In this episode, guests Joe Turner and Stephen Swisher share their strategic approach to addiction treatment and recovery–one cup of coffee at a time. As the owner of Happy People Coffee Company (and a veteran coffee artisan to boot), Stephen Swisher teamed up with the founder of Recovery Champions, Joe Turner, to roll out their Recovery Coffee.

Coffee Treatment
Knowing the copious amounts of coffee that are consumed at treatment centers during an average attendee’s time spent in recovery, both Joe and Stephen knew they could make a difference by supplying high-quality coffee to each center. They also wanted to provide alternatives for recovering addicts who find themselves consuming sugary drinks and unhealthy foods after the 10:00 AM coffee cut-off time.

Focus on Nutrition
In addition to making the highest quality Recovery Coffee, they provide teas and sports drinks, as well as focus on nutrition and education to supplement the positive recovery habits they instill in participants. They really are making considerable strides in replacing the well-worn treatment center approach towards beverages and foods.

Worth it
Also, you can taste the love and quality with each cup of Recovery Coffee: both of them understand the need for absolutes and things to look forward to during the difficult road to recovery. Waking up and finding adequate motivation to tackle the program work and stay focused on treating addiction is much easier when the day has been started with an excellent cuppa joe. And during the interview, it is said that weak coffee is one of weakest links in treatment centers around the nation.

Recipe for Success
As Stephen Swisher states, most treatment centers offer weak coffee and then feed members high-carb, sugary foods. About 10:00 AM, most crash and want to go back to bed. That’s hardly a recipe for success. And so, Stephen and Joe will continue to supply the proper fuel to help everyone looking to recover from his or her addictions.

For much more, tune into this episode. It is awesome stuff!

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