All about Feminine Energy
My guest Sharon Cohen, PhD has been working in the mental health field for over 25 years. She has also specialized in love and relationships for the past 7 years, but as she states during the interview, she has always been passionate about the subject.

Her main clientele is women in their 30’s and 40’s, but she does work with men as well! She says she is committed to helping women find the right relationship for them.

In this episode, in particular, she taps into her knowledge base to teach us about the dynamic energy fields at the root of all relationships. Often there are masculine and feminine interplays in energy and the best, most stable relationships have a healthy balance of the two. She talks much more in-depth about this fascinating subject within. Enjoy!

The Red, Yellow, and Green Flags of a Relationship
In Sharon’s program, she has something called the red/yellow/green flag process, in which she helps her clients to become aware of the people to avoid, as well as the people to pursue a lasting, healthy relationship for you.

Sharon says believes that it’s really important to know completely what you don’t want in a relationship. So she has her clients make a list of the 3 non-negotiables to make sure that once the honeymoon period ends in a relationship, the negative qualities they don’t want will not surface unexpectedly.

The Importance of Self-Awareness
Sharon says that some clients work under the assumption and belief that all of the people they’ve dated are the problem instead of taking some of the ownership for relationship troubles. She said that self-awareness is key to having a healthy relationship, and it’s challenging to work with clients who don’t have any self-awareness.

This goes hand in hand with being willing to change. As Sharon shares, if you’re not willing to change, then no change will happen.

Common Mistakes Her Clients Are Making
A common problem that some of her clients run into is that many of the women feel they have to stop being confident and independent in their work life to have a relationship. But she says that for those who say they want to be completely independent, they might as well not be in a relationship. Relationships, by definition, require interdependency

In addition, she also comes across difficulties regarding the dynamic between feminine and masculine energies. For those who are not aware, a balance of masculine and feminine energies seems to spark a healthier interplay during a relationship. These energies are not the same as your gender identity. All people can have both masculine and feminine energy, and each couple functions better if both energies are represented. Couples often struggle when feminine energy is lacking.

Understanding all of this is very important and Sharon talks much more about it within the episode!

Energy Dynamic Within Same-Sex Couples
Sharon says that even with same-sex couples, some people will tend to be more masculine than feminine in their energies. Again, gender identity is not the defining characteristic here. There is an energy range that fluctuates and changes regularly.

Working with Sex
Sharon says that she works with couples who have trouble communicating their individual sexual desires. Giving each partner a voice and opportunity to respond in an open way is vital for any healthy, fulfilling relationship.

She uses a script that is kind of awkward at first, but also somewhat humorous. And through that practice and approach, the difficult subject can be broached in an effective, non-intimidating way.

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