On this episode, I interview Paul Gilmartin, a stand-up comedian since 1987. He has been on several shows including a half-hour slot on Comedy Central’s Presents show “Comedy Central Presents Paul Gilmartin.”

In 1995 Paul began presenting the cooking and entertainment show on TBS “Dinner and a Movie”. DAAM stopped airing in 2011 and after suffering from severe depression Paul decided to air a podcast on that very subject.

“The Mental Illness Happy Hour”  began in 2011. A mental health awareness podcast where Paul interviews artists, audience members, listeners and mental health practitioners on mental health subjects, whilst at the same time adding a soupçon of his own comedic genius into the fray. To date, MIHH has been downloaded a staggering 22 million times and has been rated 5/5 on iTunes.

As if this wasn’t enough MIHH is frequently picked as Editor’s Choice by Apple Podcast staff and in 2016 was chosen by Esquire Magazine as that year’s best podcast. It has also featured in the PBS documentary “A State of Mind”.

Early To Bed

Tune in to hear about Pauls habit of getting up at around noon. He shares that it’s perfectly normal for comedians because of late shows and comedians having more to worry about than what time they get up, like, is there an echo in the room that they are about to perform in? Or is the mic on? This, he says, “is the real stress and can be the difference in the career you have, rather than the career you want. Getting laid and getting paid are the two most important parts of being a comedian. If you’re funny then well, the ladies will think you’re attractive, right?”

Paul remembers that he was always funny as a kid but this was more a case of having to be rather than wanting to be. It was more a case of validation, of feeling special. You want to be validated and experience pleasure.


Listen in to learn how Paul comes up with his material and the process he follows thereafter. It’s different for everyone, according to Paul.  “When you first start out you are a nobody. You have no experience whatsoever so you think of things that are going to be the most effective on stage.”

Nasty Habits

Join in to hear Paul share a shockingly dark similarity among most comedians. He reflects that some comedians are a complete disaster offstage but onstage are hilarious geniuses. For others, it is vice versa.

Paul shares a disturbing statistic about comedians and the destructive efforts they make to be funny. Paul shares that he has seen some brilliant comedians that just never achieved the success they could have, because of their own self-destruction or addiction.

You call that Funny?

Paul enlightens us about the side of the comedy world that we don’t see. The questions, doubts and constant comparisons comedians indulge in. We learn that comedians are actually perfectionists- always looking to perfect their gigs.

Tune in as we cover interesting examples like Chris Tucker and his work.

“A greater writer analyzes the comedy, sees it as a philosophy; a way of life, Anyone can write but to write great comedy you have to analyze it and look into its being, its soul.” Deep words from Paul.

Move Along

We learn that Paul’s decision to move from “Dinner and a Movie” to “Mental Illness Happy Hour” wasn’t his to make. He shares the dark journey of depression, medication and suicide that directed him to his podcast. Join in to hear about his intentions and goals for the podcast that will touch your heart.

Paul aims to connect with his guests. Episodes need that vulnerability element.

No Regrets

This episode will show you how something as simple as a podcast and helping other people, can positively impact a life. This is precisely what happened to Paul. You will want to hear first hand the huge inspiration his podcast provided to him to change his life for the better. He shares his lifestyle changes and the healthier choices he has gone on to make because of his podcast!


Paul says that his two pieces of advice would be:

  1. Have compassion for others but not at the expense of compassion for yourself; and
  2. Nothing degrades the quality of your life more than obsessing about the quality of your life.

Check out the Mental Illness Happy Hour at http://mentalpod.com

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