Vino & Vulvas  – A community conversation about sex

Today I am delighted to have Heather Edwards, who has been a pelvic physical therapist for 14 years and is currently completing the University of Michigan’s Certificate Program in Sex Counseling and Education.

In 2015 she founded Vino & Vulvas, an inclusive, public, monthly event that connects sexual health providers with community members through educational panel discussions about sexuality.

How did Vino and Vulvas come about?

Tune in to hear the hilarious story of how Heather went from an impromptu chat with two guys at a bar about topics from sexual repression to vaginal discharge,  to launching Vino and Vulvas.

It was that captive audience at the bar that, “made me realize we didn’t need to be just talking to women, but we needed to talk to everyone!” Heather explains the atmosphere she was looking for as sitting in a living room, chatting with friends with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee – not your usual workshop.

Join us to find out how Vino and Vulvas creates a safe environment where everyone is included and unnecessary confrontation is avoided.

This removes the fear factor and the potential for next day regrets, something that Heather refers to as a “vulnerability hangover

What do we talk about?

“I like to lean into discomfort and create a safe place where we can dig into things,” Heather admits, “I’m constantly having to dig into places that are uncomfortable.”

Press play to hear about some of the topics that have been discussed and those that are planned in the near future.

Future Plans

Heather hopes to spread the idea of a “sex-positive community” to other cities and is hoping to encourage people to join her in this challenge.

Listen in to find out what it takes to be a host or a panelist at a Vino and Vulva event. The website link below makes it painfully easy to just fill in a questionnaire and start this conversation.

Heather is a fierce ally of transgender health and emphasizes the importance of being aware of challenging our assumptions regarding sexuality and gender, to ensure an all-inclusive approach.

Where to go?

If you have something you want to talk about but can’t get to a Vino and Vulvas event, Heather advises “breaking down the barriers with friends”, you may find they have had, or know someone with, similar experiences.

If you want to find out what a Vino and Vulvas event looks like then listen in to this episode. More information can be found by checking out her website below.


Vino & Vulvas Website – See what it’s all about – http://www.vinoandvulvas.com/

Facebook Page – Check out events – https://web.facebook.com/vinoandvulvas/


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