Pamela Madsen joins me on this episode about the importance of finding your YES.   Pamela explains the conditioning women undergo, which rewards them for saying no and ignoring their desires. By 50, Pamela had tried over 300 diets and is therefore very familiar with this topic, having had first-hand experience. 

Pamela is the founder and CEO of Back to the Body: Sensuous Retreats for Women, providing women with permission to find pleasure. Retreats are held in exotic locations all over the world, allowing participants to immerse with powerful sisterhood and a safe and supportive staff. Pamela has been an activist for women for over 30 years and was the Founder and first Executive Director of The American Fertility Association where she worked for reproductive freedom for all women. She has appeared in over 3000 media outlets including Oprah, CNN, NY Times, The Huffington Post and countless others. Tune in for an eye-opening episode! 

What about No? 

Pamela evaluates this with a few key questions. While consent can be a bit of a gray area, it’s important to address. Understanding the root of your No’s are crucial to know what you want and therefore shape what we ultimately say yes or no to. Pamela asks us to dig a little deeper and understand if our No’s are established in fear. That will ultimately guide us. 

She points out that women are regularly expected to put themselves last and this spills into the bedroom.   

Say Yes 

Feeling safe in your own body plays a big part in saying yes. Pamela shares that this can be a direct impact of your physical environment, which then manifests in your decision making and your inner feelings. Once we are in a safe and supportive environment, she believes we are able to take what we truly want and “claim all of ourselves.” 

Know Yourself 

We hear more about how vital it is to actually know ourselves in order to unlock our true yes’s and no’s. Pamela tells us about her retreats and the amazing results it has produced for women and men. Becoming unshackled from the expectations and conformity of society brings a sense of enlightenment that allows women to finally lose their fear of shame and put themselves and their desires first! 

This bleeds into our sex lives, our relationships with other women and our relationships with ourselves. Pamelas retreats attract cross-generational women. She has found that women leave knowing their boundaries and taking strides in their relationships, as well as in their careers.  

Healing through touch

Pamela explores a different aspect of touch that she uses at her retreats. We learn how healing touch can actually be and that it can be transferred into our lives. With a special focus on somatic touch, Pamela highlights how significant external touch can be in our relationships and in our healing process. 

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