In today’s interview, Graphic Recorder, Ann Leach, shares how she took her lifelong love of art and turned it into a new rewarding career. After years as a life coach, Ann attended a meeting that was being graphically recorded and was hooked on the concept. After being trained in this art, she now helps coaches, organizations, and small work teams capture key points in a visual way that uses familiar icons: paper and markers. That means that she literally “sees what you mean” and puts it on paper in a fun and colorful way that engages the viewer and anchors messages in both the left and right sides of the brain.

About Ann Leach

With a love of the ocean, it seems odd that Ann Leach has been a landlocked Midwesterner in her adult life. She now lives at the edge of the Ozark mountains in Joplin, Missouri where she coaches entrepreneurs in strategic planning, operates Doodle Pals, a doodle program for children and families, and manages her Creative Cottage bed and breakfast. She is a community volunteer and started a chapter of Chase the Chill, a scarf drive to give warmth to those who need it most, and Snowflake’s Snack Shack, a free pet food pantry. She has also served as Past President for Spiva Center for the Arts and is an avid art journaler.

Contact Ann Leach

Visit her website at https://www.AnnLeach.com or her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AnnLeachCom-1475908365782435.

Contact her at ann at annleach dot com for a free 15-minute map session around one challenge that you’re experiencing to see how graphic recording can help you meet your goals.

Donna Gunter

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