During this important conversation about grief and how it impacts our lives, especially within the context of our sex lives, Jessa and guest Edy Nathan help us to recognize that sexual changes throughout life are not always looked at as moments of grief. But, they certainly are and even if they seem small, they can add up to bigger, more powerful moments.

Edy also helps us to understand the phases of grief. And, to see what may have shifted or changed in our lives which could have a dramatic impact on our feelings towards sex.

Listen and learn about these phases and what you can do to move through the grief to find new ways to feel alive while learning more about yourself.

Edy Nathan is a licensed clinical social work and AASECT certified sex therapist specializing in grief, trauma, and sexuality. She interweaves her formal training as a psychotherapist with alternative ways to tap into the self and truth.

Within the context of sexuality, trauma, abuse, and death, she believes that everyone experiences grief throughout their lives. She believes that you cannot talk your way out of the process of grief, loss or trauma – you need to find a way into the self to get relief.

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