Welcome to Better Sex. Today we are covering an important and pervasive topic. We’re going to talk about female sexual pain, a woman’s sexual pain. Way too many people struggle with painful conditions and most of them don’t know what to do about it.

Some people don’t realize that sex should never hurt and other people, even though they realize sex should hurt, just have nowhere to go. The doctors aren’t helpful, they’re not finding providers that know anything about this, it seems mysterious, there’s not any visible obvious problem, and so they’re struggling.

And they’re struggling in their relationship too because it causes a lot of strain. If sex is not enjoyable people often start avoiding it or they’re arguing about it or they’re confused and hurt, but it just it goes downhill fast.

Maegan Megginson joins me today and she really specializes her practice on working with clients with sexual pain. She works with both individuals and couples. She’s a marriage and family therapist and a certified sex therapist.

What are the types of sexual pain?

We go into detail about the two main categories of sexual pain, external and internal. We cover how you can differentiate these kinds of pain, how to talk to your healthcare provider about the pain, and we offer resources for you to learn more about your individual sexual pain experience.

There are what are the kinds of issues people face?

Sex should never be painful. And many people don’t understand this, because they have either experienced pain from the start or they have gone to their healthcare professional who has not provided an accurate diagnosis or effective treatment protocol.

Maegan states, “I can’t think of one client I’ve had who has not had at least one shameful experience when seeing a doctor.”

We give tips and tools for going to your appointments prepared and informed, to help you get the help you need and deserve.

What are the conditions that caused the pain?

Sexual pain is a symptom of a condition or experience which is completely treatable. And many women can experience healing and progress from Day 1.

What are the treatment options and how broad are the effects?

We talk about treatment options and how you can find a good, sexual-informed provider to help you if you are experiencing sexual pain.

Pain as a “Player”

It’s important to find someone or a team of supporters because sexual pain can have a dramatic impact on your relationship. The sexual struggles will eventually lead to emotional challenges. Maegan and I both agree the pain can become “a player” in the relationship, an “elephant in the room” which nobody understands.

You are not broken

It’s important for people to understand what’s going on and to start to get relief and help immediately. You are not broken or defective and relief is available.

Background and Links

Maegan Megginson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. She is the owner and clinical director of The Center for Couples & Sex Therapy in Portland, Oregon.

Maegan specializes in working with women and their partners who are suffering from sexual pain. She understands the complexities of these conditions and is passionate about helping clients heal from the traumatic impact of sexual pain.

Website – http://ccstpdx.com/
Facebook – https://facebook.com/Couplesandsextherapy/
The Vulvar Clinic at OHSU –


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