Frank was raised in a conservative home that placed a noose of fear and shame around sex. After a decade of fantasizing about sex, Frank married in his late 20’s and recalls the awkwardness about it. Sexuality was a very taboo topic in Frank’s life and this carried into both his marriages.

Nancy had issues of her own as well. Being a victim of sexual abuse from the age of 5, Nancy felt dirty and ashamed as a child. Her first sexual experience made this worse and led to her having a reputation for being a tease and mastering manipulation to maintain her power.

Being Partners
Nancy eventually shared her sexual history with Frank and things began to make sense in context for him. He then understood what Nancy went through and together they made an effort to make their relationship a safe place for them to be intimate.

They believe they were the perfect storm but share that their commitment was what kept them together. Join us to hear Frank’s opinion on the main tool that molded their broken relationship into a healthy one.

The Effort
Nancy shares Franks total commitment to her even when she pushed him away and the meticulous detail he put into making her comfortable. Her endearing reference to him as her coach describes her feelings for him.

Frank shares his experience at Nancy’s side as she persisted to try and improve their intimacy. He emphasizes the factors of the positive environment he believed, that set Nancy free.

After a painful pelvic surgery, Nancy had to endure a six month recovery period which meant that sex was off the table. The couple, however, tells us about how they made lemonade out of the lemons of life’s curve balls yet again.

Tune in to hear Frank’s personal struggles and the guilt that he carried for over twenty years. He reveals his journey to becoming comfortable with Nancy about taboo topics like porn and the emancipation they both experienced when he was finally able to share his sexuality with his lifetime companion.

This milestone for Frank was a welcome surprise for Nancy who felt a sense of familiarity after watching other women in their most vulnerable moments.

Frank and Nancy have shared a 30-year journey together. They tell us about what their sex life is like today, after years of diligent effort. Listen in to hear how their love for each other has evolved and matured to offer them a deeper connection.

Their valuable advice to couples is to hang in there, talk a lot and listen with an open heart.

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