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Ep225: Boozy Bestie Advice for Sex and Relationships – Desiree Simone

For the final episode of the Better Sex Podcast, blogger Desiree Simone shares her journey on divorce and how it led to her blogging her feelings as she was going through the process. More than a decade later, through her blog that evolved into a podcast, Desiree lets us in on the most common mistakes […]

224: Pregnancy and Postpartum Challenges for Sex – Paula Leech

In the quest to know the various kinds of things that get in the way of sexual desire, sex therapist Paula Leech walks us through two situations that probably have the most profound impact on sex life and interest in being sexual for couples, particularly in women: pregnancy and having a baby. What are the […]

223: Premature Ejaculation – Keeley Rankin

Keeley Rankin joins me in a conversation to talk about solutions for Premature Ejaculation. She talks about the anxiety attached to this problem, various approaches and why they don’t work, and her five-model approach to help with early ejaculation.   What Qualifies as Premature Ejaculation  Keeley’s work as a sex coach is oriented around connecting and […]

222: Testosterone for Women – Dr. Matt Chalmers

This episode talks about hormones and how it affects sexual function and overall health of women in particular. Dr. Matt Chalmers explains two primary hormones in women, testosterone and estrogen, and what we can do to keep their levels in check and keep your sex drive up.  Testosterone and estrogen  Dr. Chalmers said the problem […]

221: Sexual Communication – Dr. Tara

Do you know the real secret to having an amazing sex life? After years of research and talking to thousands of respondents, Dr. Tara might have unlocked the answer to that big question. Learn what you can do to start having better sex with your partner and how to get that satisfaction that we need […]

220: Body Freedom – Elizabeth Dall

Elizabeth Dall talks about “body freedom,” the antidote to body shame and self-consciousness that many of us, if not all, experience at some point in our life. Body image issues affect mostly women and are often a great barrier to be interested in sex in an otherwise healthy relationship. In this episode, learn how to […]

219: No, this is not your soul mate – Tracy Crossley

This is not your soul mate  How we were raised as kids, how consistent our parents (or caretakers) were, and how safe and loved we felt when we were young can shape our attachment style during our adulthood. Tracey Crossley walks us through secure and insecure attachments in relationships and how our upbringing plays out […]

218: [Personal Story] A Journey Through Miscarriage – Jessica

A Journey Through Miscarriage  This episode talks about a very sensitive topic – miscarriage. Losing a baby is heartbreaking, no matter when it happens, and Jessica bravely shares her experience when she and her husband lost their baby. She reveals how she healed – physically, mentally, and emotionally – what moms who suffered the same […]

217: Overcoming Anger and Resentment – Rich Heller

“Conflict Coach” Rich Heller enlightens us on resentment, anger, and other negativities that couples can get into that can get in the way of their sex life. If you or your partner is buried in resentment, this episode will help you get on the same team again and work on your sex life.   How do […]

216: Co-Creating a Sex Life Over Time – Chelsea Wakefield

Co-Creating a Sex Life Over Time  What does it really take to make a sex life last? How do archetypes about sex, expectations, and love capacities all come together to be a starting point for you and your partner to have conversations and do things differently to co-create a lasting relationship and sex life? Psychotherapist […]

215: The Wonderful World of Sex Toys – Searah Deysach

The World of Sex Toys  Sex educator, Searah Deysach, takes us to the fun and playful world of sex toys. Founder and owner of Early to Bed, Chicago’s first woman-owned sex shop that sells high-quality sex toys, Searah shares her expertise on the different kinds of sex toys and why people use them. For people […]

214: Self-Leadership and Erotic Rope Play – Edward Willey

Edward Willey talks about his seemingly two separate interests and pursuits – rope play and self-leadership – and his ingenious idea of combining them together to develop and practice. How do rope play and self-leadership intersect?  How it started  Prompted by his partner’s brilliant idea, Edward Willey started to introduce some movements and meditation practices […]

213: Shameless Parenting – Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers

Many parents find normal sex behavior and development confusing. Parents often wonder if their child’s sexual behavior is normal. Certified sex therapist Dr. Tina Sellers talks about parenting and sexual health and give parents a better understanding of “what to expect and when” in terms of their child’s sexual development.  Resources for Shameless parenting  In […]

212: Performance Anxiety – David Khalili

Feeling anxious before sex is normal. But how about feeling nervous that you cannot have or enjoy sex for fear that you will be unable to “perform” during sexual activities? Sex therapist David Khalili talks about sexual performance anxiety, predominantly among men, and what can be done to overcome that fear or condition.  “Men don’t […]

211: Juicing up Your Sex Life – Alicia Davon

Alicia Davon  Juicing Up Your Sex Life  A fun topic today. This one’s about juicing up your relationship, enlivening it again. Or if you’re single, preparing for when you are in a relationship. My guest is Alicia Davon. She and her husband have an organization that does training with people around increasing presence, awareness, communication, pleasure, […]

210: Colonization and its Impact on Modern Sexuality – Anne Mauro

Colonization and Its Impact on Modern Sexuality  We tend to think of colonization as something that happened and is over and is done, without realizing that it set up processes and expectations, beliefs, and systems of thought that we are still living with in this current day. This has created historical trauma that remains today.  […]

209: Right Outside Your Comfort Zone – Court Vox

Court Vox Somatic sex educator and sex coach Court Vox helps his clients to find the ‘sweet spot’ in their sex lives, and life in general. The sweet spot is a place that can be uncomfortable, but also exciting. This episode is all about pushing yourself to the limit, and calibrating the body in order […]

208: Endometriosis – Dr. Allyson Shrikhande

Dr. Allyson Shrikhande, a rehabilitation doctor who specializes in pelvic rehabilitation medicine, gives us an in-depth discussion about endometriosis. What is endometriosis, the disorder affecting one out of ten women? How does it show up and what are the treatment options?  What is endometriosis?  Endometriosis is a disorder wherein cells that are similar to the […]

207: Hookup Without Heartbreak – Lia Holmgren

Hookup without Heartbreak  Intimacy and relationship coach Lia Holmgren’s new book, Hookup Without Heartbreak, teaches women to let go of negative feelings after casual hook ups/sex, as well as how to reclaim one’s sexual freedom. Learn the do’s and don’ts of casual sex, the history and science behind hooking up, and learn all you need […]

206: Vaginal Rejuvenation with Dr. Kanwal Bawa

Dr. Kanwal Bawa talks about sexual health and wellness, particularly vaginal rejuvenation, to improve relationships and the sexual experience. Known as ‘Dr. Sex Fairy’ due to her patients’ incredible sexual wellness success stories, Dr. Bawa reveals to us what’s in her fairy dust. How important is the female orgasm? Unfortunately, many women assume that they […]

205: Sex as a Widow – Krista St-Germain

Master Certified Life Coach, Krista St-Germain, gives advice on how to deal with grief after losing a life partner. In this episode, we will talk about sex after loss and how it fits into the grieving process. How do you discern your needs and wants after being widowed? How do you decide when you’d like to have […]

204: Healing Your Sex Life Through the Unconscious Mind – Dr. Tonia Winchester

Healing Your Sex Life Through the Unconscious Mind  Dr. Tonia Winchester has been a naturopathic doctor for 15 years. This episode will explore brain-based coaching, and how people can really achieve breakthroughs and get out of patterns that haven’t been working for them. Dr Winchester talks about accessing the unconscious mind in order to achieve […]

203: Why Selfish is Good for Sex – Dr. Laura Dabney

In this episode, Dr Laura Dabney explains the importance of selfishness in a relationship. Despite its negative connotation, being selfish can actually make you a better person and partner. Learn why being in tuned to what you want and how you feel is critical and how you can create a balance of giving and selfishness […]

202: Dates & Mates – Damona Hoffman

In this episode, we take a closer look at the exciting world of dating – from using different dating apps to tackling difficult conversations and navigating the dating scene amid a pandemic. Life and dating coach Damona Hoffman shares tips on how to progress relationships and how to deepen them by cultivating curiosity.   For people […]

201: Barriers to Female Sexual Pleasure – Kristine D’Angelo

Certified sex coach Kristine D’Angelo talks about pleasure and feeling empowered when it comes to sex, especially for vagina owners. Conversationally, she tackles the most common barriers for vagina owners in achieving sexual pleasure and the kinds of expectations that they’re up against based on societal standards. The differences and similarities between sex coaches and sex […]

200: Sex and Veterans – Asya Brodsky

In this episode, Asya Brodsky gives insight into sexual issues and concerns with veterans. From injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or military sexual trauma (MST), Brodsky explains how these experiences can create all kinds of ramifications in the life of a veteran and how these can affect sexual function and intimacy with a partner. What […]

199: Cross Dressing – Dr. Carol Clark

In this fascinating episode, board certified sex therapist and addictions counselor Dr. Carol Clark helps us demystify the concept of cross dressing and take away the stigma and shame commonly associated with it. If you or someone you know is a cross dresser, the insights from this episode will surely help in getting accurate information […]

198 – Racism and Sexual Health – Kristian Holmes

In this episode we talk to Kristian Holmes, a therapist who is a person of color. We dive deep into racism and emotional and mental health, especially for people of color and/or disadvantaged people in general. We’ll discuss what these groups of people are up against in terms of seeking care, the kind of experiences […]

197: Guided by Glow – Sayra Player

Actress Sayra Player takes us into a different level of meditation. We discuss tapping into our imagination to inspire creativity with masturbation and getting in touch with our body and sensations. Along with a team of writers, actors, creators, and producers, she founded the app Guided by Glow, a guided meditation app designed to increase […]

196: Bodyfullness – Dr. Rachel Allyn

In this episode, Dr. Rachel Allyn, a holistic psychologist, and pleasure expert, walks me through the concept of “bodyfullness.” Sharing some personal experiences, she talks about how embodied mindfulness can help us heal our traumas, reclaim our right to healthy pleasures, and inspire heartfelt human connection.  What is bodyfullness?  Bodyfullness is the ability to use connection […]

195: ADD and Sex – Lisa Schwartz

Lisa Schwartz is here with me to talk about the intersection of ADD/ADHD with relationships and sex. We go over how ADD/ADHD can show up in various ways, strategies to build an intimate relationship, and how ADD is not just a disorder.   Definition- Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)  Lisa’s personal experience with ADD has helped her […]

194: Navigating Parenting Differences – Rachel Duffy

Rachel Duffy brings in actionable tips to navigate parenting that not only enriches your relationship with your children, but also unlock some of the barriers to your sex life. We discuss parenting issues, how to correct behavior, and navigate the differences in parenting approaches with your partner.   Finding a passion for caring for family and […]

193: Pleasure as a Means of Healing Trauma – Kathy Slaughter

Kathy Slaughter introduces an interesting way of integrating pleasure, in both sexual and everyday activities, as a way to heal from trauma. She talks about what trauma does to our body and mind, how to regain the connection between the two, navigate healing in intimate relationships, recognize triggers, and how to trust and feel safe.   […]

192: Men Raped by Women – Kelvin Pace

Breaking myths about male victims of sexual assault, Kelvin Pace joins me in talking about changed parameters, frequency, the societal narrative of men raped by women, the path to healing, and resources of support.  What Drew Kelvin Into Working With Victims?   Kelvin observed that 80-90% of the transitional youth that he worked with were sexual […]

191: Letting In Vs. Letting Go – Benson Fox

Trauma: Letting in vs Letting Go  Benson Fox; a transformational coach, therapist extern, a psych major, and a current doctoral student of Adelphi university, guides people and helps them to embrace all parts of themselves. He talks about the effects of sexual abuse and the impact unprocessed trauma can have. He also talks about how […]

190: Hormones are Your Superpower – Dr. Stephanie Estima

Dr. Stephanie Estima, author of the book The Betty Body: A Geeky Goddess’ Guide to Intuitive Eating, Balanced Hormones, and Transformative Sex, joins us to talk all about how women can take control and embrace their bodies. She talks about chronic stress, menstrual cycle, sleep, hormonal imbalance, nutrition, and how we can love ourselves by understanding them.   […]

189: A Sexplanation – Alexander Liu

Alexander Liu joins me in a conversation about his documentary “A Sexplanation”, which talks about his journey of coming out as gay in high school and his continued shame and disconnect over sex in his adult life. He talks about his journey into researching sex and sexuality and his changed conception.    Story Behind the Documentary   With […]

188: When your partner has Alzheimer’s – Wanda Braveman

Wanda Braveman joins me today to share her personal story through her book, “White Knight: Living with Alzheimer’s Moment by Moment.” The book details her difficult journey with a partner who had been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. She talks about how their relationship changed, issues of consent, and their sex life while sharing her powerful […]

187: Considering Polyamory – Martha Kauppi

Martha Kauppi joins me in talking about her book, “Polyamory: A Clinical Toolkit for Therapists (and Their Clients)” which acts as an aid for therapists and serves as a self-help manual for people who are considering polyamory or encountering problems around polyamory.   What is polyamory?  Martha defines polyamory as an open relationship where some or […]

186: Cyber Infidelity with Dr. Peter Kanaris

Infidelity looks a lot more complicated in the cyber world. Dr. Peter Kanaris joins me to unravel what constitutes cyber infidelity, the recovery approaches involved, and ways to rebuild trust.  Relationships in the Digital Age   Dr. Kanaris views the digital age as a “relationship accelerator” wherein the connections are made just as fast as they […]

185: Cultivating Female Desire – Dr. Brandye Manigat

For all of the women who have ever wanted to feel sexy again; Dr. Brandye Manigat joins me in talking about cultivating pleasure and desire and reconnecting with one’s libido. She shares her insights and discoveries throughout her journey of becoming a Women’s Pleasure Coach. Her personal experience around low libido, as well as a […]

184: Anorgasmia in Women – Dr. Rachel Needle

Dr. Rachel Needle joins me in a discussion about anorgasmia. We speak about how it manifests, what we can do about it, and if it’s something that can be turned around. We answer questions that most of us have asked at one point or other in our lives.   What is anorgasmia?  Dr. Rachel defines anorgasmia […]

183: [Personal Story] Living with Lichen Sclerosus – Tammy

Tammy brings her journey with Lichen Sclerosus and the experiences of many other women to light in this episode. We hear everything about what it’s like to live with Lichen Sclerosus, its challenges, treatment options, and how to get support.  What is Lichen Sclerosus?  Lichen Sclerosus is an autoimmune condition where the body attacks itself. […]

182: When You’re the One Who Cheated – Tammy Nelson

Tammy Nelson, the author of the book When You’re The One Who Cheats, joins me to talk about cheating and infidelity from the point of the cheater. She offers her interesting insight on why people cheat, what it’s like to be cheated on, and the recovery process.   Is it Infidelity?  Tammy defines infidelity as forming a relationship […]

181: When Sex Hurts – Dr. Irwin Goldstein

Dr. Irwin Goldstein, the founder of field of sexual medicine, joins me in the conversation about female sexual pain. He drives the talk with tons of fascinating information about sexual pain, including what are the different categories, common causes, and treatment options.  The prevalence of female sexual pain  Within the last month, 1/3rd of women […]

180: Wheel of Consent – Dr. Betty Martin

Dr. Betty Martin, the author of the new book, The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent, is highlighting the importance of giving and receiving and maintaining that balance in sexual relationships. Today, we get to hear about what it means to set boundaries, follow consent, and how all of that comes into […]

179: The Logic of Our Fantasies with Michael Bader

Michael Bader, the author of the book Arousal: The Secret Logic of Sexual Fantasies joins me in a fascinating conversation about sexual fantasies. We get to hear his ideas about sexual fantasies and what they mean. Decoding Sexual Fantasies Michael recognized the need for an applicable approach to sexual fantasies to help patients with their […]

178: Holistic Approaches to Erectile Dysfunction – Dr. Tracy Gapin

Dr. Gapin defines ED as an inability to attain an erection that is satisfactory for intercourse; however, he points out the subjectivity of an erection and brings down the definition to “an inability to have satisfactory intercourse”. He distinguished ED from performance anxiety by addressing the psychological component of a person’s psyche that acts up […]

177: Urology for Women – Dr. Lamia Gabal

Dr. Lamia Gabal is a Urologist with a sub-specialty in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. She talks about all kinds of concerns women bring to a Urologist, information about the treatment options, and how to go about it. Sexual issues that bring women to urologists  Women come to urologists for various kinds of sexual […]

176: Trauma Sensitive Sex – Cass Biron

Today’s episode covers  trauma and how it can obstruct our ability to connect our body and arousal to our emotional and social being, and later obstruct the way of connecting intimately with our partner. Cass Biron  talks about the structure and ways people can approach this and overcome the struggle by integrating play and flexibility […]

175: Erotic Touch – Christina Antonyan

Christina Antonyan joins me to offer her perspective on erotic touch and its significance in a relationship. We talk about the primal character of attuned touch and how to access it to enhance your sex life without any pressure of reaching a goal.  What got Christina interested in Erotic Touch?   In a one-week seminar […]

174: How Men Can Talk About Their Sexual Desires – Shana James

In this episode, Shana James shares how men can talk about their desires and their vulnerability toward having a thriving sex life.  Shana’s drive to support and guide people into a healthier relationship stems from her younger self who was confused and wanted to understand what a healthy relationship looked like. Now, Shana’s work on communication […]

173: Self Love Secrets From a Bra Fitter with Kimmay Caldwell

On this episode we hear from Kimmay Caldwell, an Undergarment Educator and Coach, whose 20-year-old self, working as a bra fitter, was struck by how people viewed themselves in the mirror. The harsh narratives people came up with while trying on a bra made her transform her own relationship with her body. Now, Kimmay supports […]

172: Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse – Dr. Stephen Braveman

To bring awareness and break the myth around male survivors of childhood sexual abuse, Dr. Stephen Braveman joins me today. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an early pioneer in working with the population of male sexual abuse survivors as well as women and transgender people. Stephen shares his knowledge on the history […]

171: God Wants Us to Have Pleasure – Rachel Alba

Our topic today is about getting closer to God through pleasure. I’m talking to Rachel Alba, who is a sex coach for people raised in Christian traditions that are struggling with shame or negativity around sex, and are at a point in their lives where they’re willing to take that on and try to transform that into something positive.  She shares her […]

170: Orgasmic Expansion – Serena Haines

Serena Haines joins me on this episode to talk about orgasmic expansion – a hybrid technique developed by fusing techniques she used working as a Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Body Worker. The goal of orgasmic expansion is to maximize pleasure and experience. It aligns perfectly with the Intimacy With Ease method when couples reach […]

169: Out of Control Sexual Behavior in Women – Jessica Levith

Today’s guest Jessica Levith, is a Licensed marriage therapist from California and is here to talk about the “Out of Control Sexual Behavior Model” which is a view of compulsive, out-of-control sexual behavior. A treatment model is developed around this, and Jessica extends it to cisgendered women with challenging and problematic sexual behaviors. She provides […]

168: Moving Past Shame – Tilly Storm

Today’s conversation surrounds sexual shame and negativity and how that leads to a loss of desire and pleasure in sex. Tilly Storm, a sexual coach, helps such women whose desire has been lost due to the burden of shame and negativity around pleasure. She is here today to share her knowledge on how to reclaim […]

168: Moving Past Shame – Lacey Broussard

Today’s conversation surrounds sexual shame and negativity and how that leads to a loss of desire and pleasure in sex. Lacey Broussard, a sexual coach, helps such women whose desire has been lost due to the burden of shame and negativity around pleasure. She is here today to share her knowledge on how to reclaim […]

167: Awakened Intimacy – Maci Daye

Maci Daye joins us today to talk about awakened intimacy and share some of the practices she uses with couples. This episode discusses awakened intimacy in the context of mindfulness, being present and attentive during sex. There’s talk of effective practices on how to use what happens to increase passion and grow in the face […]

166: Communicating Sexual Desires and Boundaries – Yael Rosenstock Gonzalez

Communicating desires and boundaries  In this episode, Yael Rosenstock Gonzalez talks all about how to understand and communicate your own desires and boundaries to your partner. Today’s topic of discussion lines up with the four pillars of Intimacy with Ease Method to help you have the best sex of your life! We hear talks of […]

165: Stepping Into Your Feminine Wild – Natalie Frasca Surmeli

Natalie Frasca Surmeli is here today to talk about stepping into your feminine wild and what it means. This episode talks of awakening feminine desire and pleasure by slowing down and getting familiar with your own body. Natalie shares her insight of pleasure practices, practicing a new way of being and why it matters. Natalie’s […]

164: Sexual Awareness – Kristen Lilla

In this episode we see how communication can affect a person’s sexuality and intimacy and how we can work towards that with our partner. Communication, vulnerability and how to have conversations with our partners Kristen correlates communication with vulnerability because we often don’t talk about sex, it makes us uncomfortable. Her book starts with communication, […]

163: Joyful Monogamy – Lynne Sheridan

Lynne E Sheridan, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist after being an international transformational trainer for 27 years is here today to talk about Joyful Monogamy from her book, “​The Birds and Bees of Joyful Monogamy: Nine Secrets to Hot Partnering”. She dives into the topics of monogamy as a basic nature, what leads us […]

162: Perinatal Mental Health & Sex – Emma Shandy Anway

Emma explains what perinatal mental health is and includes thinking about pregnant, becoming pregnant and the intersection of this with your sex life. When sex becomes about having a baby, Emma points out that it can become difficult to connect with your partner. Redefining sex is the focus of her conversations with couples.    You’re […]

161: Menopause – Dr. Michelle Gordon

After having gone through menopause and being surprised by the event, Michelle discusses her journey to finding out more about it and how to make it easier for other women. She shares her experience after taking the pill, then finding out that she had a mass in her uterus thus leading her to undergo an […]

160: Sizzling Sex Across the Lifespan – Michael Castleman

Michael Castleman is a journalist that has been writing specifically about sexuality since 2005. He is also the author of Sizzling Sex across the Lifespan, covering the good bad and ugly bits about the subject. His book contains 25 actual medical studies and is based on facts. Common Sexual Issues Poor ejaculatory control is one […]

159: Erotic Blueprints – DD Haeg

On this episode we hear from DD Haeg who tells about the 5 Erotic Blueprints. She explains that this is a map/ language for how to turn each other on. They consist of the following: Energetics : Like to be teased, enjoy anticipation and prefer lighter touch. A sense of spaciousness appeals to them. Sensual: […]

158: Disability, Sex, and Creativity – Kate Wolovsky

On this episode, we learn how to maximize connection and pleasure if you are affected by physical barriers. Kate Wolovsky shares her story being affected with MS and still having a happy sex life despite this condition. Disability Affects More Than Your Physical Body Kate shares that having a disabled body early on in life […]

157: Body Image Liberation – KaRonna Lynn

Liberation guide KaRonna Lynn, deals with body image obstacles. Liberation to KaRonna is about following what is liberating to you and not necessarily what society has defined as liberating. Most of her work is around body image but it is not confined to this. Three Pronged Approach to Body Image LiberationKaRonna discusses her three-pronged approach […]

156: The 5 Seasons of Connection – Leanne Kabat

On this episode, we hear about Leanne Kabat’s personal journey. Faced with an illness and a young family, she found clarity and direction on how to choose to get out of chaos or conflict. She discusses what she calls the five seasons, what they mean and how to get to the “Summer” that we all […]

155: Sex and the Developmentally Disabled – Richelle Fribotta

On this episode, you will hear from Richelle Fribotta.  Richelle discusses her work teaching people with developmental and intellectual disabilities about sex. While there are many misconceptions around whether people with DD are even able to understand or participate in sex, Richelle clears up these myths.  Compared to years ago, we learn that there is […]

154: Masculine Sexual Leadership – GS Youngblood

GS found his path after his own painful journey in his personal life and used this to create his book and help others. He references strong women and clarifies that these are women that have a clear understanding of their own worth.  Reflecting on the evolution of men and women, GS highlights historically, the role […]

153: Love More, Fight Less – Dr. Gina Senarighi

From early on in her career, Dr. Gina knew she wanted to help people with sex and relationships. Her work delved into the more uncommon areas such as discernment counseling, conscious uncoupling, and consensual non-monogamy. Her work today revolves around a diverse group of clients, which she calls expansive relationships. Dr. Gina explains expansive relationships […]

152: Learning From LGBTQ Elders – Dr. Jane Fleishman

At age 56, Jane went back to finish her PhD and completed this at 62. She tells us this brought her into her own intellectually. She chose to focus on sexuality, as she found it to be the root of humanity’s problems. Her specialty is sexuality and aging. Her book, the Stonewall Generation, focuses on […]

151: Blocks to Orgasm – Kim Akrigg

Kim joins me on this episode to discuss blocks to orgasm.  Her aim is to work with the subconscious mind to transform women.   What Blocks Orgasm? She delves into the root of the problem being control over women even at an intimate level and shares what these blocks actually look like.  She touches on society’s reaction […]

150: Talking To Your Kids About Porn – Braxton Dutson

How to Talk to Your Kids About Porn  With children being exposed to porn as early as 10 today, Braxton, teaches us how to deal with pornography and kids. He defines porn as content that is intentionally created for a sexual purpose like arousal.   For many parents, the task may seem daunting and confusing to […]

149: The State of Our Union – Dr. Corey Allan

State of Our Union Program Bringing personal life experience to the fore, Corey explains how the idea of ‘The State Of Our Union’ came about. On a weekly basis Corey and his wife used a text message reminder with 5 questions. This helped them escape work and family distractions and sit down with each other […]

148: [Personal Story] A Triggered Life – Alba

Alba  Soto is my guest on this episode. She shares her ‘triggered life’ experience, which still haunts her today. Her trauma began at the age of 3 at the hand of family members. Alba shares her addiction to masturbation as a coping mechanism which fueled her sense of guilt.  She shares how she managed to […]

147: Becoming Sex Positive with Heather Shannon

Heather Shannon joins us on this episode to delve deeper into what being sex positive or sex negative actually means. In explaining what it actually means, Shannon relates it to a sense of freedom that you would find between two consenting parties to express whoever they are with each other.  We discover how sex negativity […]

146: What We Can Learn From People With Spinal Cord Injury – Dr. Mitchell Tepper

Sex After Spinal Cord InjuryOn this episode, Mitchell joins us to discuss the impact of a spinal injury on sexual function. Having experienced this type of injury personally, he shares his journey to teaching people about sexual health being one of the first people to have a sexual health domain registered in 1996. The website […]

145: Sensate Focus – Linda Weiner

Sensate Focus Exercises Sensate focus is a touching technique for couples or individuals that stimulates the primal part of the brain to enjoy a fully immersive experience with your partner. The technique starts with focusing on temperature, texture and pressure and uses a tactile sensation to move away from distraction. Linda uses the technique for […]

144: What is Sex Therapy Like – Paula Leech

Paula shares that mindfulness plays a key role in sex therapy which ties in mind and body by focusing on sensate focus and behavior. The therapy is purely verbal and while it implies a physical element, that only happens in a clients home away from their therapy so that progress can be made. Paula emphasizes […]

143: Surrogate Partner Therapy – Brian Gibney

What is Surrogate Partner Therapy Surrogate Partner Therapy offers a unique, tailored space in which to safely explore trust, communication, emotional intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality. Each of these pieces is important in their own right and essential in how they interconnect to influence healthy relationships. It facilitates the therapeutic process and focuses on physical limitations, […]

142: Birth Control – Emily Aytes

On this episode, we hear from birth control expert, Emily Aytes. She uncovers some of the most common questions she receives. Interestingly, Emily shares that both young and older people ask her about birth control as it isn’t widely discussed from her experience. Her personal opinion is that having a birth control conversation with your […]

141: Doing Non-Monogamy Well – Tristan Taormino

On this episode we dig into non-monogamy with Tristan Taormino. She discusses how the processing of both parties feelings is a crucial element to open relationships. Interestingly, she shares how working on yourself is a big part of the open-minded approach required to make this type of thing work. The Importance of Boundaries in Consensual […]

140: Bawdy Bookworms – Thien-Kim Lam

On this episode, we visit the topic of erotic fantasy in a box! Thien-Kim came up with the idea after selling sex toys at parties and one day finding herself aroused while reading a novel. She compares books today versus those written decades ago, explaining how writing has evolved for today’s audience. While older books […]

139: Safer Sex & STIs – Kayla Potts

On this episode, Kayla Potts educates us about STIs. She highlights that people often do not display symptoms when they have an STI and recommends testing as the only way to be certain of your status. From Kayla’s experience, she has found that it’s better to specify each individual test you require to your healthcare […]

138: [Personal Story] Pelvic Organ Prolapse – Erin

Once a casualty of prolapse, Erin is completely asymptomatic today. Having encountered this long before support groups and information was easily available, Erin was forced to learn how to help herself. After the birth of her fourth child, her body had surrendered. Symptoms In addition to incontinence, Erin explains the symptoms of prolapse as the […]

137: Dance, Flow State, and Sex – Ode Dixon

Flow State and Dance 3 years ago Ode discovered Flow – The Psychology of Optimal Performance and picked up dancing again after so many years of not dancing regularly. This reversed her stressed-induced high blood pressure diagnosis within eleven months. Now, she uses dance as a mechanism to help her clients alleviate stress-related anxiety that […]

136: Back into Dating – Marni Battista

Dating Again Marni shares a great tip for figuring out what entering the dating world would be like. After gathering the stories we have about it in our minds, she suggests that we challenge the stories that could turn into fears or excuses. Her method is light-hearted and creative but really eye-opening!  Entering the dating arena […]

135: Optimal Sexual Experiences – Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz

In this episode, Dr. Kleinplatz introduces her findings around “optimal sexual experiences” based on actual interviews she performed. After much research, she shares these eight components couples need to have to eventually reach an optimal sexual experience: Being totally absorbed in the moment Sharing a connection with your partner Deep sexual and erotic intimacy High […]

134: Senior Sex – Joan Price

Senior Sex Joan tells us that being a senior sex advocate is her third career. She lived as a high school English teacher until a car accident made her acutely aware of the privilege of being able to be and stay mobile. She tells us that insight inspired her to become a fitness trainer, group […]

133: Sexual Personality Types – Vanessa Marin

Vanessa shares that she’s always working to make people’s sex lives better, but the idea of forming a personality test for sex began from hearing her clients talk about sex in very different ways, inspiring her to take notes and investigate what people truly desire and require in their sex lives. These notes developed into […]

132: The Pleasure Gap – Katherine Rowland

Katherine explains her initial interest in sexual pleasure gaps began with her journalistic coverage of the search for a female version of Viagra. She describes being intrigued by the prevalence of the notion that there is something fundamentally wrong with women’s level of sexual desire. She argues that feminine sexual desire is an ephemeral state […]

131: MS and Sex – Kimberly Castelo

Living with MS Six months after her daughter was born, Kimberly stopped nursing, and soon went completely numb on the left side of her body. An MRI uncovered that she had 8 lesions on her brain, which she says led to a quick diagnosis of MS. While her MS has been in remission for 12 […]

130: Sex and Orthodox Judaism – Dr. Shy Krug

Diversity in Jewish Beliefs and Practices Dr. Shy describes Jewish law as a corpus of Jewish religious requirements. He explains that every aspect of life has regulations to help Jews proceed through life. He discloses that there are disputes within the Jewish community about who can interpret Jewish law, leading to different sects of Judaism […]

129: Sex During Quarantine – Dr. Diana Wiley

Jessa and Diana feel compelled to note that this episode of the Better Sex Podcast was recorded on June 1, 2020. Diana suggests that quarantine’s stress of forced togetherness is hard for many couples. But in addition to that, she talks about how the recent murder of a black man by police has provoked riots […]

128: ADHD and Sex – Dr. Ari Tuckman

To reach an ADHD diagnosis, Dr. Tuckman reports that a 45-minute interview is required. With the media coverage of young boys with ADHD, Dr. Tuckman says that most clinicians can diagnose childhood ADHD accurately, though he notes that girls aren’t diagnosed as often as boys. He suggests that clinicians might expect ADHD more often in […]

127: Talking to Kids About Sex – Amy Lang

Amy noticed that even she was having trouble talking to her own child about sex, and she imagined it would be even more difficult for people without her work background. She discusses the difficulty of discerning the right amount of information to share with kids, especially with the poor cultural examples in the US but […]

126: [Personal Story] – Playing with Fire – Camille

In this episode, guest Camille describes herself as a late bloomer that was always concerned about being romantically involved. She attributes some of her reticence to being raised in a family that didn’t hug, cuddle, or verbally express love often. Later experiences encouraged her to openly express affection with her parents, but as a young […]

125: Testosterone – Dr. Serena McKenzie

Dr. McKenzie explains both sexes produce testosterone however it’s much more prevalent and important in men. Serena informs us that puberty is driven primarily by testosterone. She notes that testosterone production increases exponentially in men during puberty, peaks around age 30, and subsequently declines. From driving growth and facilitating sexual function to retaining bone density […]

124: Bridging Sex Therapy and Sexual Medicine – Dr. Pebble Kranz and Dan Rosen

Today’s show is going to delve into talking about sex with both your therapist and your physician, potentially, and how that collaboration can benefit your struggles can make a difference.  I interview Dr. Pebble Kranz and Dan Rosen. He is a sex therapist, and she is a family practice physician. Both of them have had extensive training in sexual health and […]

123: 5 Core Conversations – Julie and David Bulitt

The Genesis of Five Core Conversations for Couples Julie explains that she met David as an 18-year-old at the University of Maryland, which led to a 33-year marriage. She and David celebrate the fact that their differing work (David is a divorce lawyer, while Julie works as a couple’s therapist) affords them very different perspectives […]

122: Feel Amazing Naked – Amanda Walker

Amanda Walker is a health lifestyle coach whose focus is on helping women feel better naked. She created the Feel Amazing Naked Program and the Feel Amazing Naked Podcast. She is the creator and blogger at Amanda overcame a life of yo-yo dieting and emotional eating, allowing her to live a life where she […]

121: [Personal Story] Trauma as Tribal Initiation – Harriet

Harriet joins us in this episode and shares her how her childhood molestation led to compulsive eating, a fear of men, painful sex, and other hallmarks of traumatic experiences before she was taught to conceptualize her trauma as an unfinished tribal initiation. She shares her story in this episode.  Accepting Trauma as Real and Valid  […]

120: Pressures on Men – Dr. Corey Allan

The Pressures on Men in the Bedroom  Dr. Corey Allan is a Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor with a Ph.D. in Family Therapy. He has a private practice in McKinney, TX. With his wife, Pam, he hosts a weekly podcast, Sexy Marriage Radio, to help married couples engage with each other and […]

119: Guide to Wicked Sex – Jessica Drake

Jessica Drake is an adult film performer, writer, and director. She’s also a sexual health advocate and sex educator. Her onscreen work earned her numerous awards, including three AVN Best Actress Awards. Jessica is a graduate of San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) and a member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists […]

118: Coming Out – Dr. Christopher Belous

Dr. Belous is an Associate Professor, the Director of the Couple and Family Therapy Center at Purdue University Northwest, and a practicing therapist. He is a certified sex therapist and educator, a certified family life educator, and a certified gay-affirmative psychotherapist. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy […]

117: Medical Approaches to Women’s Sexual Concerns with Dr. Ashley Fuller

After accumulating nine years of experience working as an obstetrician and gynecologist at Swedish OB/GYN Specialists First Hill, Ashley Fuller transformed her practice into gynecology and sexual health. She claims that she was better able to pursue her passion for women’s sexual health by removing the obstetrics branch of her practice. In her practice she […]

116: Sexual Authenticity – Domina Franco

Domina Franco is a New York City based sex educator, coach, and writer. Franco completed her Masters in Human Sexuality at Widener University and helps clients of all genders and orientations clarify, explore and enhance their sex lives. She guest lectures at universities around the country and provides one-on-one coaching as well as trainings and […]

115: Creating Relationship Satisfaction – Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh

Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh is a global thought leader in psychosexual therapy, couple counseling, and social psychology. A former member of the International Federation of Journalists, Dr. Sara combined her journalism experience with her expertise in sexuality and relationships, to host a program called Whispers for the BBC World Service. The show received the BBC’s Innovation of the […]

114: Permission; Finding Your Libido – Lauren White

Lauren is a qualified sexologist and permission-granter who helps her clients reduce stress and reinvigorate their sex lives. Through her writing, online classes, and one-on-one sessions, she helps high-achieving, introverted women release their physical and psychological blocks to liberate their libidos for sex and life. She is the author of Permission: Personal Liberation for Switched-on […]

113: Premature Ejaculation and Treatment – Jeff Abraham

Jeff Abraham is a man dedicated to doing the right thing. After winning a court case against Hyundai who asked him to actively discriminate against female and African American candidates in 1999, he moved to Promescent as CEO, a company founded by his late friend, Dr. Ronald Gilbert.  Jeff has continued his legacy by fulfilling his […]

112: Hip Injuries Can Cause Sexual Pain – Dr. Ben Domb

Benjamin Domb, M.D. is the Founder, Medical Director, and Orthopedic Surgeon at American Hip Institute & Orthopedic Specialists. His group pioneers advanced, comprehensive, and non-invasive treatments in a mission to cure hip pain. AHI uses Hip Arthroscopy, Robotics, Resurfacing, and Regenerative Medicine to treat hip pain in their Chicago office. Now Benjamin is reaching out to discuss the ways […]

111: Advocating for LGBTQ Youth in School – Michelle Belke

Michelle Belke currently works as a Mental Health School Counsellor at an independent school in Metro Detroit, Michigan. She has a part-time private practice in psychotherapy and sex therapy in Birmingham, Michigan. In her school setting, Michelle does a lot to make students feel comfortable coming to her and discussing sexuality and sexual identity, such as decorating her office […]

110: Your Conscious Sexual Self – Melissa Fritchle

My guest is Melissa Fritchle. She has developed The Conscious Sexual Self Workbook, she is a mindfulness meditation teacher, a Holistic Sex Therapist, is an educator and workshop leader, and that’s just a few of her qualifications.  Within this episode, she shares a lot of wisdom about communication between partners, mindfulness, and exploring sexuality. Really important work that […]

109: Sleep, Snoring and Sex – Lindsay Tucker

My guest today is Lindsay Tucker. She is the founder of and is on a mission for better sleep for all. When managing a snoring partner, she has a fresh perspective on the challenges that can arise. To her, instead of getting rid of the disruptions, she teaches the powerful concept of accepting the disruptions and […]

108: Out of Control Sexual Behavior – Doug Braun-Harvey

My guest, the sexuality educator, author, trainer, and psychotherapist Doug Braun Harvey is here to share his knowledge on an important distinction in the sexual health realm: Out of Control Sexual Behavior (OCSB). Within this interview, there are discussions about classifications of sexual health, advice for psychotherapists on how to let patients present their own vision of sexual […]

107: Sexological Bodywork – Charlie Glickman

My guest, Charlie Glickman, has been a sex educator for over 25 years. But it wasn’t until about 15 years ago that he realized the power of bodywork for managing and working through sexual shame. After solely teaching and writing as a sex educator, Charlie experienced firsthand just how powerful somatic therapy can be in […]

106: Pelvic Floor Function after Childbirth – Kathe Wallace

My guest is the author of Reviving Your Sex Life After Childbirth, a pioneer for diagnosing and treating pelvic floor dysfunction, and also a practicing physical therapist who specializes in the pelvic floor, specifically. Overall, she is one of the leading authorities on the PF and has a wealth of knowledge to share in this episode.   […]

105: Trans Sexualities – Lucie Fielding

My guest Lucie Fielding identifies as a nonbinary femme. She is a Resident in Counseling, where she practices under supervision as a counselor in Charlottesville, Virginia. In addition to her professional education and experience in Counseling, Lucie has a Ph.D. in Literature, which has been invaluable for analyzing the narratives and power dynamics at play […]

104: Recovering Your Sexuality After Cancer – Tara Galeano

My guest is a certified sex therapist and sexologist with a lot of important information to share on sex therapy for women with cancer. She is the creator of the class Rediscovering My Body After Cancer and has a book and online class in the works based around the class.   When I asked her how […]

103: Finding Your Yes – Pamela Madsen

Pamela Madsen joins me on this episode about the importance of finding your YES.   Pamela explains the conditioning women undergo, which rewards them for saying no and ignoring their desires. By 50, Pamela had tried over 300 diets and is therefore very familiar with this topic, having had first-hand experience.  Pamela is the founder and CEO of […]

102: Medical Treatment for Menopause – Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su

Medical Treatments for Menopause  Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor works in Seattle, Washington as an OBGYN specializing in diagnosing and treating unwelcome symptoms of menopause. The North American Menopause Society acknowledges her as a certified menopause practitioner and educator. On her website,, Dr. Dunsmoor maintains a growing collection of menopause-related information and runs an online women’s […]

101: [Personal Story] – Healing from Abuse – Toni

My guest, whom I call Toni in this episode, is here to share a personal story of abuse and eventual transformation. Within the interview, she shares a lot of difficult episodes and traumas in her life in a brave and transparent way. You will get a lot out of this episode will learn that despite […]

100: Body Kindness – Rebecca Scritchfield

My guest Rebecca Scritchfield is an exercise physiologist, nutritionist, author of Body Kindness and host of the Body Kindness podcast. She is a strong advocate for body positivity and healthy standards for eating, living, and self-evaluation.   Rebecca poses the question in this interview: Isn’t your life all that much better when you aren’t worried about the standards of […]

99: From Sexual Madness to Mindfulness – Jennifer Gunsaullis

My guest is fresh off a book tour for her new book From Madness to Mindfulness: Reinventing Sex for Women. Her name is Dr. Jennifer Gunsaullus and she is a sociologist and sex coach with a wealth of knowledge on sexuality and mindfulness. Within this talk she deftly connects her term ‘sexual madness’ with mindfulness, which is an […]

98: BDSM and Kink – Tamara Pincus

My guest today is Tamara Pincus, who is an AASECT certified sex therapist, an advocate for BDSM and polyamory, and an overall celebrator of the diverse BDSM community. In this episode, she breaks down the fundamentals of BDSM, gives advice on how to start and practice safely, as well as talks about trauma and dissociation and other […]

97: Sex and Chronic Illness – Dr. Lee Phillips

Chronic Illness and Sex  My guest is here to talk about chronic illness and how it relates to sex. Originally, there wasn’t a lot of information or resources on the subject, so to fulfill this pressing need, Dr. Lee Phillips made it a point to devote his time towards researching and alleviating some of the […]

96: [Personal Story] Orthodox Judaism and Sexuality – Matty

My guest, whom I will call Matty, grew up in an orthodox Jewish family. In this personal story, she shares her unique perspective on her upbringing and how it has affected her life from sexuality to marriage and more.   Within this episode, she shares a lot of the challenges of her religion, but also the […]

95: Sherrie Palm – Pelvic Organ Prolapse

My guest is Sherrie Palm, who is the founder and CEO of the Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support. In addition, Sherrie wrote a great book called Pelvic Organ Prolapse: The Silent Epidemic that delves deeper into the subject of this episode: Pelvic Organ Prolapse or POP for short.  Driven by Sherrie’s expertise and research on the […]

94: Dr. Jennifer Valli – Fetishes

My guest today is Jennifer Valli. She has been on the show before to share her expertise and we’re very fortunate to have her back!   Jenifer has a PhD, has 26 years of clinical experience in psychiatry, and she is an experienced therapist an AASECT-certified sex therapist and educator. She is professional involved with many different publications including Men’s Fitness […]

93: Taylor Pierce – Navigating Jealousy

My guest, Taylor Pierce, is a therapist at the Center for Couples & Sex Therapy in Portland, Oregon. She works closely with couples to explore issues in relationships and sexuality and really loves connecting and working with the LGBQT community and ethically non-monogamous dynamics.  In this episode, in particular, she explains the ins and outs of jealousy […]

92: Matthias Rose – Ejaculatory Choice

My guest is a repeat guest, which is a first for the Better Sex Podcast! His name is Matthias Rose and he is a Tantric teacher and healer. Matthias operates his practice out of Seattle and loves to connect couples through the power of Tantra.   In this episode though, he explores the power of “ejaculatory […]

91: Kara Haug – Fairy Tale Expectations

Happily Ever After is a Fairy Tale  My guest today is Kara Haug. She is the creator of Grace Unbound and is a practicing sex educator with a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters in Theological Studies, as well as a certificate in Sexual Health Education from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her role […]

90: Susan Bratton – Sexual Vitality

My guest Susan Bratton has been called a ‘trusted hot sex advisor for millions’. She is a sex technique publisher, a celebrated speaker, educator, CEO and Co-Founder of Personal Life Media, and the list goes on and on about her qualifications and amazing qualities.  In this episode, in particular, she shares her experience with sexual […]

89: Dr. Justin Lehmiller – Sexual Fantasies

Sexual Fantasies and Eroticism  I know I say it often, but this topic is one of my favorites. In this episode, I talk with Dr. Justin Lehmiller about the all-important topic of sexual fantasies.   Justin is a celebrated speaker, researcher, author, and a very effective educator on the psychology of sexuality. His blog Sex and Psychology ( gets […]

88: Dr. Corey Allan – Desire Discrepancy Conversation

My guest is Dr. Corey Allan. He is a professional counselor and host of the podcast Sexy Marriage Radio, which centers on helping couples experience amazing sex within their relationships. He hosts the podcast with his wife, Pam, and they share some pretty stellar information on the topic every week.  Corey also has a private […]

87: [Soapbox] – You Are Not Broken

I get back on my soapbox this week to talk about something I think is important. So many people feel broken or like something is wrong with them when they struggle with sex, but this is not true.  All couples go through lapses and setbacks. This does not mean anything is wrong with you. What you’re […]

86: [Reprise] Emily Nagoski – Come As You Are

Come As You Are My guest today is the acclaimed author of the best selling, Come as You Are. Emily has been a sex educator since 1995, where she put her education to good use (psychology, cognitive science, and philosophy). Quickly, she realized that sex education, woman’s well-being, and violence prevention was far more fulfilling work for […]

85: [Soapbox] – Talking about Sex with your Partner

How can you bring up your sexual concerns with your partner? On this episode, I focus on talking about sex with your partner when things are not going well. It can be uncomfortable to bring up sexual issues with your partner, and it’s for this reason that I have developed a guide that you can access with the link at the end […]

84: Martha Kauppi – Sexual Desire Issues

My guest today is Martha Kauppi, who is a certified sex therapist and supervisor. Through her practice in Wisconsin, she focuses largely on relationships and how they can affect sex, and vice versa. In addition, she has a background in healthcare, so she brings a very useful perspective and expertise to her practice. Within the […]

#83: Dr. Kelifern Pomeranz – Erectile Dysfunction

My guest is Dr. Kelifern Pomeranz. She is a licensed clinical psychiatrist, a sex therapist, and an overall expert on arousal disorders and more. She has a practice in Silicon Valley and is here to talk about erections: in particular, how to have healthy erections, what to do if you are having problems getting them, and various […]

82: [Soapbox] Exploring Eroticism – Jessa Zimmerman

The topic today is eroticism, which is our unique fingerprint of what turns us on. It’s a set of things or the theme of things that really arouses us – that we find highly interesting and erotic. We all have the things that we prefer in sex and things that we find more arousing than others. This […]

81: August McLaughlin – Girl Boner

Girl Boner – A Story of Empowerment My guest is August McLaughlin. She is a celebrated health and sexuality writer, the creator of Girl Boner, wrote a book with the same name, and is a fellow podcaster! As she states during the talk, her experience with sexual education was very lacking and lopsided. From an […]

80: [Soapbox] Desire Discrepancy Strategies with Jessa Zimmerman

Desire Discrepancy may or may not be a term that you’ve heard. This is where two different people want different amounts of sex. There’s a discrepancy between your desire and your partner’s. This is universal. It happens all the time, and it is a problem for a lot of people. In this episode, I’m going […]

79: Feminine Energy – Dr. Sharon Cohen

All about Feminine Energy My guest Sharon Cohen, PhD has been working in the mental health field for over 25 years. She has also specialized in love and relationships for the past 7 years, but as she states during the interview, she has always been passionate about the subject. Her main clientele is women in […]

78: [Soapbox] Sexual Satisfaction Scale with Jessa Zimmerman

Sexual Satisfaction ScaleBecause there have been so many great guests and conversations on the show, it has been a while since we’ve done a soapbox episode. In this soapbox, Jessa talks about measuring sexual satisfaction in a way that is meaningful to you. While host Jessa was doing her continued education (as sex therapists are […]

77: How Childbirth Affects Men – Dr. Amy Gilliland

My guest is Dr. Amy Gilliland, Ph.D., ADVCD/BDT(DONA), CSE (AASECT). She is a doula, an AASECT certified sexual educator, and her work has been extensively shared and published in many prestigious academic journals on the subject of sexuality and various aspects of childbirth. This episode largely deals with men (with female birthing partners) and the […]

76: Sexuality and Spirituality – Tina Schermer Sellers and Kamara McAndews

An Intimacy that Includes Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit My guests are Tina Schermer Sellers and Kamara McAndrews, and together they are sharing the important work of Gina Odgen who passed away last year. Gina herself was a sexual educator and researcher who explored the intersection of sexuality and spirituality. From it came the 4-D […]

75: Feminine and Fulfilled – Shazia Imam

My guest Shazia Imam works with women who are looking to access and unlock their deepest desires and power. She is very skilled at inspiring women to chase their desires once they have figured them out. Shazia does transformational life coaching, she worked as an engineer before shifting careers, and she has a great story […]

74: Yes Brain in the Bedroom – Heidi Crockett

My guest is Heidi Crockett. She is a highly qualified sexual health educator and speaker on stress and sex. She is also the author of The Neuroscience of Dating and Caregiver Stress: Neurobiology to the Rescue. In addition, Heidi is a licensed psychotherapist and studied sexual health postgraduate at the University of Michigan. In this […]

73: Jim Fleckenstein – Consensual Non-Monogamy

My guest is Jim Fleckenstein. He is a coach and educator on sexuality. He is also a researcher who focuses predominantly on non-exclusive relationships and how they affect the individuals involved. He is an expert in consensual non-monogamy and a wellspring of knowledge and insight, which he graciously shares in this episode. Jim shares stats […]

72: Amy Lang – Signs of Sexual Abuse in Children

Signs of sexual trauma in childrenMy guest for this episode is Amy Lang: she has been teaching sex for over 25 years now with an emphasis on teaching kids about sexuality in an effective, healthy way. Amy has a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science. She started her foray into sexual education as a hobby, […]

71: Dr. Sheila Addison – When Your Partner is Transgender

This episode is a wealth of information. It is delivered by the expert guidance of guest Dr. Sheila Addison and covers many important elements of transgender and cisgender relationships, the transgender community in general, post-surgery sex, sex between cisgender and transgender partners, how identities are designated at birth, the psychology and complexities of gender identity, […]

70: DJ Burr [Personal Story] – Recovery Saved My Life

In this episode of the Better Sex Podcast, it is my honor to welcome DJ as he shares his personal journey with you. Having people come in and share the details of their life is one of the best parts of this platform! DJ is a therapist who works in the Seattle area. He specifically […]

69: Dr. Lori Brotto – Mindfulness and Sex

My guest is Dr. Lori Brotto. She works at the University of British Columbia Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Lori has a Ph.D. in psychology with an emphasis in psychophysiology. She is a practicing psychologist and also spearheads a lab, which focuses on mindfulness-based approaches for the sexual health of women. And within this episode, […]

68: Rachel Keller & Beverly Dale – Sex Positivity in the Christian Faith

Sexual Health within the Christian FaithStarting with a little background on Rachel, she is a psychotherapist who works with clients who have experienced trauma and in sexuality in general. When considering her certification, she has been certified through AASECT and is a part of the American Academy of Psychotherapists. Rachel has long been equal parts […]

67: Alice Little – Legal Sex Work

An intimate conversation with a legal sex worker My guest, Alice Little, works at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada, which is a legal brothel and where she has worked for the last three years. And as she states during the interview, before she became a courtesan at the Bunny Ranch, she was a sex […]

66: Pam Costa – Women Talking About Sex

The Importance of Talking About Sex My guest, Pam Costa, spent a decade-and-a-half at both Apple and Facebook. After having a life-changing experience with a sex therapist during a session, she realized that a transition to sex therapy was where she belonged. Since that realization, she has founded Down To There ( and has helped […]

65: Lara McElderry – Prioritizing Intimacy

My guest Lara McElderry knows all about the struggles of being married to a surgeon: the crazy hours, the extensive amount of time spent in training, and the toll it can take on any relationship dynamic. And in this episode, she offers up her time and provides some tips and advice for those who might […]

64: Stephanie Beuhler – Fertility Issues and Sex

My guest on today’s show is Stephanie Beuhler. She’s a licensed therapist, AASECT certified sex therapist, a graduate of UCLA and Pepperdine (among others), and a best-selling writer who has authored many enlightening books on sexuality and sex therapy, including intimacy in particular which her book Counseling Couples Before, During, and After Pregnancy: Sexuality and […]

63: Ellen Dechesne – Third Stage Sex

As my guest Ellen Dechesne relates during this episode, sex in your later years, what is defined as the ‘third stage’ of your life, is a very important and relevant topic to consider. A self-proclaimed late bloomer for hitting sexual milestones and other life events, sex has nonetheless been a very central part of Ellen’s […]

62: Mariah Freya – Conscious Sex

62: My guest is Mariah Freya, the founder of, which is a website and repository of online courses, resources, and tantric-infused concepts for more conscious sex. And today, Mariah stops by to share with you and demystify Yoni and Lingam massage, various aspects of how to have more conscious sex, and ultimately achieve what she […]

#61: Dr. Valerie Rein – Patriarchal Stress Disorder

My guest for this episode is Dr. Valerie Rein. She is an author, psychologist, and in addition, founded Her Genius, Inc. Through her work, she has coined the term Patriarchal Stress Disorder to capture and reflect upon the historical dynamic of predominantly patriarchal power structures throughout time. And more specifically, how patriarchy has negatively affected […]

#60: Dr. Mark Schoen – SexSmartFilms

My guest is Mark Schoen. He is a prolific sex-education filmmaker–he has made over 50 of them!–and still very productive and skilled at his important work in the industry. As his focus attests, educating the general public about sexual topics is always necessary. We can never have enough sexual education throughout the world, so what […]

#59: Carolina Vee [Personal Story] – Permission to Love Herself

My guest for this episode is Carolina Vee. She has an extremely important story to tell and we are so privileged to have her on the show. As a victim of sexual abuse, it took a long time for Carolina to untangle the knotted aspects of her life. She sought healing, self-forgiveness, absolution from self-directed […]

#58: Steph Auteri – A Dirty Word

My guest Steph has been writing about sexuality for more than fifteen years. She generally writes about sex education, rape culture, and perceptions regarding female sexuality. Her book A Dirty Word: How a Sex Writer Reclaimed Her Sexuality is an autobiography about the sexual abuse she was victim to, but it also encompasses a lot […]

#57: Stan Tatkin – We Do

Stan Tatkin is the founder of A Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy®(PACT). He has worked with couples for more than fifteen years in his clinical practice. He teaches, he counsels, he writes, he does it all! Stan has authored a few very important books throughout his career, some of them including: Wired for Love, Your […]

#56: Amanda Testa – Feminine Fire

My guest Amanda Testa is an expert in sex and love. She is the founder of Find Your Feminine Fire, which is a program that combines concepts from neuroscience and tantra. Utilizing her coaching experience and knowledge in the field, she aims to empower women to be more confident and sexually expressive. As Amanda states […]

#55: Lisa Diamond – Female Sexual Fluidity

Today, Lisa Diamond tells us about her past and present research on sexual fluidity. Lisa M. Diamond is Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies at the University of Utah. Her research focuses on the development and dynamic expression of sexual identity and orientation over the life course, the influences of early life experiences on psychosocial […]

#54: Emily [Personal Story] – Asking for What You Want

Bi-Sexual Awakening As early as 10 or 11, Emily felt that she was bi-sexual. Listen as she describes her evolution of feelings, relationships, and sexual interactions. Coming of Age At the age of 16, Emily felt ready for sex. Listen as she discusses her life experience in a small-town community. This smaller atmosphere created a […]

#53: Daniela Wittmann – Prostate Cancer and Sex

My guest Daniela Wittmann is an expert on prostate health and urology. In fact, she is a very prominent member of the Prostate Cancer Survivorship Program; in addition, she is an associate professor of Urology and Social Work in the University of Michigan Health System. In this interview, she informs listeners on prostate health and […]

#52: Jessa Zimmerman [Soapbox] – Changing Your Mindset

In this episode we talk about changing your mindset about sex and about relationships. This episode will challenge your ideas about roles in a relationship and describe a list of new rules to follow that may replace some assumptions that could be getting in your way. A previous episode described the sexual avoidance cycle (quick […]

#51: Emily Nagoski – Come As You Are

The Motivation for Come As You Are My guest today is Emily Nagoski, the acclaimed author of the best selling book, Come as You Are. As Emily relates, the motivation to write her best-selling book has a very prominent beginning. It was the first day of the semester and Emily was beginning her usual Anatomy […]

#50: Dr. Beverly Whipple – Female Orgasm, The G Spot, and Ejaculation

How Dr. Beverly Whipple Started Studying Sex Dr. Whipple got her start while she was teaching nursing students. A sexual topic was broached that she didn’t have concrete answers for, and so she gave the inquisitive student a rain check. She then realized sex classes needed to be taught and that she wanted to be […]

#49: Stephen [Personal Story] – Tantra for Healing

It is time for another personal story. As always, on my show, I like to shine a spotlight on important stories from people who need to tell them. These personal stories offer fresh perspectives on subjects that should be discussed, listened to, ponder over, and written about. And my guest has a story that to […]

#48: Ian Kerner – She Comes First

The True Meaning of ‘Cliteracy’ Starting with a discussion of his book, She Comes First, Ian Kerner’s coined word ‘cliteracy’ is given more thought and emphasis. Overall, the term encapsulates the aim of his bestselling book. He relays to listeners his previously one-sided mentalities towards sex, his struggles, and his overall motivations for becoming “cliterate” […]

#47: Jessa [Soapbox] – Expectations are the Problem

The Sexual Avoidance Cycle Revisited: The Dangers of ‘Sexpectations’ Today we are going to revisit the Sexual Avoidance Cycle; more specifically, we are going to talk about the Disappointment Phase of the Cycle in order to pinpoint the harmful effects of expectations. That is, what happens when we have grand visions and plans for a […]

#46: Dr. Tina Sellers – Sex, God, and the Conservative Church

Overcoming Sexual Shame In her work, Sellers places considerable emphasis on reversing sexual shame in her clients’ and readers’ minds. Growing up in a sexually-open environment, with parents who were very transparent about sexual function, health, and education, Tina learned the importance of communication over the suppression of sexual fact. And by extension, she is […]

#45: Pia [Personal Story] – Parent of a Trans Teen

Parenting a trans teen Pia is the mother of a transgender child (now twenty years old) who underwent a successful physical transition into his male self. Pia’s love for her kid and overall emotional resiliency shines through when she recounts the details of her child’s story. An advocate of providing a strong support system for […]

#44: Paul Joannides – The Guide to Getting It On

The Guide to Getting It On: A Self-Published Phenomenon If there was ever an excuse to self-publish a book, The Guide is a great example of how successful one can be using the practice. After Paul had taken nine years to finish the first draft of what would become The Guide To Getting It On, […]

#43: Jenny Berk – Body Image

Our Body Image: Is it Environmentally Reinforced? To start this episode, Jenny shares her fascination for the “etiology” (origin) of our body image. That is, when did we first become self-conscious about our bodies? Jenny states that she did over sixty interviews during the research stage of The Body Image Blueprint and the answer she […]

#42: Suzanna Mathews – Cougar-Cub Relationships

Using the Term “Cougar” To start this episode, Suzanna talks about the negative connotations surrounding the title “cougar.” There are considerable allusions to predatory behavior when the term is brought up. Of course, Suzanna was well aware of this and after much deliberation, she decided to still include the oft-controversial “cougar” in the subtitle of […]

#40: Jessa Zimmerman [Soapbox] – Sexual Avoidance Cycle

The Sexual Avoidance Cycle is far more common than many would believe, and I talk about this situation, what causes it and perpetuates its continuance. I also answer the first of my listener questions during this “Soapbox” episode where I get to help you understand this important topic. The Sexual Avoidance Cycle is pretty much […]

#39: Heather [Personal Story] – Sexual Trauma & Awakening

A personal story of trauma and awakening Listen to the story of Heather and her traumatic experiences which led to her transformative journey in her own life. She grew up feeling like an outsider with feelings of inadequacy. Hear Heather describe her struggles that initially presented in her young life and how these difficulties led […]

#38: Dr. Steven Davidson – Pornography

Pornography – the good and the bad Listen to the discussion of the role of Erotica and Pornography in a relationship and the positive and negative impacts. Defining Pornography What is the definition of pornography? Listen as Steven succinctly describes pornography and erotica and the overlapping interpretations of arousing materials. Hear the use and role […]

#37: Lara Currie – Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations as an opportunity? Challenge as an opportunity? Listen as Lara describes the context of conflict. She discusses how the components of assumption, judgment and expectation lead to a reaction. Tune in to the Body’s Signal What is the significance of the physical reaction to an impending conflict? Hear Lara describe the mental and […]

#36: Rebecca Coffey – Evolution and Sexual Behavior

Evolutionary Psychology and Sex In this episode, Rebecca tells us about Evolutionary Psychology, examining our roles and interactions through a biological and historical lens. Listen in as she compares our human proclivities to our great ape relatives. Animal Roles – Not an Excuse Our rules and culture help us to maintain our civility, but males […]

#35: [Personal Story] Marina – Journey of Liberation

A personal story of sexual liberation In this episode, I talk to Marina, who shares her personal journey from struggles with her self-image and a painful first sexual experience, to finally feeling liberated with a happier sex life. The first time: a painful experience As a teenager, Marina tells us that she struggled with self-image […]

#34: Katie Zvolerin – Adam & Eve

History of Adam & Eve, A Sex Toy Retailer Listen in as Katy discusses how Adam & Eve started out. She mentions it was just a thesis requirement to complete the founder Phil Harvey’s Master’s Degree. Being part of the hippie generation, he believed in sexual liberation. She tells us about how Phil challenged the […]

#33: Dr. Laurie Mintz – The Orgasm Gap

Becoming Cliterate Dr. Laurie shares the reason behind why she wrote her book, Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters–And How to Get It. As a professor to over 150 students a year, she shares the influence her undergrad students had on this book. Two factors that ultimately influenced her was the massive orgasm gap in […]

#32: Beth Liebling – Darling Way

The Store: Darling Way In this episode, Beth talks about how she started and founded the Darling Way after her 22-year marriage ended with a divorce. She shares how her shop started after an awful experience buying a lingerie for herself. Her store’s concept is about embracing the fact that it’s okay to be silly, […]

#31: [Personal Story] Anca – A Recovering People Pleaser

Recovering from people pleasing Today’s guest is sharing her story of claiming her story, rewriting her story, figuring out which parts she wants in, and which parts no longer serve her. She says it has been a struggle to understand where her sexual power comes from and to be comfortable standing within that power. She […]

#30: Tamara Powell – Polyamory

Polyamory – one version of consensual non-monogamy. There are certainly plenty of people that choose an open relationship of one sort or another. Even though they’re committed to each other, but by agreement, they are non-monogamous. Often what we’re referring to is people that have been committed and decide to change the arrangement and include […]

#29: Maegan Megginson – Female Sexual Pain

Welcome to Better Sex. Today we are covering an important and pervasive topic. We’re going to talk about female sexual pain, a woman’s sexual pain. Way too many people struggle with painful conditions and most of them don’t know what to do about it. Some people don’t realize that sex should never hurt and other […]

#28: Brodie Welch – Holistic Approaches to Libido

Today’s episode features Brodie Welch, a Chinese Medicine expert who helps us to recognize that from a Chinese medicine perspective, everything is energy, and sexual energy is an important subset of our total sum of energy reserves. We cover how to apply all areas of the Chinese medicinal branches, the original body/mind/spirit medicine, into our […]

#27: [Personal Story] Jenn – Trauma & Infertility, Fortunate Healing

Today’s personal story features Jenn, a 47-year-old woman who has undergone more than her fair share of stressful events during her life. From being molested as a child and losing her virginity to date rape, to facing repeated infertility issues, miscarriages and finally a hysterectomy. We cover how all these events affected her relationship with […]

#26: Melissa Walker – Healing Our Sexual Fragmentation

Correction: I misspoke in my introduction to the episode. Melissa is not yet certified as a sex therapist. I apologize for any confusion. Sexual Fragmentation – what is it and how does it show up in sex therapy? Tune in today to learn about how Melissa defines fragmentation as it applies to sex therapy work, […]

#25: Amanda Laird – Menstruation and Sexual Health

Amanda’s interest in menstrual health began as early as her childhood. Today she passionately shares her wisdom about how women should have knowledge of how their bodies work and, with this, feel empowered to talk about menstruation and sex without feeling ashamed. Menstrual problems and Sex Join us as we discuss the main issues around […]

#24: Stacy Fisher-Gunn – The Importance of Self-Care

What is self-care? Tune in to hear Stacy’s definition of self-care: what it looks like and how it relates to all areas of life, not only with regards to physical health but mental and emotional health as well. Stacy reveals what percentage of health care issues come back to self-care, and talks about its relevance […]

#23: Dr. Serena Fiacco – Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

What is pelvic floor physical therapy? Dr. Fiacco kicks off by telling us exactly what pelvic floor physical therapy is; explaining about the basic musculature of the pelvic area and what kind of health issues can stem from this region, including some unexpected areas of the body that may present with problems that actually arise […]

#22: Dr. Renee Flores – Sex and Sexuality in the Elderly

Sex in the elder years In today’s episode, we look at sex and sexuality in the elderly. It is a common misconception that people are no longer sexually active as they grow older and Dr. Flores will be sharing her thoughts on this with us so enjoy the insights! Is sex (and sexuality) common in […]

#21: [Personal Story] Nancy & Frank – A Perfect Storm

Frank was raised in a conservative home that placed a noose of fear and shame around sex. After a decade of fantasizing about sex, Frank married in his late 20’s and recalls the awkwardness about it. Sexuality was a very taboo topic in Frank’s life and this carried into both his marriages. Nancy had issues […]

#20: Dr. Stephen Snyder – Why Social Media is Making Sex Obsolete

Social Media is making sex obsolete. Dr. Stephen Snyder shares a shocking statistic that reveals the drop in the sexual interaction between people. He unpacks his very interesting theory on why this is. In this episode, you will hear about why people have sex and the influence of social media and technology on their motivation […]

#19: Robin LaCross – Talking to Kids About Sex

How do you talk to kids about sex? In today’s episode, Robin LaCross and I discuss talking about sex to kids. Robin shares the childhood experiences that drew her to her purpose. She reveals the impact of a book about natural family planning, that raised many questions for her. Her curiosity led her to find […]

#18: Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh – A New Perspective on Passion

How important is passion? The place of Love across cultures In this episode of Better Sex, Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh unwraps her theory of love in two categories: submergent and emergent. She describes the difference between the two and how cultures have different expectations about love and passion. She dissects each journey and love cycle as […]

#17: Jennifer Valli – Men’s Sexual Concerns and Solutions

Men’s sexual health concerns often stem from the pressure of expectations In today’s episode, Jessa and Jennifer Valli talk about men’s sexual health concerns and dysfunctions ( men being defined as people who have been raised male and who have a penis) and approaches to make sex easier and stress-free. Reasons Men go to Sex […]

#16: Heather Edwards – Vino and Vulvas

Vino & Vulvas  – A community conversation about sex Today I am delighted to have Heather Edwards, who has been a pelvic physical therapist for 14 years and is currently completing the University of Michigan’s Certificate Program in Sex Counseling and Education. In 2015 she founded Vino & Vulvas, an inclusive, public, monthly event that […]

#15: [Personal Story] Alli – Sexual Trauma

Triumph after sexual trauma This is the first in a new series of episodes where I will be talking to real people sharing real stories. On this episode, I am joined by Alli, a recovering overachiever who has learned to let go of society’s expectations and step into alignment with her true self. Her passion […]

#14: Marc Gilmartin – Out of Control Sexual Behavior & Erotic Conflict

Out of control sexual behavior or sex addiction Are you concerned about your own sexual behavior in relation to your values?Do you wonder if your sexual behavior is out of control? Are you or someone you love worried that you have a sex addiction? You cannot afford to miss this episode with guest Marc Gilmartin. […]

#13: Jeni Dahn, Energy and Sex

I’m excited about the topic for this episode. We’re going to be talking about both Masculine and Feminine Energy. I’m talking about this because it’s relevant to sex and to our lives in general. We all have masculine and feminine energy, it’s not about whether you’re male or female bodied. It doesn’t matter what kind […]

#12: Jill Angelo – Genneve, Support for Women in Midlife and Menopause Solutions

I’m revisiting a topic that we talked about in a previous episode, which is menopause  This time it’s not so much from the medical standpoint or a provider’s standpoint. It’s more about the invisibility that tends to happen in that time of life: the lack of information, the lack of support, the lack of understanding […]

#11: Tammy Senn – Postpartum Sexuality, Listen to Your Body

Well, the last episode of my podcast was about pregnancy and sexuality, and it seemed to make sense to go right into the next obvious topic, which is postpartum sexuality. Talk about a lot of change to adjust to! You’ve got not only the physical impact of carrying and birthing a baby, but you’ve got […]

#10: Aleece Fosnight – Pregnancy and Sexuality, How to Enhance and What to Avoid

Today’s topic is pregnancy and sexuality. It’s just not talked about very often, and if you have been pregnant or if you have been a partner with somebody that’s pregnant, you may have noticed that the doctors often don’t ask or talk about sex. It’s uncommon for medical providers to inquire about any sort of […]

#9: Anna Joy Reedy – Platonic Cuddling and Healing Touch Therapy

I give a lot of thought to what makes a great sex life. What makes us sex life healthy, what makes it enjoyable for people, what makes it fulfilling? When I consider the kinds of things that matter, I think about the ability to slow down and be present in the moment. I think about […]

#8: Jessica Butts – Do Opposites Attract? How Different Personality Types Affect Your Sex Life

I often hear from clients about how much they struggle when they’re different from each other. In the beginning, we were attracted to this other way of being. We were interested because this person was so different from us. But what  intrigued us in the beginning is what often drives us nuts later in the relationship. […]

#7: Dr. Stephanie Ring – Menopause: Understanding the Inevitable

As I was putting the podcast together, I put out a little survey to my subscribers asking what kinds of topics people wanted me to cover. While it is not the most frequent presenting concern in my practice, the most frequent request I got in terms of what to talk about on the show was […]

#6: Sallie Foley – Sex Therapy: What is it?

So why is today’s show about sex therapy? Well, because I’m a certified sex therapist and I know that a lot of people listening don’t know what that means. There is confusion about what sex therapy is and what a sex therapist does. And there’s confusion or lack of knowledge about what it takes to […]

#5: Matthias Rose – Tantra, A Beautiful Integration of Personal Strength, Sexual Power, and Emotional Connection

It can be extremely hard to get out of your own head. People get distracted by their to-do list, by stresses of life, what they must do for work. They’re distracted by concerns that are keeping them up at 4:00 in the morning. A lot of people, even if they aren’t distracted, are so used […]

#4: Dr. Joe Kort – “Is My Husband Gay?” | Male Sexual Fluidity

What are we talking about? Men who have sex with men, have done it in the past or who are interested in it, but still identify as straight or mostly straight. However, their behavior or their interest makes their partner wonder about their sexuality. Sometimes someone will wonder if their husband is gay because they […]

#3: Parke Burgess – The Virus Known As Shame

Shame. We’re not born with it but it is given to us at a very early age. And we unwittingly pass it along to others. Shame is an emotional response which is completely natural, and you should never feel there is something the matter with you for which you should be ashamed. Our natural response […]

#2: Edy Nathan – Grief, Sex, and Life

During this important conversation about grief and how it impacts our lives, especially within the context of our sex lives, Jessa and guest Edy Nathan help us to recognize that sexual changes throughout life are not always looked at as moments of grief. But, they certainly are and even if they seem small, they can […]

#1: Sar Surmick – Sexual Consent, Did They Say “No?”

It’s all over the news these days and sexual consent is important everywhere, even in a committed relationship. There are no “givens” and consent is required, no matter the situation. Especially if you change something within the relationship. Consent is basically a temporary license which must be renewed, you cannot take anything for granted. It […]

#0: Jessa Zimmerman – Welcome to Better Sex, You Deserve a Good Sex Life

Welcome to the very first episode of Better Sex. I’m so glad you’re here. The format of the show in the future is going to be largely interview-based, where I’m going to be talking to people with various areas of specialty and expertise that have some bearing on improving your sex life. But first, I […]

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