Shame. We’re not born with it but it is given to us at a very early age. And we unwittingly pass it along to others.

Shame is an emotional response which is completely natural, and you should never feel there is something the matter with you for which you should be ashamed. Our natural response to shame is to close in, to try and hide as we attempt to minimize our exposure to something shameful.

Shame has also evolved into a tool we use to keep each other safe and to make it clear what the rules of engagement are. However, our attachment and bond with another can be ruptured in these instances, leaving the feeling of shame.

It’s important to repair this disruption and restore the bond as best as we can, or permanent damage can occur.

Difficult to see at times because of its very nature to be hidden, shame can be pushed into a pattern which can be very difficult to interrupt.

How do we reduce this shame amplification? How do we heal? And what does Parke mean when he speaks of “Healthy Guilt?”

Listen to this powerful session and learn how you can begin to work through your shame and recognize when you are using it as an emotional tool, in and out of your sex life.

Parke Burgess is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and psychotherapist in private practice in Tacoma and Seattle, Washington, working with couples and individual adults. In addition to a Masters of Psychology, Parke holds a doctorate in music from the University of Washington and a Bachelors degree from Yale University.

He has written a book on the problem of violence and presented extensively to mental health and education professionals on the nature and treatment of shame.

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