Carl Weisman – Home Selling Expert

Today we have with us Carl Weisman, author of The Intelligent Home Seller. Every home seller who uses what this book teaches can pocket a few extra thousand dollars from the sale of their home. Just one paragraph alone on page 131 should save every home seller who reads it a minimum of $2,000. But this book is especially valuable for those selling homes over $300,000.

Lots of books teach you how to get your home sold. This is the only one that teaches you how to keep more of your money. It is time to put an end to the industry’s outdated customs, and The Intelligent Home Seller shows you the way.

About Carl Weisman

Carl Weisman has written four books and has been on radio and television. Previously he was a sales trainer who taught real estate agents how to market themselves and how to overcome buyer and seller objections. Now, Mr. Weisman is committed to making a dramatic change in the real estate industry by educating and empowering home sellers to ensure the agent-seller relationship is more fair for both parties.

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