Today, we are going back into Part Two of my Healing the Hustle framework and my upcoming book. We are focusing on understanding our personality type and how this plays into our Hustle… or not. A lot of this episode is about separating nurture from nature. Nurture is this world we live in and the outside influences and forces that help sharp who we are and how we behave Nature is who we are innately, the tendencies and personality we are born with.

This can all be a little confusing, so listen in as I break it down and explain!

Enjoy this second installment of the new mini-series about Part 2 of Healing the Hustle! And remember, I always love hearing from my listeners. Feel free to reach out to me and of course I would love, love, love a review on iTunes, it helps others find us. And don’t forget to subscribe and follow for future episodes.

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As you may or may not know, I am now Healing my Hustle, and have gone back to my roots of doing private 1-1 therapy/coaching as I believe in connection over capitalism and work together 1-1 is magical and powerful.  

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Be Unapologetically who you are! 


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James Hamilton Healy

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Jessica Butts

Jessica Butts is a retired psychotherapist turned Author, Motivational Speaker, and Business Coach who focuses on strategies, tips, and mindset tools to help you “be unapologetically who you are” in your life, love and business!