Amanda’s interest in menstrual health began as early as her childhood. Today she passionately shares her wisdom about how women should have knowledge of how their bodies work and, with this, feel empowered to talk about menstruation and sex without feeling ashamed.

Menstrual problems and Sex

Join us as we discuss the main issues around periods and sex. Problems such as not feeling sexy when your period is heavy, hormonal imbalances and disorders which can cause excruciating pain.

Amanda answers the question of whether you can have sex when you’re on your period with a resounding YES, absolutely you can! Tune in to hear Amanda’s thoughts on why having sex on your period is a great thing, what precautions you can take, and what you can do to make it an enjoyable experience for both parties.

She touches on why your period can help orgasms and how orgasms can ease your period. We learn that a key factor in ensuring you and your partner are comfortable with having sex during menstruation.

Amanda shares an interesting list of products to use when having sex on your period. If you haven’t heard about menstrual discs, listen in to get an idea of how you can use them too! DIaphragms are mentioned and Amanda gives us her criticism on that.

History of myths about menstruation

We hear about the history and myths around women and menstruation. Many myths went unchallenged and were usually painted in an unfavorable light, surrounded by mysticism and power. “ Women’s power has always been acknowledged but it’s also been oppressed or feared.” Listen in to find out what mayonnaise and hunting had to do with this taboo topic!

How to think about periods

Join in to hear Amanda’s approach to your period. She highlights the cultural attitudes we have been taught and encourages us to understand your cycle and its role in our general wellness as our attitudes dictate our experience.

She questions where we get our information from and challenges us to look further to gain useful insights into the motivation behind this.

Nutrition and how it affects your periods

Tune in to hear Amanda’s simple tips to improve your period. She covers simple tricks such as a healthier nutritional intake and using more organic products to better your monthly experience. Amanda shares how NOT eating certain foods can positively affect your body too!

Can you get Pregnant on your Period?

Amanda tackles this interesting question in detail so we understand the probabilities for our individual cases. Listen in to learn how to determine whether you can indeed fall pregnant during your period.

About Amanda Laird

Amanda Laird is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist ™ and host of the Heavy Flow Podcast – a weekly podcast dedicated to casual conversations about periods, reproductive health and other taboo health and wellness topics, available on iTunes and at www.amandalaird.ca. She lives in Toronto with her husband and daughter.

Amanda specializes in helping women understand their menstrual cycle and how nutrition can contribute towards a more positive monthly experience. A self-confessed menstrual mogul, she draws on her personal experience to teach women how to balance their hormonal health by choosing the right food and lifestyle so periods no longer have to be a curse.

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Listen to Amanda’s podcast episode “Can you get pregnant on your period” http://amandalaird.ca/can-you-get-pregnant-on-your-period/

Listen to Amanda’s podcast episode “What’s the best period product to use” http://amandalaird.ca/question-period-what-are-the-best-menstrual-products-to-use/

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