Triumph after sexual trauma
This is the first in a new series of episodes where I will be talking to real people sharing real stories.

On this episode, I am joined by Alli, a recovering overachiever who has learned to let go of society’s expectations and step into alignment with her true self.

Her passion is helping others to do the same through her podcast and her one-on-one coaching programs. In this episode, I talk to her about her amazing journey of transformation.

Alli became a victim of rape at the age of 22 and has battled conflicts with her spirituality, but she has rebuilt her life and shares some of her achievements: hiking two of the tallest peaks, graduating at 24 with a Masters, and traveling 6 continents!

The Shame of Sex
Listen in as Alli shares the trauma of being raped by someone she was dating, the confusion this stirred within herself and those close to her, as well as the biblical lines crossed from being raised as a Christian.

She admits to struggling to define what had actually happened, but that it just, ‘Didn’t feel right’ and that the ‘shame was overwhelming’.

It was not until years later when talking to a therapist, that she was able to label this event as rape and begin her journey of recovery.

“It felt really good!” she recalls, “I could take the shame off me and put the blame on the perpetrator.”

Getting Help
For most of Alli’s life, she had categorized her worth through, at first her virginity and then, through her achievements.

“I didn’t feel worthy of a true connection so I would just hook up with people,” she confesses. Join us as she talks about how she met her now husband, Matt, with whom she could openly communicate and how this helped her to look at what had happened and to seek help.

“Him respecting me, empowered me to heal. I am finally at a place where I understand my worthiness as an individual.”

You are Not Alone
This is truly an inspirational story that you will not want to miss. As the Me Too Movement encourages conversations around the true meaning of consent, Alli also hopes to be able to help others feel empowered and inspired to take back their power and share their stories too.

“I hope this will breed change in society,” she exclaims, something this big can’t be solved by sitting by yourself and trying to work it out. Alli’s advice is to “find someone you can trust and share.”

Guest Appearance
If you can relate to Alli’s story or if you have faced your own sexual challenges and transformations that you would be willing to share with others, please get in touch.

I would love to talk to you and help you to inspire others as Alli has done.

Fill out this form: https://bettersexpodcast.com/guest-inquiry/


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