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Interview with Alec Hudnut, Managing Partner at Vici Partners

Alec Hudnut has over 30 years of experience in executive-level management and strategic consulting. He is Managing Partner at Vici Partners, an earnings growth consulting firm. At Vici, he focuses on growing clients’ earnings by 25% within 24 months. Before Vici, he was an executive at Green Dot Corp. and ran their $550M prepaid card […]


Interview with Anton Anderson, CEO of Elite Resource Team

In 2014, Anton started Elite Resource Team with his trusted business partner, Ken Smith. They found enormous success in teaching financial advisors how to meaningfully differentiate themselves by working with CPAs in a proven and efficient system. Elite Resource Team has trained over 1200 advisors across 37 states. Eager to put his areas of interest […]


Interview with Real Estate Experts Ronda Courtney & Lane Lyon

Ronda CourtneyRonda Courtney has been selling real estate with RE/MAX for over 20 years, earning awards such as the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, 100% Club, Platinum Club, and RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award. Working almost exclusively through referrals and voted among the top 7% of realtors in 5280 magazine four years in a row, Ronda is […]


Interview with Tanner Connelly Loan Officer & Retirement Mortgage Planner with Aslan Home Lending Corporation

Tanner Connelly is a Loan Originator based in Denver, Colorado. He entered the mortgage industry right after completing his college education and gained valuable experience by working for a large retail mortgage company. After spending two incredible years there, Tanner decided to join Aslan Home Lending Corporation to expand his knowledge and product offerings.Tanner’s dedication […]


Ep. #12 – Michael Losier (Low-zee-eh) – The Big Success Podcast with Brad Sugars

Michael Losier lives in beautiful Victoria, BC, on Canada’s West Coast. Michael has been delivering on-line training seminars and workshops since 2008 when he partnered to create TeleClass International, a training company teaching coaches and trainers how to deliver on-line courses using Accelerated Learning Techniques. He is the author of the best-selling books Law of Attraction: […]

Interview with Eunicia Peret CEO of The Empowered Financial Planner Discussing How to Optimize a Wealth Building Portfolio

Eunicia is an accomplished wealth strategist and business owner with over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. Eunicia honed her expertise by delivering significant financial improvements to the bottom line of Fortune 500 companies and renowned global brands across multiple industries. Her passion is to help multi 6 and 7-figure individuals optimize […]


Interview with Ed Prather, Broker Owner at Ed Prather

Shortly after graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2005, Ed got his Colorado real estate license. It wasn’t until 2010 that he started working full-time in real estate but, since then, he hasn’t looked back. Until 2017, Ed focused primarily on investment real estate in and outside of Colorado. Through a mixture […]


Greg Garrity – Founder Of Impact Catalysts – Mark Stephen Pooler

Greg Garrity is an international Speaker, Coach, Master in NLP & Hypnosis, and Founder of Impact Catalysts, the UK’s most supportive personal growth leadership academy, developing mission-driven CEO’S to become more valuable to their communities and the world.   Having been on the board of various care companies for over a decade, Greg designed many […]

Episode 256-Christopher Skinner on Choosing Leaders to Keep Great Companies Great with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

Welcome to Episode 256 of Building My Legacy. Imagine if you could choose company leaders who you know would improve the financial performance of your business. In this podcast, Christopher Skinner talks about what he’s discovered about how a company’s stock price correlates with leadership behavior. Based on the widely accepted theory of seven different […]

Leading Expert Dr. Elra Morgan Brings Revolutionary Laser Therapy to St. Clair County for Pain Management

Dr. Elra Morgan, founder and director of St. Clair County Laser Pain Center, was interviewed on Optimal Health Radio about revolutionary laser therapy for pain management. Dr. Elra Morgan, founder, and director of St. Clair County Laser Pain Center, is introducing revolutionary laser therapy for pain management in the community. With over 4,000 treated patients […]

Interview with Eunicia Peret CEO of The Empowered Financial Planner

Eunicia is an accomplished wealth strategist and business owner with over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. Eunicia honed her expertise by delivering significant financial improvements to the bottom line of Fortune 500 companies and renowned global brands across multiple industries. Her passion is to help multi 6 and 7-figure individuals optimize […]


Interview with Oscar Toledo, President of Toledo Insurance Discussing Social Security Claiming Options

Oscar Toledo is not only a business consultant to the professionals who work with him, he’s a personal producer who knows firsthand the number of obstacles facing financial professionals today. Anyone who has worked with Oscar says he is trustworthy, persistent, and an active listener. For more than 20 years, Oscar has taken his client’s […]


Interview with Brian Bradley, Senior Managing Partner at Bradley Legal Corp

Brian T. Bradley, Esq. is the Senior Managing Partner at Bradley Legal Corp and is a leading educator and nationally recognized asset protection attorney for high risk professionals, Entrepreneurs, real estate investors and ultra high net worth families. Collectively they are protecting over 5 Billion worth of assets. Brian’s goal is to give you “peace […]


TurboPassUSA Podcast KickOff Episode

Welcome to the first episode of TurboPassUSA, a podcast about technology, innovation, and business success stories. In this episode, our host Marco Salinas interviews the founders and key executives of TurboPassUSA, Mike and Ken Jarman, CEO and COO, and Zahid Kassem, the Chief Product/Technology Officer. The episode begins with a brief overview of TurboPassUSA and […]

Interview with Brad Feldmar, Chief Revenue Officer for TE+A Marketing

I am the Chief Revenue Officer for TE+A Marketing (Trungale Egan and Assoc.). TE+A Marketing is a full service marketing agency serving the wealth management space since 1986. We help clients maximize growth and retention through superior branding, marketing, and technology. I’m a 3rd generation marketer. My grandfather was an early pioneer in direct mail […]


Interview with Taliya Bashani, Real Estate Attorney, Negotiation Expert, and Founder of Tab Law Firm

Taliya Bashani Esq. is a real estate attorney and negotiation expert who specializes in residential real estate representing buyers, sellers, and developers in NYC and FL. She started TAB Law Firm PC, her law practice, 15 years ago and has closed over 10,000 properties and over $500 million in property value. She also has a […]


Episode #25-Trauma in Life, and Creating a Will-The All In-Definitely Podcast with Anwar R. Sadeek and Cyana Alvarez

In this episode, Anwar & Cyana have a conversation that starts off questioning how does outside trauma affect a relationship. Then the Conversations turns to the mentality and personal refection that happens when creating a will.   Email your Questions and comments to: Our sponsor: American Worldwide Academy, a private Florida High School offering […]

Ep. 11 – Dr. Michelle Rozen – The Big Success Podcast with Brad Sugars

Dr. Michelle Rozen, a.k.a The Change Doctor, holds a masters and a Ph.D. in Psychology and is a highly respected authority on the psychology of change. Dr. Rozen is the author of several books including her most recent book, 2 Second Decisions: The Secret Formula for Leading Change by Making Quick Winning Choices. She is […]

Interview with Megan Bello, Broker Owner at Motion Homes Group

Megan is a 6th generation native to the State and has a passion for helping real estate agents grow their business in ways that are natural to them. She also loves her 150+ chickens, ducks and turkeys and goats and is focused on feeding her family the most natural way possible. Learn more: https://www.motionhomesgroup.com720-393-0673


Interview with Marshall Moore, Loan Officer with Spire Financial

Former award-winning financial literacy educator turned insanely helpful Loan Officer. Sharing real estate and financial tips on Instagram: @mortgageswithmarshall NMLS ID: 2051209 Learn more:


Interview with Ross Symons, Founder of White on Rice

Ross lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He started folding paper when he was 21 and the first origami figure he ever folded was a crane(bird). He folded that bird over and over again until he could fold it with his eyes closed. If he had a beer bottle in front of him he would […]


Pam Durkin On How She Uses Shock and Awe Boxes To Get High End Interior Design Clients

On this episode of Megabucks Radio, Nina Hershberger interviews interior designer Pam Durkin about her unique approach to getting new clients and now coaching other interior designers with their marketing. Pam shares how she sends out shock and awe boxes (also called trust boxes) to potential clients she’s already had a conversation with to close […]

Interview with Stas Grinberg, Co-Founder of Vision & Beyond

As co-founder and managing principal of Vision & Beyond, Stas Grinberg leads with the intent of achieving success for both the company’s investor partners and the communities where Vision & Beyond operates. Before founding Vision & Beyond, he worked for two Israeli investment firms that targeted and financed new construction opportunities in Birmingham, Alabama, Atlanta, […]


Interview with Daniel Collison, Managing Partner at Advice2Advisors

Dan has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is a co-founder and Managing Partner with financial education firm Advice2Advisors, which trains, mentors, and coaches financial advisors of all tenures.He is a CFP and TEP and is a Board Member of the FP Foundation and past Chair of its Research Committee. […]


Interview with Diane Mueller, Founder of Femme Meets Fortune

With a proven track record of taking businesses to the top 4% in America, Diane (aka Diamond) has the experience and expertise to help you navigate the challenges of growing an online business. She understands the unique struggles women face and has developed a coaching program that addresses those challenges head-on. Her approach is not […]


Episode #39-Saving for College-The 15 Minute Financial Feast Podcast-With Mark Triplett & Troy Westendorf

We believe that every dollar has a purpose and a timeline. When and how your retirement assets will be used should be understood before making important financial decisions. The Triplett-Westendorf Purpose and Timeline 5 Step Planning Process (PT5) begins with Discovery. Understanding where you are now, and then defining where you want to go (Your […]

Ep. #10 – Dr. Gary Sanchez – The Big Success Podcast with Brad Sugars

Dr. Gary Sanchez International speaker, author, dentist and inventor who figured out WHY. He is best known as “Dr. WHY” for discovering the 9 WHY’s, developing the WHY.os (WHY Operating System), founder of the WHY Institute and creating the worlds first WHY Discovery tool to help people accurately and quickly discover their WHY in under […]