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Interview with David Anderson Founder of DWA Leadership

David’s entrepreneurial and leadership paths have taken him from the president of his college fraternity to the White House. Along the way he has seen the best and worst examples of leadership and learned from both. He has achieved many successes but learned much more from the hard knocks of business and life. David believes […]

Carol A. Vincie – The Performance CO-Pilot – Brilliance Business

Carol A. Vincie Carol had a very successful corporate career in the fast paced, challenging, high growth Information Technology field.  In addition to her typical 60-hour work weeks, she managed the demands of a series of personal entrepreneurial ventures. Her ability to understand process enabled her to navigate multiple industries including Brokerage, Banking, Insurance – […]

Ep. #46-Jacob Turner–xPro Financial Q.B. on helping athletes build sustainable lifestyles with Sivonnia DeBarros, Protector of Athletes

Jacob Turner Jacob is a former top 10 MLB draft pick and MLB player. He was drafted in the 1st round in 2009 and went on to play for the Detroit Tigers, Miami Marlins, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, and Washington Nationals. Also, he continued his professional career internationally in South Korea where he played […]

Episode 95-Social Media Break:How A Social Media Detox Can Help Your Online Business! With Kelsey Abbott and Hanna Hermanson

This online coach quit social media 1 year ago with Kelsey Abbott and Hanna Hermanson What would happen if one day you logged out of your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, ClubHouse, Mama’sHouse, whatever app, and never went back? Would your business shrivel up — or could it THRIVE like Kelsey Abbott’s online life coaching business? Don’t […]

Episode 140-How a Texas Vocational School is Changing the Lives of its Students-Building My Legacy with Lois Sonstegard

Welcome to Episode 140 of Building My Legacy. This podcast is a bit different as we learn about a vocational school in southern Texas that’s training its students to become welders — a career much in demand today. Our guests are Eliud Medina, the director of the Southern Industrial Careers Center (SICC), and Lily Maldonado, […]

Episode 139-Jon Schram on IT Service and Security in a Post-Pandemic World-Building My Legacy with Lois Sonstegard

Welcome to Episode 139 of Building My Legacy. In this podcast we talk with Jon Schram, founder and CEO of The Purple Guys, an IT services company that provides IT solutions and support for small businesses. Jon calls himself “an unintentional serial entrepreneur” who understands that the entrepreneurial journey “often feels like a roller coaster.” […]

Episode 425-2 Things Brands Must Do To Survive with James Sommerville-Brand Doctor Podcast with Henry Kaminski, Jr

James Sommerville and I will be discussing what brands will need to do in order to survive in the future… Here’s a little background on James: Former VP Global Design The Coca-Cola, leading global design activations for iconic brands, across 100+ markets. Founder of KnownUnknown a distributed talent platform of the world’s best designers. Co-founder […]

84: HTH – Fixing the Hole in Your Bucket

In the last 5 episodes we have been discussing WHY we are Hustling and identifying the hole in our buckets. The trauma’s, our families of origin, our innate personality type and the insane social media world we live in at the moment. If you have learned anything from me hopefully it is about being unapologetically […]

Interview with Jeremy Creighton Co-Founder of creative branding agency Passport Brand Design

We wanted to create a company that was driven by the single-minded idea that brands must dene their purpose if they are to authentically connect with consumers. We’ve worked with some of the most successful global brands across America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand and have built long-term brand value for businesses including Coca-Cola, […]

Chloë Bisson – The Automation Queen – Mark Stephen Pooler

If there is only one thing you need to know about Chloë, it is this — She believes that all woman have what it takes to be successful female entrepreneurs and that women have the right to create their own businesses, their own income streams and their own happiness. Chloë, also known as The Automation […]

Karen Hunter – High Performance Mindset Mentor – Brilliance Business

Karen Hunter is a high-performance mindset mentor and consultant with Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute. She transforms ordinary people who are living a life of mediocrity and unsatisfaction – to extraordinary success using a comprehensive, yet simple to follow approach called ‘Thinking into Results’. Individuals are confidently propelled forward – multiplying their effectiveness, […]

Episode 138-Aaron Welch on How to Make Your Digital Marketing More Efficient-Building My Legacy with Lois Sonstegard

Welcome to Episode 138 of Building My Legacy. In this podcast we talk with digital marketer Aaron Welch, the CEO of Lift Digital Marketing. Aaron has been a digital marketer before the job even existed. He shares with us how digital marketing has changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the additional changes he […]

Episode #10-The 15 Minute Financial Feast Podcast-Contributing To An IRA Does Not Equal Tax Savings-Mark Triplett & Troy Westendorf

We believe that every dollar has a purpose and a timeline. When and how your retirement assets will be used should be understood before making important financial decisions. The Triplett-Westendorf Purpose and Timeline 5 Step Planning Process (PT5) begins with Discovery. Understanding where you are now, and then defining where you want to go (Your […]

Episode 424-Is Coaching a Scam? Featuring JT Foxx-Brand Doctor Podcast with Henry Kaminski, Jr

In This Episode Of The Brand Doctor Podcast: JT Foxx addresses the issue of coaching being labeled a “scam” JT Foxx discusses brand perception and what it means to him JT Foxx talks about the importance of coaching and how it has impacted his life and success as an entrepreneur Resources: Connect with […]

176: Trauma Sensitive Sex – Cass Biron

Today’s episode covers  trauma and how it can obstruct our ability to connect our body and arousal to our emotional and social being, and later obstruct the way of connecting intimately with our partner. Cass Biron  talks about the structure and ways people can approach this and overcome the struggle by integrating play and flexibility […]

Bolutiwi – The Essence Magnifier – Brilliance Business

Bolutiwi is a philantropreneur, women’s high achiever-coach , No. 1 Best Selling Authour, International speaker, and founder of Magniessence a global movement for more conscious impact. Her unique path during her 14-year international career at L’Oréal gave her a unique perspective of the challenges that women high-achievers face. By the age of 28, Bolutiwi had […]

Annette Greenwood – Life Coach – Mark Stephen Pooler

Annette is fondly known as a ‘straight talking Yorkshire woman’ with a warm heart, care and compassion. It is through finding her deeply intuitive and spiritual side that she became a Life Coach. Annette is highly skilled and works globally empowering women on how to recover from life’s personal heartaches and professional setbacks. Her expertise, […]

Ep. #45-Harry Swayne-xNFL Pro on leadership, development, self-identity, D&I in sports with Sivonnia DeBarros, Protector of Athletes

Harry Swayne Harry was born in Philadelphia and attended Rutgers University, receiving a B.S. in Sport Management. He received numerous Big East honors and was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 7th round of the 1987 NFL draft. After playing defensive line for three years, he made the difficult switch in 1990 to […]

Episode 94-Financial Freedom: Planning for your Dream Life with Paula Harris and Hanna Hermanson

So often as business owners, we get into a cycle of earn money, spend money, earn money… wait where did my money go?! And when it comes to money and cash flow, the cliche is true- if you fail to plan to plan to fail. Tune into this conversation with Financial Advisor, Paula Harris to […]

Episode 423-Entrepreneur Wisdom From Zain Jeewanjee-Brand Doctor Podcast with Henry Kaminski, Jr

In This Episode Of The Brand Doctor Podcast: Life lessons that propelled a super successful entrepreneurial career How to overcome negative experiences so that they don’t hold you back from success Important business values to consider when building your brand Resources: Connect with Henry: Continue the conversation with […]

83: HTH – Why I Sold My House

I think this episode could also be called “Keeping up with the Joneses.” In today’s episode you will hear me get real about why I sold my house. You’ll also learn how I made yet another mistake about not living in my personality type as an intuitive. I’ll share the story of how my life […]

Talia Adika – MBA – International Employer/Employee Benefits – Mark Stephen Pooler

Talia Adika, MBA International Employer/Employee Benefits  – Talia is a world-renowned Benefits Specialist Who Specializes in the US health insurance market.

JC Soto Interviews Sally Gilbert-Lewien On How to Live Life Without Pain

Sally Gilbert-Lewien is the owner of Fitbak Systems and she has spent the past 15 years teaching and treating people in pain. Two years into her massage career, Sally was introduced to Spinal Reflex Therapy and the world of neuroscience. This changed her life and her business. She has developed a highly effective scientific-based treatment […]


Mike Concha, Personal Trainer at Equilibrium Personal Fitness Studio: How Customized Programs Produce Sustainable Results.

Mike Concha is a personal trainer at Equilibrium Personal Training Studio in Barrington, Illinois. Mike has been a trainer for twenty years and received his degree in exercise science from Western Illinois University. Mike’s passion for sports and fitness stems from his extensive and varied athletic background, including tennis, soccer, bodybuilding, and MMA (mixed martial […]


17. Are Masterminds Important for Your Business?

A mastermind group is a group of peers who regularly meet in order to give each other guidance, advice, and support. It is no secret that mastermind groups are essential to operating a successful business, growing your business entity, and achieving your goals and dreams. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of these meetings […]

Ep. #9-Lyme Disease Awareness Month-Coach Tavia Morse-Functional Nutritional Health & Life Coach

Tavia is the founder of Sweet life health coaching and is a functional nutritional health & life coach! Tavia gets to the root cause of why YOUR not getting well. Tavia was led to this fabulous job while fighting her own personal battle with Lyme disease. After going undiagnosed for over 10 years – Tavia […]

Interview with Jon Schram Founder of The Purple Guys

Jon Schram is an IT support expert and the founder of The Purple Guys, a tech company that has grown since 2001 to become the Midwest’s premier provider of IT support services. The Purple Guys is a fast-growing, 7-digit business that has helped hundreds of companies grow by solving their IT problems and providing them […]