On this episode we hear from DD Haeg who tells about the 5 Erotic Blueprints. She explains that this is a map/ language for how to turn each other on. They consist of the following:

  1. Energetics : Like to be teased, enjoy anticipation and prefer lighter touch. A sense of spaciousness appeals to them.
  2. Sensual: These blueprints indulge in all their senses be engaged. Ambience and candles work for them, and they love to be completely engaged.
  3. Sexuals: Respond to very direct sexual gestures, love nudity and quickies!
  4. Kinky: These types respond to things that are taboo and will find a power dynamic often at play.
  5. Shape Shifters: love everything!

DD mentions that sexuals and energetics are the most difficult pairing one could find.

Stacking Erotic Blueprints
People have one main blueprint and can have elements of the others- this is called a stack.

If this is new to you, DD suggests that you take her quiz to help you figure our which blueprint is your main blueprint and then understand your stack.

Learning about your stack helps understand the sequence that works for you and this can really help unlock different things you may enjoy. DD discusses the shadow side of these blueprints and what the purpose of knowing your blueprint is. Ultimately this creates a deeper connection between couples.

What works for each blueprint:

  • Energetics love eye gazing and anticipation. A text message is an example of this.
  • Sexuals love nudity so a selfie might help.
  • Sensuals would love an essential oil bath.
  • Kinky is very dependent on the partner you have!
  • Shapeshifter would love all these things.

Links and Resources

Find out more about her Pleasure code program on her website: https://ddhaeg.com/

For my free webinar, How to Help Your Partner Want More Sex WITHOUT making them feel pressure or obligation, go here: https://www.intimacywithease.com/training

DD Haeg is an international retreat leader, embodiment educator and certified erotic blueprint coach. She’s the founder of The Pleasure Code,™ empowering retreats and online programs that tap into the principles of permission, pleasure and play to help women shift out of overwhelm and into more juiciness and joy.

Over the last two decades, DD has travelled to 35 countries, taught hundreds of yoga and meditation classes, and taken more than 1000 hours of pleasure-focused training including Orgasmic Meditation, tantra, massage therapy, and more. She holds a master’s degree in intercultural studies and currently lives in Denver with her two kiddos.

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