Today’s topic is pregnancy and sexuality. It’s just not talked about very often, and if you have been pregnant or if you have been a partner with somebody that’s pregnant, you may have noticed that the doctors often don’t ask or talk about sex.

It’s uncommon for medical providers to inquire about any sort of sexual changes that you’re having, the state of your relationship with your partner, or how things are going sexually once sex has been used to make the baby.

There’s a void of information and void of support for people that are experiencing a pregnancy and wondering what in the world’s going on with their sex life.

Not that everybody has problems. Some people coast through pregnancy with ease. But physical, emotional, and psychological changes happen, and there are some themes to the challenges that people face.

My guest today, Aleece Fosnight, is a sexual medicine, urology and women’s health physician assistant in western North Carolina. She is nationally certified by AASECT, the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists as a sexuality counselor and educator, and her specialty includes treating all manner of sexual dysfunctions and concerns, providing sexual health, education information and personalized counseling to patients of all ages.

She works a lot in the urology clinic but also in an Ob-Gyn facility, so I’m delighted that she’s here to talk to us today about pregnancy, sexuality, the medical and physical changes that people go through, understanding what they’re facing, and some do’s and don’ts about sex when you’re pregnant. We also discuss how people can enhance their sexuality during pregnancy.

We cover some of the more common changes and challenges, but we also touch on some surprising outcomes, such as how couples trying to have a baby can find themselves experiencing more distance. How does this happen? The sex can become goal-oriented, toward making a baby and not toward experiencing pleasure or building closeness.

As with many sexual challenges within a relationship, communication can be key to managing tough times.

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