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72: Peter Shankman – Author, Entrepreneur, Founder of HARO

“You have to learn how to drive your brain,” says Peter Shankman. He and I go deep into what it’s like have a faster than normal brain. The benefits, and the challenges. Join me for a fascinating discussion with Peter, whom the New York Times has called “a rockstar who knows everything about social media […]

71: Erin Wathen – Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet?!

Erin Wathen is a holistic health coach, food abuse counselor, and the inspiring author of Why Can’t I Stick to My Diet?: How To End The Food Drama. Her philosophy, simply put: Health isn’t a number on the scale or how often we exercise, but our lives as a whole. Several years ago, Erin was […]

70: Dani La Barrie – Stories of an Ex-Party Girl

Dani La Barrie helps her clients by listening to where they currently are, listening to their pain points. Then, explore where they want to be, what they would want their life to look like. Then create a plan of how to get them to where they want to be. During this fun and interesting conversation, […]

69: Alex Sparrow – Be True, Be You

Alex Sparrow is an actor, singer and musician, best known for his role as Alexi Petrov on Lifetime’s UNREAL (seasons 3 and 4), and his music video, “She’s Crazy But She’s Mine” written and directed by Alex Sparrow that became viral all over the world, and collected more than 600 million views on Facebook, and […]

68: Darren Littlejohn – Compassionate Recovery

Compassionate Recovery: a universal, secular program to heal the Spectrum of Addictions. Darren Littlejohn is a best selling author, retreat leader, Certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki healing practitioner. A recovering addict and a practitioner of Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, as well as a former mental health specialist, he earned a BA in Psych in 1991 […]

67: Tom Shanahan – Spiritual Adrenaline

In his twenties and early thirties, Tom had developed a lifestyle that centered on alcohol and cocaine. Although he had stopped excessive drinking and drug use, a number of things happened in a short period of time which led him back to that lifestyle. He was wrongfully fired from a high-profile job in 2009 in […]

66: Mark Willingham – Agent: Where Companies Book Models

AGENT is the fastest growing modeling platform where models take control of their careers and clients have direct access to the best, most diverse talent instantly. AGENT is committed to a safer, more transparent work environment. Clients can take control of their talent bookings and find the best, most diverse models instantly on the AGENT […]

65: Marty Norman – Motivation in Recovery

“Sobriety is exactly what you want it to be, as long as you are willing to put in the work.” This is a very powerful episode with someone who has followed an amazing path. Inspirational to the core, this highlights the incredible story of this generous man. Marty is so much more than a person […]

64: Dr. Valerie Mason-John – Mindfulness-Based Addiction Recovery

Today’s episode is a powerhouse of recovery stories from myself and my guest, and loads of recovery wisdom too. Don’t miss this one! Dr. Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John M.A (hon.doc) is the award-winning author of 8 books, including Eight Step Recovery, Using The Buddha’s teachings to overcome Addiction, and there are 8 step recovery meetings in […]

63: Dr. Lori Shemek – The Inflammation Terminator

Lori Shemek, Ph.D. is a leading fat cell researcher, health expert, weight loss expert, keynote speaker and recognized authority on inflammation and its role in weight loss, preventing disease and optimizing health. Dr. Shemek is the bestselling author of ‘How To Fight FATflammation!’ (HarperCollins) and the bestselling author of “Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!’ Dr. Lori […]

62: Darren Prince – Aiming High

Darren Michael Prince (born February 6, 1970) is a sports and celebrity agent who grew up in Livingston, New Jersey. Prince started a mail order company selling baseball cards at the age of 14 called Baseball Card City and also traveled around the country doing trade shows. At the age of 20, he sold his […]

61: Chief Tom Synan – Hamilton County Heroin Coalition

Mr. Synan’s wide experience has allowed him to have a unique look into the heroin crisis. Mr. Synan is a United States Marine Corps veteran and a 25-year police veteran with the Newtown Police Department. For the last 10 years as Police Chief and as is a SWAT Team Leader veteran. In 2014, after watching […]

60: Julie Marie Palumbo – Best Whole Self

After spending 10 years in the Financial Industry and suffering from a chronic illness, Julie decided to pursue a career in what she had been passionate about for years–creating a better, healthier, and happier life. Two years after reaching remission with her Crohn’s Disease, Julie is sharing her knowledge and experiences to change the life […]

59: James Sweasy – Author, Influencer, Addiction Specialist

Your Past Doesn’t Define You. James is so much more than just a person in long term recovery from addiction. James is a voice. A voice for the addict that is not strong enough to speak for themselves yet. A voice for those who are too embarrassed to come forward and admit their struggles with […]

58: The Our Shawn McBride – Attorney, Author, and Show Host: “The Future Done Right”

The Our Shawn McBride is a leading authority in business planning and execution. An attorney licensed in 12 states and DC and a CPA licensed in 3 states he brings the message of Do Business Differently(TM) to his audiences and clients teaching them that they can each find their own unique competitive advantages in business. […]

Phil Chalmers – True Crime Writer & Police Trainer, “Why Teens Kill”

57: Phil Chalmers is an American True Crime Writer, Homicide Trainer, and Television Personality. He has appeared on the shows Killer Kids on A&E, and Crime Watch Daily on Fox. He is the author of several books including the landmark book on teen violence, Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer. He has interviewed over […]

56: Damona Hoffman – Host of Dates & Mates: “Love As You Are!”

Damona Hoffman is a certified dating coach & TV host from A+E Networks (FYI TV) series #BlackLove and A Question of Love. She’s also a lifestyle news contributor for CNN Headline News (HLN), love expert for, writer for The Washington Post, and host of the Dates & Mates with Damona Hoffman Podcast. Through written, video, […]

55: Kati Morton – LMFT, Mental Health YouTuber & Author of “Are u ok?”

Kati Morton joins me today for a little “Mental Health 101.” Kati’s specialties include working with individuals experiencing eating disorders and self-harming behaviors, although she addresses all things related to mental health. We chat quite a bit about toxic relationships and how to deal with them when they show up. Join us for this fascinating […]

54: Brian Drolet, Jordan Eubanks, and Christopher Livingston – Be Like Trees

Inspired by his love of nature and the spirit by which his late mother lived, a former MTV star and struggling artist, who now can’t even pay rent, finds courage to try something new, stand-up comedy. “We’re simply three guys who wondered what if you could create an entire feature film using just an iPhone. […]

53: Annie Grace – This Naked Mind

For this episode, I was able to talk with Annie Grace, author of the book This Naked Mind. Our fascinating and enlightening conversation reveals that Annie’s book primarily addresses the subconscious beliefs most of us have around alcohol. After understanding and tackling these beliefs, you can make a more mindful choice and rely on less […]

52: Michael Venn – The Heroin Effect

My guest on this episode is Michael Venn. Michael is a director, writer, producer and content creator whose background in music led him into the film world. He made his writing and directorial debut in 2010 with the short film “Dark Scribbles”, which premiered in the short film corner at the 2010 Festival De Cannes […]

51: Jam Alker – Junkyard

My guest is the celebrated musician, Jam Alker. After touring and playing in a successful rock band, the rockstar lifestyle eventually caught up to him. Once he found heroin, Jam put his guitar down for over a decade. Eventually, after he came to the conclusion that drugs weren’t his problem, but only covering the real […]

50: Chellie Campbell – Financial Stress Reduction®

My guest Chellie Campbell has helped countless people with her Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops and is the best-selling author of The Wealthy Spirit, Zero to Zillionaire, and From Worry to Wealthy. In addition to her game-changing contributions to the financial industry, she is a past president of the Los Angeles Chapter of NAWBO (National Association […]

49: Stephen Swisher and Joe Turner – Recovery Coffee

In this episode, guests Joe Turner and Stephen Swisher share their strategic approach to addiction treatment and recovery–one cup of coffee at a time. As the owner of Happy People Coffee Company (and a veteran coffee artisan to boot), Stephen Swisher teamed up with the founder of Recovery Champions, Joe Turner, to roll out their […]

48: James Matthews – The Sober Savage/Ride for Recovery

James Matthews is an incredible guy, he has been cycling around the United States in an effort to bring awareness to the opioid epidemic and also, to let people know the recovery success is possible. So far he has totaled over 7,600 miles on his bicycle and is planning an impressive ride from Key Largo, […]

47: Vanessa Hernandez – Miami Luxury Broker says, “Do you first! And live your dreams!”

Vanessa joins the show to tell us about her shift from psychology to real estate and how along the way she has always felt that it’s important to continue living your life and living your dreams. She tells the story of how she stumbled into real estate on her way to becoming a forensic psychologist […]

46: Dr. Ivan Rusilko – The Rock n’ Roll Sex Doctor

Dr. Rusilko specializes in creating healthy lifestyles that support longevity and improved overall quality of life through medically supervised and customized diagnostic and treatment programs, with an emphasis placed on personal patient attention and follow-up. His brand of Lifestyle Medicine caters to patients who desire and who are committed to investing in themselves, to discover […]

45: Dr. Scott Sigman – Stay Opioid Naive

“Never take an opioid so you won’t find out if you’re one of the 20% who will likely become addicted.” Pioneering Opioid Sparing orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, knees, and shoulders. Team physician UMass Lowell. Dr. Sigman was one of the earliest advocates of Opioid Sparing surgery. He is a leading educator in the […]

44: Shane Ramer – That Sober Guy

Shane Ramer is the creator and host of and Sober Guy Radio. He also created, produces, and hosts a corporate podcast for a CA fortune 500 company. In September 2013, after a long battle with addiction, Shane checked himself into a 30-day rehab facility and has remained clean and sober ever since. In 2014 Shane created and […]

43: Amanda Meredith – The Addict Chick

Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll At 34, Amanda Meredith had it all – A successful career, a home, a child, and everything that should have made her happy. She was also crazy in love; his name was Cage, and their love would become her first addiction—but not her last. Some would say that love […]

42: Pete Mills – The Sweet Kill

The Sweet Kill embraces the internal conflict between the light and dark. Spawned from the suicide of a lover, The Sweet Kill serenades the afflicted. This melodic black-hearted dirge claws into the soul emancipating one from this psychologically infected world. The diviner of this millenarian angst is Pete Mills, who writes, produces, and performs The […]

41: Maria Salvatore – Recovery Yoga and Kula for Karma

Maria Salvatore is a 500-hour trained and certified yoga instructor (500-RYT), with additional training in yoga for trauma and addiction and Y12SR (yoga with the Twelve Steps). Based in Northern New Jersey, Maria has found her niche with a special group of clients: those who suffer from anxiety, depression, and addiction and trauma. She sees […]

40: Dear Nurse Susan – Live Healthy and Pain-Free with Medical Cannabis

Susan Marks, aka Nurse Susan, is passionate about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. She is a medical cannabis patient. She has a progressive neurological movement disorder, and cannabis (high CBD, low THC) has allowed her to stop anti-seizure medication and the intolerable side effects. She is also a highly qualified healthcare professional, holding a nursing […]

39: Dr. Pari Ghodsi – Women’s Health & Sexual Health Issues

Why gynecology? Tune in to meet Dr. Pari Ghodsi, as we begin by hearing her explain why she was drawn to this specialty and how she ended up becoming an OB/GYN. Tips for success at a young age With so many achievements at a young age, we ask Dr. Pari for some words of advice […]

38: Erik Coleman – Former NFL Player and Safety for the NY Jets

The years that shaped the future Join us to find out about the early life of NFL success story Erik Coleman, as he begins by sharing his experiences growing up in a household where both his parents were addicts. Erik discusses the struggles of his developmental years, and how the situation forced him to grow […]

37: Kathy Fettke – Real Wealth Network Founder

Tune in to hear how Kathy went from a life as a happy stay-at-home mom with very little business experience to a highly successful author and businesswoman. Kathy shares the story of the pivotal moment that changed the course of her life. Creating a passive income through joint funding and investing Kathy continues the journey […]

36: Dr. Sanda Moldovan – Heal Up! Seven Ways to Faster Healing and Optimum Health

Today Dr. Sanda Moldovan provides us with tips to help you heal better and tells us why “the mouth is the gateway to a person’s health and well-being.” Learn why certain foods are best and find out Dr. Sanda’s thoughts about how healing can be helped by water, light and energy, oxygen, plants and more!” […]

34: Ivan Hunt – Male Role Expectations and How to Achieve Success

Empowering men and being a role model Ivan begins by summarizing his specialty niche role, and specifically how he works to help men identify any expectations or programming that has impacted their lives in negative ways. Listen in to hear Ivan’s intriguing history: how his relationship with his father, life in the military, and his […]

33: Dr. Adi Jaffe – IGNTD and The Abstinence Myth

Dr. Jaffe is considered do have a controversial outlook on addiction, with many people attacking him over his progressive viewpoints. Listen in as he explains why he’s okay with people calling him names, what motivates him to keep going and how the traditional treatment model is changing. Non-abstinence treatment and harm reduction methods Learn about […]

32: Dr. Teralyn Sell – Natural Solutions (That Work!) to Mental Health & Addiction Challenges

Stop holding back on your life and start moving forward, naturally! After Dr. Teralyn explains her method of helping those with substance use disorder she discusses her initial step with her addiction clients. This is finding out what they want and what their goals are. She goes on to emphasize that she wants her clients […]

31: Paul Gilmartin – The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Background On this episode, I interview Paul Gilmartin, a stand-up comedian since 1987. He has been on several shows including a half-hour slot on Comedy Central’s Presents show “Comedy Central Presents Paul Gilmartin.” In 1995 Paul began presenting the cooking and entertainment show on TBS “Dinner and a Movie”. DAAM stopped airing in 2011 and […]

30: Gary Kimble – Acts of Service

Today I am very excited to be interviewing Gary Kimble, an amazingly busy guy who moved to South Florida after over 35 years of living in New York City to teach the “original gangster method” of the 12-step recovery program used by Dr. Bob and Bill W.  He’s in long-term recovery and has been clean […]

29: Dr. Michael Fenster – Board-certified Interventional Cardiologist & Professional Chef

Some of the first cookbooks were written by physicians, and originally Rx meant “recipe.” During this fascinating conversation, Dr. Fenster talks deeply about how to understand the food experience, and how our relationship with food has created “Diseases of Civilization.” “All disease starts in the gut, Hippocrates figured this out 2,500 years ago, we’re just […]

Ep028: Dr. Matthew Budoff – Professor of Medicine & Top UCLA Cardiologist Talks Heart Health for American Heart Month

Dr. Budoff and Dr. Estes discuss what causes heart disease and how it can be affected by diet, health, drug use, and more. They also go deep into what you can do to decrease your chances of heart-related illness, including easy solutions available to us all. Matthew J. Budoff, M.D., FACC, is Professor of Medicine […]

Ep027: Dr. Venus Nicolino aka “Dr. V” – Relationship Expert & Host of WeTV’s Marriage Boot Camp

“Relationships that work are between couples who are able to swim the depth of their emotional ocean together,” says Dr. V. “And Valentine’s Day is bullsh*t.” Dr. Venus Nicolino, best known as “Dr. V,” is a renowned relationship expert, media personality and host of WeTV’s Marriage Boot Camp who has also been featured on Bravo’s […]

Ep026: Billie Lee – Bravo TV Vanderpump Rules & Transgender Activist

Billie Lee shares the story of her own transition and her passion for helping others who are on a similar path. Billie Lee is a transgender woman, activist, and blogger currently living in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Indiana, Billie graduated from a broadcasting academy in Illinois, where she secured her degree in radio, TV, […]

Ep025: Dr. Vera Tarman – Food Junkies: The Truth About Food Addiction

Dr. Vera Tarman is the Medical Director of Renascent, Canada’s largest drug and alcohol residential treatment centre. Dr. Tarman is currently overseeing Renascent’s unique 28-day live-in treatment program for women with food addiction. Dr. Tarman is the author of Food Junkies: The Truth About Food Addiction and has spoken internationally on the subject of sugar […]

Ep024: Chanda Lynn – Poet and Activist with a Powerful Message of Recovery

Chanda Lynn is a recovering addict of three years, her addiction lasted a little over six years and included almost every drug imaginable – though her drug of choice was painkillers. Chanda went through one pregnancy in active addiction and spent her first year as a mother strung out. After a miraculous encounter with God, […]

Ep023: Dr. David Henderson – Teens and Social Media Addiction | My Teenage Zombie

Dr. David Henderson is a board-certified psychiatrist, author, and speaker. He is the founder and president of Four Stones Collaborative, a mental health consulting group in Dallas, Texas. He sees adolescent and adult clients with a wide range of psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, delusional disorders, and substance abuse. Prior to […]

Ep022: Josh Perry – Pro BMX Athlete & 4x Brain Tumor Survivor

BMX saved his life. With his experiences with brain tumors and injuries, Josh became very passionate about learning about food and the correlation between his health and well being, as well as sharing information with others in hopes of helping them become well. In February of 2015, Josh completed the Institute for Integrative Nutrition program […]

Ep021: Justin McMillen – Founder & CEO of Tree House Recovery

Justin McMillen is a recovery advocate and treatment consultant who specializes in abstinence-based recovery and wellness. After years of battling personal addiction, McMillen muscled his way to a healthy sober life. Set on helping others facing addiction he established Tree House Sober Living in 2008 and in 2013 McMillen founded Tree House Recovery, a male-only […]

Ep020: Matt Bradley of The Deadliest Catch

Matt Bradley’s true passion is to help the still suffering addict find their way to a different way of life! Listen to the powerful interview with Matt and hear how he was able to stop the deadly cycle of addiction and spin it into a life he loves, a life helping those who need help […]

Ep019: Boris Schaak – Sober Fitness and Nutrition, Key to Successful Addiction Recovery

Boris Schaak, ISSA Certifed, Founder of Sober Fitness, and celebrity trainer and sober coach, offers you the very best coaching and training available. Boris truly enjoys being a catalyst for helping people understand their untapped potential and how to access it. He has been working professionally in the world of fitness and holistic wellness for […]

Ep018: Christopher Poulos – White House Office of National Drug Control Policy

Christopher Poulos is an attorney and the executive director of the Washington Statewide Reentry Council. Prior to his appointment, he served as executive director of Life of Purpose Treatment at the University of North Texas, where he was also an adjunct professor of criminal justice. During law school, he served at the White House Office […]

Ep017: Brandon Novak – JACKASS Show | Pro Skateboarder | Best Selling Author

Brandon Novak is a skateboarder from the renowned Powell-Peralta team, an MTV celebrity (Viva La Bam, Bam’s Unholy Union), an alumnus of the Jackass motion picture series, a star of the legendary CKY skateboard video series, and author of his Best Seller addiction memoir Dreamseller. He has made several appearances on The Howard Stern Show […]

Ep016: Jean Krisle of 10,000 Beds – Our Mission is Recovery

Jean Krisle is the CEO & Founder of 10,000 Beds, Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation with the mission of awarding 10,000 scholarships for addiction treatment by 2025. Jean’s multifaceted career in the nonprofit world, has taken her to audiences and clients around the world. Known for her candor, resiliency, and leadership, An in-demand speaker, Jean […]

Ep015: Wesley Geer of Hed P.E. & Korn – Rock to Recovery

Wesley Geer has been a professional musician for over 20 years. He first found success as the founding member of Jive Records artist Hed P.E. as guitarist, songwriter, and producer. After touring the world for eight years, Wes left the band for a lifestyle change and ultimately landed in rehab. Then in 2010, at almost […]

Ep014: Koorosh Rassekh – Addiction Therapist and Founder of Evo Health and Wellness

Koorosh Rassekh, M.M.F.T., is an Addiction Counselor specializing in substance use, recovery, teen addiction, mindfulness, therapy, psychology, and overdose. Rassekh founded Evo, an outpatient treatment program in Venice, California, with the goal to radically transform the field of addiction treatment. Drawing from the latest research and thinking in the field, Evo employs an integrated, no […]

Ep013 Jeffrey Lynne – Patient Brokering & Your Rights in Recovery

Dr. Cali Estes is joined by Jeffrey Lynne Esq. a law partner in Florida law firm Beighley, Myrick, Udell and Lynne with a Boca Raton based consulting practice focused on zoning, real estate, business structuring, marketing, licensing, regulatory compliance and litigation in the Substance Use Disorder treatment and sober living residence provider space. He was […]

Ep012: Ava Diamond and Kavvy Sonhos – The Revolution of Healing

Ava Diamond and Kavvy Sonhos chat with Dr. Cali Estes today. Ava is an addiction specialist, a success coach, a nutritional psychology coach, pro athlete, author and a speaker. She has many years of pursuing higher levels of competition in her sport, she turned pro at 47 and now at 53 she models for her […]

Ep011: Todd “Z-Man” Zalkins of Sublime – I Was Fully Owned by This Drug…

“…And I hated myself for a long time.” Wow, listen to this powerful episode and hear Todd explain why, “My getting sober was the most tumultuous, the gnarliest, rockiest, most difficult, most painful thing that I’ve ever walked through in my life.” He goes on to explain, “Which is why today I have a very […]

Ep010: How Mark Astor of Drug and Alcohol Attorneys Uses Legal Strategies to Save Lives

Mark Astor and his firm, Drug and Alcohol Attorneys, is dedicated to helping people whose lives have been affected by the effects of drugs and alcohol. We realize that when you come to us, it’s not because you have a legal problem, it’s because you have a personal problem. This problem is what’s affecting your […]

Ep009: Tim Ryan – Recovering Heroin Addict, A&E’s “Dope Man,” and National Thought Leader on Opioid Epidemic

A tireless advocate for long-term recovery, Tim Ryan is no stranger to addiction. Despite a successful business career, Tim found himself in the grips of heroin and, ultimately, was sentenced to seven years in prison for drug-related convictions. Tim got clean and sober behind bars. Six months after his release, tragedy struck. His son, Nick […]

Ep008: Katie Donovan – A Mother’s Addiction Journey

Katie is a high-performing Nationally Certified Family Addictions Coach and Instructor who believes there are no right answers to dealing with addiction, but there is a “best route” to take. Katie has spent over the last 20 years in the marketing, events and communications industry. After experiencing the addiction journey with her daughter Brittany, Katie […]

Ep007: Mara Shapshay – Award-winning Writer, Mental Health Awareness Activist, Baker and Comedian

“I am mentally ill. I can say that. I am not ashamed of that. I survived that. I’m still surviving it, but bring it on. Better me than you.” Carrie Fisher Mara received her BFA in directing from NYU – Tisch School of the Arts. Her short documentary, The Sound of Silence, was showcased in […]

Ep006: Vance Johnson, former Denver Bronco – Hope Driven Change

Vance Edward Johnson, born March 13th, 1963. Former NFL player selected by the Denver Broncos in the second round of the 1985 NFL draft. A 5’11” 185 wide receiver from the University of Arizona, Johnson played his entire NFL career for the Denver Broncos from 1985 to 1995. Johnson was a world-class long jumper. In […]

Ep005: Katrina King of Recovered Purpose and Chasing the Dragon

In 2011, while Katrina was incarcerated pending sentencing for prescription fraud, possession, distribution and other charges related to her addiction, Katrina’s 20-year-old daughter began heavily abiding prescription pills. Within months, her beautiful and naive little girl was completely addicted and out of control. Katrina felt panicked and powerless as she was told that the child […]

Ep004: Peter DiStefano and Matt Bradley – Recovery! Can You Feel It? I Can!

Peter DiStefano, Musician and guitar rock guru best known for his work as a founding member of Porno for Pyros. Peter has 20 years sober from heroin and other assorted drugs and loves his sober life. Peter believes in honesty and branching off his career to include helping his fellow musicians get sober and live […]

Ep003: Rabbi Mark Borovitz – How to Find a Way of Living That Matches Your Soul

Ep003: Rabbi Mark Borovitz – How to Find a Way of Living That Matches Your Soul Unfortunately, those who have created the “addiction epidemic” are now trying to cash in on the recovery movement. More drugs, like suboxone, are not the “cure” for addiction. Recovery is about finding your essence, your true self. The killer […]

Ep002: Josh Temple – Here Are The Tools and Skills to Build a Great Life

Josh Temple is helping youth in America build better lives for themselves with a program, Trade Life. An Apprenticeship that includes valuable, career producing skills for lucrative jobs in the trades industry, but also important life skills helping them move past their challenges into a life they could only dream possible. His work with Boys […]

Ep001: Indian Bob – The Raw Truth Hurts, But Works

Indian Bob, host of the nation’s largest recovery radio show Recovery Radio Raw, and host Dr. Cali Estes discuss the two magic ingredients to recovery success – Discomfort and the Truth. “Without the truth, we cannot possibly see what is happening to us.” During this powerful interview, they also remark on how education for the […]

Ep000: Dr. Cali Estes – Unpause Your Life and Live Your Dreams

Dr. Cali Estes introduces her new podcast, Unpause Your Life. Listen to the show and her incredible life-changing stories from fascinating guests who have found ways to think outside of the box and discover pathways to their dreams. New episodes every week. To get alerts and for more info: Links mentioned in this episode: The […]

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