History of Adam & Eve, A Sex Toy Retailer

Listen in as Katy discusses how Adam & Eve started out. She mentions it was just a thesis requirement to complete the founder Phil Harvey’s Master’s Degree.

Being part of the hippie generation, he believed in sexual liberation. She tells us about how Phil challenged the government by publishing ads in newspapers offering condoms – intentionally contravening the law. This catalyst created financial momentum for the business.

Aside from contraceptives, Adam & Eve started adding sexually-oriented items like DVDs, sex toys, and lingerie.

Sex Education for Yourself and Others

When Katy started working for Adam & Eve, it was a liberating experience for her. Coming from a little town in Tennessee, where talking about anything sex-related is taboo. At her work, she learned that women also enjoy sex and sex it isn’t just for men.

Sex toys have a significant purpose not just for fun and titillation, it should be very therapeutic for everyone.

As a personal accomplishment, Katy is currently working on her Sex Education Certificate from AASECT to educate herself and others about sex, pleasure, and everything in between.

Having two teenage daughters, Katy ensures that she cultivates a healthy understanding of sex in their home. Tune in to learn how she manages this.

Not as Easy as You Think!

Katy shares her experience as a copywriter for a retailer of sex toys, erotica, etc. After writing for a catalog and the web, Katy looks back as the experience as challenging in terms of balancing the content along with an edgy and light-hearted vein.

Katy shares her unique take on sex toys, highlighting what made every item different.

Join in to hear Katy recollect how her mornings started in the office. While most of us indulge in a good coffee, she used to indulge in an erotica DVD, then start writing! Not the usual life of a copywriter, indeed.


Adam & Eve does their research to make sure their customers are satisfied. Join in as Katy shares the changing statistics over the years, with the number of women and couples shopping at Adam & Eve up by 30% from 10%.

We hear that g-spot toys are still best sellers ( no surprises there!!) but a keen interest is growing around the new generation toys available around the act of cunnilingus today.

What Makes Adam & Eve Different From Their Competitors?

Katy emphasizes that Adam & Eve is the most reputable adult retailer in America since 1971. You will be pleased to know that they offer a 100% money back guarantee on their sex toys- all of which undergo a rigorous review process.

Listen in to take advantage of Katy’s special offer to Better Sex Podcast listeners! Head on to Adam & Eve site and enter the code Katy shares to get a 50% discount on almost any item!

About Katy Zvolerin

Katy Zvolerin is currently the Director of Public Relations at Adam & Eve, America’s largest and most known distributor of adult toys and other sex needs.

Katy’s a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a B.S. in Journalism and Public Relations. After working for Maytag and in publishing in New York, she started working at Adam & Eve in November of 1993 as a catalog copywriter. She, then, got promoted to Adam & Eve Director of Public Relations in 1997.

She has received certification in Clinical Sexology and holds an Associate in Sex Education from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. She is also currently working towards her Sex Education Certification from AASECT (the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists).

Links and How to Contact Katy Zvolerin

Follow Katy on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katy-zvolerin-18b23818/
Shop at Adam & Eve and use the code “Better50” for 50% discount: https://www.adameve.com/

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