A personal story of trauma and awakening

Listen to the story of Heather and her traumatic experiences which led to her transformative journey in her own life.

She grew up feeling like an outsider with feelings of inadequacy. Hear Heather describe her struggles that initially presented in her young life and how these difficulties led her into risk-taking situations to fit in.

An Older Boyfriend

Listen as Heather describes her encounter of losing her virginity and the other negative influences affecting her life.

Developing her perspective

Heather reflects on her trauma and how this, along with other negative life experiences affected her life towards the end of her high school years.

18 years old and Raped

Listen as Heather discusses the circumstances of her sexual trauma and how she comes to a realization. Time for an awakening, we learn about her awakening and how she came to an awareness for change.

Guiding Others

Heather talks about her outreach for similar teens who are exposed to risk-taking situations as she herself experienced.

Join in as she emphasizes the importance of turning away from negative experiences and choosing a positive and enriching life.

Meeting with a Counselor

Hear Heather make a surprising realization about her attacker. She was told to keep quiet or he would kill her. But a discovery made with her counselor compelled her to talk with the authorities.

Phases of Healing

Listen to Heather as she describes her phases of healing, including forgiveness. Heather talks about her various recovery regimens and how she searched for a path of physical and emotional healing.

Searching for healing

Yoga for detox and healing. Hear Heather describe how she found Yoga and used it for mental and spiritual healing.

A Second Trauma

Heather searches for recovery and encounters a predator among an assumed safe place in her yoga world. She also shares an encounter with a well-known Guru and how she narrowly avoided a sexual assault with him.

Hawaii – Time for Healing

“Don’t get back on that plane. It’s time to Heal.” She did not get back on the plane to the mainland, Heather talks about how some feeling inside her told her to stay and work on her recovery.

Tune in as Heather describes her perspective on the mind and body connection in order to develop her own healing.

Hearing the Inner Voice

Align with the truth and hear your inner voice. Listen as Heather describes her process to find one’s own path for positive and transformative change for healing.

Moving on – A new relationship?

She meets a man from Germany and sets out on an international journey. Hear Heather reflect on how she comes to the realization that this new man was like the man who raped her.

Healing Journey

Heather continues her journey throughout her 20s and 30s in Germany and Asia. And she continues to seek relationships and finds positive partners to share her life and stories.

Getting the Trauma Out

Give it time, it will get better? Listen as the discussion evolves into the perspective of time in the process of healing. Heather explains the process of trauma on a cellular level and despite her exposure to traditional therapy, she discusses the importance of healing the mind, body, and spirit.

The release of the trauma has many routes. Hear Heather talk about getting the trauma out of her body. “The Energy has to move out.”

Empowering your life

Avoiding facing the fear? Listen to Heather describe the other side of the path of healing to find happiness and positivity.


Heather is a passionate student and mentor of love and life. Through her own personal journey, Heather has developed a firm belief in positive inner-work which can lead to great changes in one’s own life, as well as that of others.

Links and How to contact Heather

More information: Check out Heather’s website at http://www.heatherfantin.com

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