers in professional Sports and Entertainment In this episode, Craig talks with former NBA Player and  VP of the NBA Player’s Association about how Evans leverages his uncommon knowledge, relationships, skills, and experience to help professional athletes and entertainers preserve their wealth while bridging the gap with their […]

Wes Bishop- CEO Leading Edge Holdings

Serving the Business Community with  a Legacy of Leadership Wes Bishop, CEO of LEH Insurance Group (Leading Edge Holdings). In this Special Episode, Craig interviews Wes Bishop as his company tackles the healthcare issue by partnering with Sharing Services Inc., providing innovative solutions for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Listen as Wes shares with us […]

Dr. N. Kamau Williams (“Dr. K”), Founder of Vivicare Chiropractic and Wellness Center

In this episode, Craig talks with Functional Wellness and Medicine Specialist, founder of VivaCare and community wellness advocate, Dr. N. Kamau Williams or “Dr. K”. Listen as she shares how an early introduction into chiropractic care and health-conscious parents inspired her to pursue her healing practice with such passion. For her Mother’s namesake, ViVicare Chiropractic […]

Dr. Kenneth R. Weil-Chiropractic Works Family Health Center

In this episode Craig speaks with the Dr. Kenneth Weil, founder and owner of Chiropractic Works Family Health Center, formerly known as Chiropractic Works Care Health Center. With an industrial design background he parlayed those skills into helping people improve their quality of life by teaching them that the body is designed to be healthy-beginning with the children. Dr. Weil shares with […]

Dr. Timothy Dembowski – Pain Management Chiropractor, Atlanta GA

In this episode, Craig talks with Dr.Timothy J. Dembowski, Owner/Director of the Atlanta Medical Clinic. Listen to the great insight on how Dr. Dembowski has created an environment to relieve pain, naturally. Dr. Tim shares how through innovation, education, and non-surgical procedures chiropractic care has a practical approach to fixing the source of pain and […]

Dr. Bruce L. Salzinger-Chiropractic Healthcare of Buckhead Shares 100 Year Lifestyle

In this episode, Dr. Bruce L. Salzinger, founder at Chiropractic Healthcare of Buckhead,  100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate, and a pillar of health in the community of educating and advocating complete wellness. Listen to the passion shared through the eyes of a highly specialized mind. Dr. Salzinger instructs us to appreciate the body and its […]

Dr. Pat Gibson – Comprehensive Wellness Chiropractor, Decatur GA

In this episode, Craig talks with Dr. Pat Gibson, doctor of chiropractic in Decatur, GA. Dr. Gibson shares some secrets to unveiling the tools of Consciousness with Action. Dr. Pat is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of Living In Your Sweet Spot. She shares with us how teaching and athletic training introduced her to the world of chiropractic care. […]

Dr. Latrice Lawrence-H2H Wellness Centers Atlanta, GA

Inspired from the medical field to the human touch. In today’s episode, Craig taps into the future of chiropractic care through the eyes of millennial Dr. Latrice Lawrence, Owner/Founder of H2H Wellness Centers. Dr. Latrice shares how technology has affected our posture and health and encourages listeners to seek alternatives to accompany traditional paths to health with […]

Dr. Stephanie O’Brien – Family Wellness Chiropractor, Decatur GA

In this episode, Neil talks with Dr. Stephanie O’Brien. Dr. O’Brien is a Chiropractor in Decatur, GA. She has 26 years of practice helping people with Health and Wellness. Dr. O’Brien discusses exactly what a chiropractor is an what chiropractic does to help live a happier, healthier life. Listen as she discusses the role of […]

Dr. Jay Di Vagno – President /Owner at Alpharetta Back & Neck Center. Doctor of Chiropractic

In this episode, Craig talks with Dr. Jay Divagno. Dr. Jay is Natural Board Certified in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina as well as an American Chiropractic Association Member Dr. Di Vagno has served the community for close to four decades. Inspired by the transformation and healing power that rid his father from dis-eases when […]

​Charles Hoff- CEO and Co-Founder, PCI University Atlanta-New York City

Cyber Security for Business Industry leading expert of PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and litigation, demystifying the PCI-DSS standards and helping merchants achieve compliance to avoid costly data security breaches. Expertise in PCI Education, PCI Compliance, and Data Security. Charles Hoff has built an educational platform using state of the art technology and proprietary methods […]

Terance A. Harmon- Founder, Kozy Cushions, LLC

Terrance Harmon is a Purveyor Of Comfortable Corporate Branding Solutions. He has been writing close to three decades, selling individuals homes or property, while traveling the world as a professional flight attendant. Terrance has positioned himself as a consultant and marketing authority equipped with licensing to deliver brand impressions for the Greek and Collegiate community, […]

Lee Hicks – Founder & CEO, H2Strategies Consulting Group

Lee Hicks is a #1 Best-Selling Author, and Global Public Speaker of LeeTALKS.  Leading with insights to making the Best BETTER, Hicks builds on his world-class team of ACES in the disciplines of Strategy, Leadership, Talent, Risk, Marketing, Sales, and Media. H2Strategies’ influence through distinctive and disruptive practices, an adapt to change persona, and ability to […]

Steven Bacon – CEO/President BlaCon Media

Blacon media is a full-service creative, production engineering, operations, and distribution firm. They have become a global authority in the integration and installation of in-house production. In this episode, we talk about how Steven has filled the gap between the generations of experience in content management and distribution by creatively resourcing older uplink technology. Steven Bacon continues […]

Belinda Ndu – Tax and Accounting Business Strategist and Franchise Owner

Belinda Ndu is experienced in assisting small tax businesses to transition into larger more credible tax businesses. Belinda’s intuition from serving many a tax return client morphed into a successful community icon for tax solution providers. Icons also have the tendency to attract imitators, so in addressing a few hijackers of the Tax Lady brand she and […]

Dr. Wana Ellison – COO of Red Rock Outpatient Programs Oklahoma City, OK

Dr. Ellison helps the clinicians in outpatient programs within Red Rock seek new ways to become more educated in the Substance use field. She believes their job as clinicians is aspirational in nature, and must continually seek creative and innovative ways to inspire, engage, and empower the folks in need within surrounding communities as well […]

Melissa Windsor – Outpatient Clinical Director – Drug Rehab Cushing, OK

Melissa Windsor is the Outpatient Clinical Director for Valley Hope Association in Oklahoma. She received her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Her undergraduate degree was in Sociology Emphasizing Substance Abuse Studies from The University of Central Oklahoma. Melissa is licensed as an alcohol and drug counselor (LADC) and professional counselor […]

Stantisha Kemp, Founder/CEO of Kemp Accounting

Enriching leaders to grow through innovation, education, and strategy. Kemp Accounting is a full-service firm that supports those professionals and accomplished individuals who are transferring their corporate expertise into the world of entrepreneurship, as well as the small to medium sized business owner needing a CFO caliber agency using industry best practices. A seasoned entrepreneur herself, Stantisha brings first-hand experience to help her clients and partners […]

Pat George – President and CEO Valley Hope Association

Pat has been President and CEO of the Valley Hope Association since July 2015 and has served on the Board of Directors since 2003. Pat has a long and distinguished career in business and public service. He was Kansas Commerce Secretary from 2010 to 2015 and served in the Kansas House of Representatives for six […]

Anthony Strayhorn – Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Anthony Strayhorn brought his engineering background to the game of health and fitness on the tail of a dream to open his own health food store. Building off a combination of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits and the YourDay BALANCE Game Anthony transforms his clients with a model of sustainable health and fitness. He believes these practices provide results that build bottom lines […]

Roy Broderick, Jr. – CEO at Intuition Consulting Firm Atlanta

Roy has worked with several organizations leading each one within a different strategic direction. His work has included several companies such as MTV Networks, VH1 Networks, and Turner Entertainment Networks (TNT, tbs, TCM). His clients have included Columbia Pictures, Marvel, Screen Gems, Tyler Perry Studios, AT&T Mobility, Coca-Cola and Regions Bank. After impacting the marketing […]

Andre Pierre – Drapery & Interior Design Professional

Andre Pierre has designed and staged sets for over 75+ feature films and television shows. Responsible for creative direction, measurement, and installation of all fabrics, custom window treatment, drapery, bedding, upholstery, and accessories. Pierre’s passion for pillows was birthed from helping his grandmother craft quilts from scraps of leftover fabric to creating interior designs for lavish homes in Turks and […]

Dave Zook – Investment Strategist and Founder of The Real Asset Investor

Dave Zook has been an investor and entrepreneur all of his adult life. His investments cover a myriad of real asset holdings including real estate in several states in the US, Multi Family apartments and ATM portfolios. Additionally, Dave has international real estate investment holdings in Panama, Canada and Belize. Dave and his investors own […]

Clare Vickery- Owner of Grace Cafe & Galleries and Director of Grace Arts Center.

Having been engineering a collaborative environment for progressive partnerships in the profession of visual expression, innovative thought, and all things creative for over a decade, Clare has built a catalyst for both for-profit organizations and the non-profit community alike that appreciate the arts. Clare is a blend of historian and visual artisan of the Floridian […]

Mitch Stephen – Creative Real Estate Investor & Owner Financing Expert, San Antonio, TX

Mitch Stephen has been a self-employed RE investor for 20+ years. His company, Independence Day, Inc., has bought and sold over 1,500 properties in and about San Antonio, Tx since 1996. His company specializes in buying distressed properties with OPM and selling those properties with Owner Financing. How ever over the years Mitch has become […]

Dave Dee – Psychic Salesman – World Leader in One-To-Many Selling

Dave Dee is the man who can help you sell more of your products or services in 75 minutes than you had all last year! He is the world leader in One to Many selling and has a secret formula for creating webinars, videos and In-person presentations that sell your products or services like magic! […]

Jonny Andrews – Founder Author Platform Rocket

Jonny Andrews is Founder of Author Platform Rocket. Author Platform Rocket is a service dedicated to helping authors sell more books via growing their most valuable asset: their audience.  Andrews offers real-world, actionable advice and how to guidelines so authors can side-step the massive hurdles between where they are and their book selling goals. APR […]

Victor Menasce – Commercial Real Estate Investor and Coach

Today’s guest is Victor Menasce. He is the author of the new book “Magnetic Capital: How to raise all the money for ANY worthy venture.” He is an active real estate developer and he helps select clients scale their real estate investment businesses. In this interview, Victor shares his 5 principles to raising money, why […]

Adam Buchanan – Digital, Social Media, Influencer Marketer and Consultant

For over 10 years Adam Buchanan has been doing social media marketing for companies and has worked with brands such as Cabela’s, Columbia Sportswear, and He believes trust must exist for a transaction to take place. Now more than ever brands are trying to crack the code of digital marketing and this can be […]

Karen Rands – Founder & CEO Kugarands Capital Holdings

Karen Y. Rands is a Venture Catalyst, a Compassionate Capitalist, Economist, Investor, and Entrepreneur. She is the Leader and Advocate for the Compassionate Capitalist Movement. She believes entrepreneurialism is the greatest source of wealth creation. “You don’t have to be a successful entrepreneur to create generational wealth if you can learn how to invest in […]

Rick Olson – Award Winning Humorous Speaker and Coach

Ricky Olson is an award-winning humorous speaker. Although he was told all his life he was funny, no one was laughing when he gave stand-up comedy a shot. Being “naturally funny” failed him, so he was forced to figure it out or quit. After four years of intense study and after finding an amazing coach, […]

Jason Morris – Real Estate Agent & Trainer, Myrtle Beach, SC

Jason Morris is the For Sale By Owner Master! He is a real estate agent and trainer from Myrtle Beach, SC and works for EXP Realty. Jason has successfully built a huge following on Facebook and Youtube sharing tactics and strategies that other real estate agents can use to book more appointments and make more […]

Michael Cook – Owner of Odyssey Escape Game, LLC

Michael Cook is the owner of Odyssey Escape Game, LLC in Alpharetta, Georgia. He is an authority in Escape Game industry and has helped launch more than a dozen escape game locations in seven states. In this interview, Michael explains why escape games are the rage across the world right now and why they are […]

Vanessa McGovern – CEO & Co-Owner at Gifted Travel Network

Vanessa McGovern is CEO & Co-Owner at Gifted Travel Network In this interview, Vanessa discusses the changes in the travel industry and how travel professionals can take advantage of this massive industry by selecting the right niche and using proven marketing strategies to become the recognized visible authority. To find out more about Vanessa McGovern […]

Lisa Jones – Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EyeMail Inc.

Lisa S. Jones is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EyeMail She is responsible for integrating audio and video technology, to bring traditional email communications to life. Under her leadership, she directs and oversees the strategic roadmap and development of the corporation, to include management of the international expansion and distributorship of the […]

Brian Trow – Principal & Founder of The Investor’s Blueprint

Brian Trow, start of A&E’s Flip This House along with business partners Peter Pasternack and Denny Faircloth launch their plan to educate investors in the real estate market. ‘The Investor’s Blueprint’ is an interactive membership where investors can get access to Brian, Peter and Denny to get advise on deals to make sure they are […]

Peter Pasternack – Principal & Founder of The Investor’s Blueprint

Peter Pasternack is the principal and founder of ‘The Investor’s Blueprint’. He is most recognized for his role in the popular A&E program ‘Flip This House’ with business partner Brian Trow where he used his business savvy to flip hundreds of deals. Peter has worked diligently for his many achievements and believes in passing on […]

Denny Faircloth – Principal & Founder of The Investor’s Blueprint

Denny Faircloth is a business coach and strategist who mentors entrepreneurs to take the information they have and take actionable steps to follow through. Together with Peter Pasternack and Brian Trow from A&E’s “Flip This House” Denny has launched ‘The Investor’s Blueprint’ uncovering the secrets to successful real estate investing. In this interview, Denny shares […]

George Hirthler – Author, The Idealist – The story of Baron Pierre de Coubertin

George Hirthler is one of the leading creative talents at work in the Olympic Movement today. A writer/producer, Hirthler is a seasoned campaign director who has served as chief communications strategist for ten international Olympic bid campaigns, including the winning bids of Atlanta 1996, Beijing 2008 and Vancouver 2010. Through two decades of Olympic research, Hirthler […]

Kate Talbot – Social Media Strategist, Marketer, Writer and Snapchat Expert

Kate Talbot is a writer, marketer, speaker and entrepreneur who has built an astonishing track record helping brands engage millennials. An expert in social media and content marketing, she’s built successful global digital campaigns for big names like Virgin America and Kiva among others. Considered to be the number one writer of advice for leveraging […]

Pascal Finette – Vice President Singularity University

Pascal heads up the Startup Program at Singularity University where he grows startups tackling the world’s most intractable problems leveraging exponential technologies. He loves technology and believes that the Internet is deeply impacting mankind. He got started on the Net before there was a web browser, founded a couple of technology startups, led eBay’s Platform […]

Joseph Badaracco – Professor of Business Ethics, Harvard Business School

Joseph L. Badaracco is the John Shad Professor of Business Ethics at Harvard Business School. He has taught courses on business ethics, strategy, and management in the School’s MBA and executive programs. Badaracco is a graduate of St. Louis University, Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes scholar, and Harvard Business School, where he earned […]

Dan Meyer – 39x World Champion Sword Swallower – America’s Got Talent Finalist

Today’s guest is DAN MEYER. Dan has a unique occupation, a unique “calling”… With 39 World Records, multiple Guinness World Records, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not credits to his name Dan is a rare talent. He won the 2007 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine at Harvard and has spoken and performed in 40 countries around […]

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