I’m excited about the topic for this episode. We’re going to be talking about both Masculine and Feminine Energy. I’m talking about this because it’s relevant to sex and to our lives in general.

We all have masculine and feminine energy, it’s not about whether you’re male or female bodied. It doesn’t matter what kind of physical form you’re in. Each of us has both types of energy, and it’s important to be able to access and develop our sense of each of them in our lives. It’s especially important in sex because it’s the interplay between the two different energies that creates attraction.

Masculine and feminine energy are like magnetic poles. If you have two that are alike, they can repel, and if they’re different then they attract. That sort of tension or difference is what creates some vitality in a sexual attraction. And again, it’s not about two different genders, but it’s about having some interaction between those two different energies.

It is helpful to learn about what those energies are, how they show up, what might block them, and what it’s like to develop the one you’re less comfortable in or spend less time in. That gives you more choice about how you show up in your sexual relationship, and it offers some fuel for your sexual fire.

These concepts show up in my sex therapy practice, although people aren’t generally using the language of masculine or feminine energy. But they are talking about trouble shifting gears from work.They are talking about lacking confidence and power in their sexual interactions. They are talking about struggling with sexual initiation and demonstration of their desire. All of the concerns relate to your balance of female and male energy.

Clients also talk about struggles with attraction to their partner. Maybe it’s because they aren’t polarized in their energy, they are both in sort of the same place, whether that’s masculine or feminine. And again, I’m not talking about gender; it doesn’t matter if you’re two men or two women. It’s about what energy you are inhabiting.

I have this amazing guest to talk to us today about this. Her name is Jeni Dahn, and she’s really a gifted and experienced shamanic practitioner, an energetic healer and a life coach who empowers her clients to reconnect with their inner wisdom and live authentically.

Jeni uses a variety of indigenous and modern healing modalities which focus on removing the energetic and mental barriers that prevent individuals from living to their full potential. She serves a wide variety of clients, including those seeking emotional support during life changes and recovery from physical, psychological, or emotional trauma, and also those who desire to live more wholeheartedly and abundantly.

She sees the beauty in light in everyone, and she certainly shines her own beauty and light with everybody she deals with. She’s compassionate, loving, understanding, and always fully present with clients and after working with her, people often say they feel more alive, joyful, grounded, and inspired to live from the truth of their being. It is just a delight to have Jeni Dahn with me here today.

Initially inspired by the work of Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Jeni studied for two years with the Four Winds Society, where she learned many healing arts and the power of energy medicine. After receiving a certificate in energy healing from the Four Winds Society, Jeni completed additional training with the CTI coaching program. As a lifelong learner, Jeni continues to study indigenous healing practices and remains inspired by her teachers in the Seattle area and abroad. Along with private sessions, Jeni offers workshops, retreats, and group healing sessions throughout the Northwest.


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