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Tessa Stowe, Happiness Path Finder

Tessa Stowe wants to see a world where people know how to be happy and are happy most of the time, no matter what significant events have happened in their lives. An event or crises often causes us to “wake up” and realize that being as happy as we can be is urgent.  The event […]

Liz Wenman, UK’s Premier Classic and Vintage Car Rally Organizer

Liz Wenman is the founder and director of Rally Round, as well as a genuine motorsport enthusiast. Having previously followed Superbikes, Liz has been involved with historic cars for many years alongside her husband and stepson, both of whom compete. Liz has driven on several events ranging from the Pyrenees Rally to the 2010 Peking-Paris. […]

Beth Christo, Tampa Area Luxury Property Realtor

Beth Christo is a luxury property realtor with Re/Max Realty Unlimited, has been in real estate in the Tampa, FL, area since 1999, and has a diverse background including assisting real estate investors, facilitating residential sales, and counseling homeowners dealing with foreclosure and short sales. She has experience in luxury homes as well as helping […]

Amy Praskac, Austin, TX Professional Organizer on End-of-Life Planning

In this episode, Amy Praskac discusses the importance of being prepared for a medical emergency or end of life. She tells stories along with lessons to be learned and shares observations from her organizing practice. Amy Praskac reunited with her high school sweetheart only to be widowed a few years later. Her experience served as […]

Amanda Bodkin, Enrolled Agent with the IRS on Common Myths of Tax Debt and Negotiation

In this episode, Amanda Bodkin discusses what to do when you owe the IRS. Amanda breaks the whole process down from the beginning, with common IRS notices, to the end of the negotiating process. She explains the IRS jargon and all the forms needed to complete this process. Amanda Bodkin is an Enrolled Agent with […]

Thomas Schmitt – Automotive Management Professional on Building Relationships Is Key to Managing a Successful Car Dealership

In this episode, Thomas Schmitt, automotive management professional, discusses how building relationships is key to managing a successful car dealership. Thomas has noticed that many dealerships are still viewing customers as numbers rather than as people. Tom Chesser, owner of Solutions Plus made an appearance on this episode of Main Street Mavericks Radio. Tom provides […]

Peter Cotton – Sales Talent Recruiter – Best Sales Talent Improves Bottom Line

In this episode, Peter Cotton, President of Best Sales Talent, LLC, discusses how small and medium-sized companies can significantly improve their bottom line when they invest in attracting and hiring the best sales talent. As an executive recruiter, Cotton has nationwide contacts of client companies and candidates. He also has a national network of fellow […]

Steve Kiges, Co-Founder of The Coach Training Academy on 2-Day ICF Accredited Fast Track Professional Coach Training

In this episode, Steve Kiges, co-founder of The Coach Training Academy, discussed several programs that he offers through The Coach Training Academy. The core program is the 24-week International Coach Federation accredited program for people who are busy and those who want to up their game by adding coaching to their current offerings. The second […]

Steve Kiges, Co-Founder of The Coach Training Academy on A Team Of One Will Fail: Why Become an ICF Certified Professional Coach

In this episode, Steve Kiges, co-founder of The Coach Training Academy, discussed why coaching has become the “in” thing these days, having become more and more popular with business, governments, and politicians. The science of coaching has greatly matured from the avenue of sports coaching to a process that has become integrated into our everyday […]

Owen Moon, CEO of on Hyperlocal & Targeted Advertising for Car Dealerships

In this episode, Owen Moon, CEO of, discussed hyperlocal and targeted mobile advertising for car dealerships. Owen notes that about 75% of all Internet usage is done through a mobile device and when people go to their mobile device, they will start with a mobile app. The advertising shows up for the consumer when […]

Craig Petronella – Raleigh, NC Top Cybersecurity Expert and IT Authority on the Importance of Employee Computer Security Awareness Training

In this episode, Craig Petronella, Amazon #1 Best-Selling author and CEO of Petronella Technology Group, Inc., discusses how to educate employees about corporate policies in working with IT about security issues. The training is delivered through online video and follow up exercises to assess each employee’s comprehension of the training. Craig goes on to say […]

Joel Helfer, Media CEO, on How One Radio Interview Can Add Up To $250,000 To Your Bottom Line in One Year

In this episode, Tom Chesser, Solutions Expert, turns the table on host Joel Helfer and talks with Joel about how one radio interview can make any business owner into an A-List celebrity. Joel explained that one simple radio interview re-purposed by others is all the marketing that you need. He helps his clients turn this […]

Bill King, Chicago Distributor for Kangen Water®, on Change Your Water, Change Your Life

In this episode of Main Street Mavericks Radio, Kangen Water® distributor, Tom Chesser of Solutions Plus, interviews his client, Bill King, as Bill discusses the results he has experienced using the Enagic Kangen Water® System. Safe and readily available water is a basic human necessity to meet health and sanitation needs. However, tap water around […]

Everte Farnell, Serial Entrepreneur and Professional Copywriter, on Lessons Learned from Con Men and Hustlers

In this episode of Main Street Mavericks Radio, professional copywriter, Everte Farnell, discusses the lessons he has learned from con men and hustlers that he has published on his newly revamped website. Everte was a professional pool hustler and traveled the country with a friend named Little Donnie.  He offers stories of how they built […]

Jerry Luciano, The AZ Web Guy, on How Attorneys, Medical Professionals and General Contractors Can Attract Great Leads and Turn Them into Paying Clients

In this episode, Jerry Luciano of BGA Marketing explains how he and his companies help attorneys, medical professionals and general contractors generate leads and new clients with a “done for you system” so they can concentrate on running their business. He went on the say that his goal is to turn on a faucet of […]

Coach and Kimberly Culbertson, Austin Leadership Trainers and Professional Speakers, on Why Being a Good Boss Means Good Business

In this episode of Main Street Mavericks Radio, the dynamic husband and wife team, Coach and Kimberly Culbertson, owners of the Austin-based Creation Curve Leadership, talk about how they help leaders in an organization maximize talent and minimize conflict to access greater productivity and intelligence from their teams. They reveal the three-part process of the […]

Janak Mehta, Facebook Advertising Expert, On How to Leverage Facebook Advertising to Grow Your Business

In this episode, Janak Mehta, a Facebook advertising expert, discusses why paid advertising on Facebook is the quickest and most reliable way to generate leads for your business and get a great ROI on your investment. For best success, he notes that you should test ads, headlines and target markets first to find out which […]

Urvi Mehta, Social Media Marketing Expert, On How to Get More Engagement and Followers on Social Media Without Spending a Dime

In this episode, Urvi Mehta, a social media marketing expert, discusses how to get the most out of relationships you build over time on social media, resulting in more engagement and followers on social media without spending a dime. For best success, she notes that you should post to Instagram first when sharing information, and […]

Craige Thompson, Austin Patent Attorney, on the 2017 Tech Breakfast Showcase in Austin, TX

Craige Thompson, President, Thompson Patent Law, and members of his patent law firm will exhibit and present at The Tech Breakfast Showcase 2017 on Sunday, March 12, 2017, from 9AM to 1PM.  The event will be held on the rooftop deck of Fogo De Chao, 309 E. 3rd St., Austin, Texas. Craige went on to […]

Daryl Hill, Creator of The Money Blocks System on Why You Are Leaving Massive Amounts of Money on the Table

In this episode, Daryl Hill, creator of The Money Blocks System, discusses how he created this system to help hundreds of entrepreneurs who are stuck in reaching their business goals and objectives. He explained how and why he developed this system to help his clients overcome limiting beliefs, get rid of unwanted emotions, and lead […]

Troy Howard, Partner at On an Online Review System That Gets Reviews for Business Owners in 30 Seconds or Less!

In this episode, Troy Howard, in partnership with his father and brother, Ron and Trevor Howard, at, discusses the world’s only review platform that lets businesses instantly collect video, audio and written reviews from customers using an app on a smart phone or tablet. The entire review takes 30 seconds or less to collect. […]

Steve Sipress – The Expert’s Expert on Finding the Fastest Path to Cash with The WOW! Strategy

In this episode, Steve Sipress, best-selling author of 24 different books and founder of The WOW! Strategy group, discusses how money loves speed and money loves action. He defines the WOW! part of the WOW! Strategy as: W- Who you want to do business with, O – The irresistible offer you make and W -The […]

Tom Chesser – Solutions Expert on Helping Vendors Solve Problems

In this episode, Tom Chesser, marketing and advertising consultant, discusses how he helps his vendors solve problems. He discusses one of his solutions, the vCard, a digital business card that is interactive and gives business owners a new reasonably-priced tool to get their message out. He goes on to say that this vCard is so […]

Timothy R. Johnson – Business Development Manager and Strategist for Clint Arthur’s Status Factory on Creating Status for Yourself and Your Business

In this episode, Timothy R. Johnson, author, speaker, and Business Development Manager for Clint Author’s Status Factory, discusses how easily you can create celebrity status for yourself and your business using media. Most businesses, as well as individuals, mistakenly believe that they don’t have much to offer and should not be a celebrity, but this […]

Craig Petronella – North Carolina’s Top Cybersecurity Expert and IT Authority on Protecting Yourself and Your Business from Cyber Hacking

In this episode, Craig Petronella, Amazon #1 Best-Selling author and CEO of Petronella Technology Group, LLC, discusses how easily your business information and your personal information can be hacked in a cyber breach. Most businesses, as well as individuals, mistakenly believe that they will never be hacked. In the interview, Craig details the three-step process […]

Clint Evans – Online Media Strategist on Little-Known LinkedIn Changes That Could Either Cripple on Enhance Your Competitive Advantage

In this episode, Clint Evans, Amazon #1 Best-Selling author and founder of, discusses all the changes and new trends that are happening on LinkedIn since Microsoft bought them out. Clint goes on to explain that the big take-away for business owners who are now using LinkedIn is that to keep all the important functions […]

Richard G. Lowe, Jr. – “The Writing King” on the Importance of Branding Your Business with a Book

In this episode, Richard G. Lowe, Jr., “The Writing King,” discusses that the best way to brand a business is through the publication of your own book. Richard goes on to explain that every business needs to be branded and they have an image they’re trying to portray, especially smaller businesses. A book lends credibility […]

Ron Drummonds – Florida Real Estate Investment Strategist, Reveals the Secret to Success in Life is Multiple Streams of Income

In this episode, Ron Drummonds, Managing Partner at RKD Investments, LLC, discusses that the real secret to success in life is having multiple streams of income. Ron is a graduate of PHSD (Public High School Diploma). From the time he was in his 20s, he believed in having multiple streams of income to insure there […]

Corey Poirier – Professional Speaker and Best-Selling Author Reveals Strategies for Super Achievement (Joining the 1%)

In this episode, Corey Poirier, Professional Speaker and Best-Selling Author, talks about the lessons he has learned from interviewing some of the most successful people in the world. He defines a super achiever and shares three of the most important traits that super achievers all have in common and what we can do to mimic […]

Paul Fioravanti – C Suite Management Consultant Reveals Strategies Helping Businesses Improve Their Bottom Line

In this episode, Paul Fioravanti, Managing Director and Partner with QORVAL, discusses how one of the issues facing business owners today is acknowledging their limitations and the fact that they don’t have all the answers. This forces them to seek outside professional advice on a particular subject matter, especially when a company is experiencing a […]

Adena Bannick – Certified Psychic, Medium, and Angel Practitioner Confirms That There is Life After Death

In this episode, Adena Bannick, Certified Psychic, Medium, and Angel Practitioner, discusses the fact that when people pass on, they are much more alive in death than when they were alive. In this interview, Adena distinguishes the differences between an angel practitioner and a medium. She goes into detail about some of her medium experiences […]

Nathan Hirsch – CEO and Founder of on How to Make Remote Hiring Simpler, Faster and Better

In this episode, Nathan Hirsch, CEO and Founder of, discusses how his firm makes the remote hiring experience for all business owners in the USA or overseas simpler, faster and better. He explains how using remote workers lowers a company’s cost while giving them access to a higher-level talent pool. In this interview, Nathan […]

Matt Kinzelberg – Pacific Palisades Computer Expert on How to Find The Best Computer Tech to Fix Your Computer

In this episode, Pacific Palisades Computer Expert Matt Kinzelberg reveals one of the biggest mistakes people make with their computers that causes them untold misery and a hefty repair bill, and it’s something almost everyone does every single day. In this interview, Matt notes that with modern technology and software, it is possible to get […]

Brandon Bing – Central Florida Solar Installation Expert on How Solar Energy Can Help Every Homeowner Save Money

In this episode, Brandon Bing, CEO of the Central Florida’s award-winning solar installation company, All American Solar, discusses how he helps home owners save money on their electric bills by installing the latest American-made solar panels. Despite using solar power, he added that clients in Florida must be hooked up to the standard power grid […]

Gary Patterson, The Fiscal Doctor on 3 Misconceptions When Hiring a CPA

In this episode, Gary Patterson, known as the FiscalDoctor, and author of Million-Dollar Blind Spots: 20/20 Vision for Financial Growth, reveals the three biggest misconceptions that business owners make when working with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Gary specializes in helping leaders avoid costly problems and increase profits by uncovering million dollar blind spots to make […]

Joel Helfer – 10-Minute Radio Producer – How Radio & Podcast Talk Show Guests Leave Money on the Table

Most podcast and radio talk-show hosts are not making money from their broadcasts.  Some try to get sponsors and advertising, while others beg for donations from their listeners to help fund their shows.  However, Joel Helfer has come up with a unique way to help show hosts monetize their shows while helping the show’s guests […]

Baruch Spiegel -GENI World

Today we have with us Baruch Spiegel, CEO and Founder of GENI (Global Education Network Initiative) and GENI World. Baruch established GENI in order to provide quality educational services to families, schools and the broader community of educators. In addition, GENI is developing a message of inclusion through collaborative learning which is directed at both […]

Rebecca Beardsley – The Hairdresser Mentor

Today we have with us Rebecca Beardsley, author of Self-Care for Hairdressers: How to Prevent Stress and Burnout and Step Into the Professional You Were Meant To Be. Contrary to popular belief, hairdressing is a very stressful job. Hairdressers are trusted to help people with their image and help them feel better about themselves. I […]

Dr. Artika Tyner – Leadership Expert

Today we have with us Dr. Artika Tyner, author of, The Leader’s Journey: A Guide to Discovering the Leader Within. Leadership is a journey often mistaken for a destination. The Leader’s Journey provides guidance and inspiration for that journey. Reading this book will provide the reader with inspiration on how to lead effectively, build new […]

Carl Weisman – Home Selling Expert

Today we have with us Carl Weisman, author of The Intelligent Home Seller. Every home seller who uses what this book teaches can pocket a few extra thousand dollars from the sale of their home. Just one paragraph alone on page 131 should save every home seller who reads it a minimum of $2,000. But this […]

Cornelia Gamlem – Human Resources Expert

Today we have with us Cornelia Gamlem, SPHR, author of The Big Book of HR. Managing people is the most challenging part of any leader’s day. And that job certainly is not getting any easier. The Big Book of HR will provide any HR professional, manager, or business owner of any size organization the information […]

Rick Tobin, School Safety Expert

Today we have with us Rick Tobin, author of Ten Tips for Teachers for Safer Schools. The original purpose of Rick’s book was to provide principals with a simple safety guide designed to be shared with teachers to start the school year. Recently he refocused the book on the K-6, Middle School, and Senior High […]

Gerald Reiche, Author & Happiness Expert

Today we have with us Gerald Reiche, author of It’s All About Me: An Interactive Guide to a Happier, More Fulfilling and Successful Life. It’s All About Me targets the person who is looking for something new, something more. It is a deep introspective for the “Me” reading the book to help answer the question: […]

Zaheen Nanji – Shanti Wellness Center

Today we have with us Zaheen Nanji, Director of the Shanti Wellness Center. The Shanti Wellness Centre started as a dream in early 2009 and became a reality that fall when a lot of planning, hard work and love went into constructing the Centre from an empty bay to what it is today. Zaheen, an NLP Practitioner,, […]

Joseph Willis – Author and Consultant

Today we have with us Joseph Willis, author of Teaching Lessons: Creating a Cultural Infrastructure for Great Schools. Teaching Lessons is designed to provide real solutions to our educational problems in the USA. The book analyzes the problem through the perspective of a classroom teacher and provides solutions to the problem. Joseph Willis is a […]

Octavia Hooks – Green Natural Stylist

Today we have with us Octavia Hooks, Founder and President of Octavia’s Natural Hair Care Experience. Octavia’s Natural Hair Care Experience is a salon with a purpose — a unique salon that will encourage and motivate social change — a salon that will inspire a movement: the Green and Natural movement..  The Green and Natural […]

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