It’s all over the news these days and sexual consent is important everywhere, even in a committed relationship.

There are no “givens” and consent is required, no matter the situation. Especially if you change something within the relationship. Consent is basically a temporary license which must be renewed, you cannot take anything for granted.

It is often quite hard to say “No!” Misunderstandings and miscommunications revolving around sexual consent, expectations, and even entitlement can lead to resentment or consent incidents.

Even though the damage may not be intentional, the person who has violated the consent of another, despite differing perceptions, is still responsible for the damage.

What do we do when a consent incident happens? Listen to this episode where Jessa Zimmerman interviews Sar Surmick to reveal some tools and strategies to navigate the tricky waters of Consent.

The question is not just, “Has consent been given?”

It can also be, “Has consent been asked for?”

Sar Surmick is the director of the Consent Academy and a Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in identity work and couples therapy. With offices in Redmond and Seattle, Sar works with a wide variety of clients specializing in Non-Monogamy, Sex & Gender concerns, Trans* Clients, and BDSM/Kink. Sar teaches as a sex-positive educator focusing on Communication, Identity, and Consent.

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Consent Academy – http://consent.academy.com

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