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Episode 144-Using Asana to Scale Your Coaching Business to 7 Figures with Louise Henry and Hanna Hermanson

Louise Henry is (my friend!) and an online entrepreneur and educator over at She’s on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to confidently own their online presence. She does this by sharing free tutorials on her YouTube channel and through her online courses, Uplevel with Asana, Website that Wows, & Scale with Kartra. She loves […]

Episode 222-Hart Kaminker with the basics of Canadian Immigration Law- for Employers and International Workers with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

Welcome to Episode 222 of Building My Legacy. Today’s labor shortage is causing more employers to consider hiring international workers. If you’ve ever wondered what’s involved for you, as an employer — or if you’re an American worker considering taking a job in Canada — this podcast will be of particular interest to you. We […]

Interview with Ken Abel Discussing What it Takes to be Successful as an Independent Agent at Trailstone Insurance

I am a Colorado Native that loves camping, hiking, and enjoying our beautiful Rocky Mountains. I grew up playing soccer, track and field, fencing, tae-kwon-do, racquetball, and snowboarding. I was always doing something active or creative. If I was not playing a sport, I was practicing my artistic skills drawing and painting. I still have […]


Interview With Matt Dayton Realtor at Matt Dayton Real Estate

Out of over 700 realtors in Summit County, Matt has consistently ranked in the top 10%.. While working as an associate broker for Slifer Smith and Frampton Matt was ranked as a “Top Gun” selling agent. Matt’s experience extends to land development projects, luxury home sales and resort sales. Matt is characterized by his ability […]


Ellen Loopstra – Inspirational Change Leader – Mark Stephen Pooler

Ellen Loopstra is an Inspirational Change Leader, Transformational Business Mentor, Speaker, Trainer, Coach and the #1 International Best-selling Co-author of The Law of Brand Attraction. She founded the AlchemICT Alignment Academy to teach Leaders and Teams how to develop Aligned Leadership and achieve Agile Excellence to accelerate their success. Passionate about a people-first approach building businesses, Ellen is an expert bringing personal talents in alignment with professional missions, so that both be […]

Interview with Mike Maddock, entrepreneur, a keynote speaker, a best-selling author, and CEO Coach

Mike will tell you that his purpose is “To inspire and empower curiosity.” His passion is to make people believe they can change the world and then provide the tools, frameworks and hard-earned wisdom to make positive impact happen. Mike calls himself an Idea Monkey because he loves to solve problems with disruptive ideas. This […]


Interview with Ken Abel Discussing the Core Values Working With Trailstone Insurance Group

I am a Colorado Native that loves camping, hiking, and enjoying our beautiful Rocky Mountains. I grew up playing soccer, track and field, fencing, tae-kwon-do, racquetball, and snowboarding. I was always doing something active or creative. If I was not playing a sport, I was practicing my artistic skills drawing and painting. I still have […]


Nina Hershberger on How Business Owners Can Work Smarter and Keep More Money

During this episode, Nina Hershberger, author of the best-selling book “How to Double Your Profits Without Spending a Dime,” shares fascinating insight into why so many businesses miss out on hidden profits within their company. She explains where to find untapped potential, how to maximize profitability, the importance of knowing your numbers, how to calculate […]


Ep. #33-Guest Speaker Erin Gallagher -Intuitive life and business coach with Coach Tavia Morse-Salvadalena

Erin helps visionary leaders heal on all levels so they can ignite their confidence and lead without fear. She uses the Akashic Records to teach people how to tap into their soul’s purpose and create massive success in all areas of their lives. After a 17-year drug and alcohol addiction, Erin healed herself naturally using […]

Interview with Ronnie Deaver, CEO of NoBull Marketing-Lead Generation for Lawyers

Ronnie Deaver is the CEO of NoBull Marketing, a lawyer-exclusive marketing agency that specializes in generating leads and increasing PNC to paying client close rates with Google My Business & Sales Training. In that capacity he created the first 100% guarantee in the industry, offering to pay back everything – even the advertising budget a […]


Ep. #04 – Laura Lane – Define Your Path with Dr. Virginia LeBlanc “DocV”, The Pivot Maestro.

Laura Lane Laura Lane offers hope in a hopeless situation for caregivers that want to learn how to develop grace under pressure during the daily care of their pediatric oncology patients. During her webinars, workshops and retreats they learn how to better cope with the pressures and stress of being a caregiver while developing an […]

Episode 478-The Secrets Behind a Successful Brand Pivot w/Susan Sly-The Brand Doctor Podcast with Henry Kaminski, Jr.

In This Episode Of The Brand Doctor Podcast: The challenges Susan Sly faced when pivoting her brand and how she overcame them What factors should you consider when considering a brand pivot Why keeping your branding fresh is so important to the success of your business in the long run. Resources Mentioned: Brand Assessment Level […]

Interview with Morgan Lloyd Independent Insurance Agent with Trailstone Insurance Group-Protect from Natural Disasters

You will want to get a regularly updated Reconstruction Cost Estimate. Make sure that this is up to date and accurate. Get the maximum available dwelling replacement extension coverage. Make sure that you have sufficient ordinance and law coverage based on the age of your home. Make sure that you have enough loss of use […]


Interview With Jonah Rice Real Estate Broker with Trinity Team Real Estate at Keller Williams Preferred Realty

Jonah is an ex-wildland firefighter with an extensive background in hospitality and design, approaching his life and business with honesty, grit, and a service mindset to ensure that his clients are fully understood and heard. Jonah values family, friendship, and doing what is right – not just for his clients, but for the world around […]


Episode 143-Done For You Copy & Funnels, behind the scenes of building a feminine marketing machine for coaches with Leslie Thorton

Leslie Thorton is a DFY client and skeptic on all things marketing. I get it… When I say “sales funnel” you say….. (yuck?) Sure, the typical gag-worthy sales-y “buy NOW or you’ll die” funnels are soooooo gross. But, hey! Guess what? There’s a new way of doing things. And we here at Done For You […]

Episode 221-Rick Maurer with a New Look at Change Management with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

Welcome to Episode 221 of Building My Legacy. We’re visiting again with change expert Rick Maurer, a speaker and consultant, who works with companies in terms of change, change management and team building engagement — all things that have become so important right now. In this podcast Rick talks further about the logical steps to […]

Interview with Melissa Guller founder of Wit & Wire- Course Creation Expert

Melissa helps creators turn their skills and passions into profitable online businesses. Previously, Melissa was the Director of Marketing Engagement at Teachable as well as the Senior Launch Manager for Ramit Sethi’s 8-figure online course marketing team. To date, she’s taught thousands of students through General Assembly, Skillshare, and her own business Wit & Wire, […]


Interview with Craig Cecilio, Founder and CEO of DiversyFund- Diversified Real Estate Investments

Craig Cecilio is the Founder, CEO of DiversyFund. DiversyFund Imagines a world where Everyone has an Equal Opportunity to Build Wealth. Our mission is to break down the barriers that keep most Americans from investing like the privileged, well-connected, and wealthiest 1% in our country. Our platform allows access to Private Markets where everyday investors […]


Emmy Hernandez – Executive Love Coach on saying “I DO”- The red & green flags in relationships

In this episode, Dr. Izdihar Jamil and her guest Emmy Hernandez talk about: Why highly successful women find it difficult to find love Tips to create an attractive profile on dating apps Communication strategies that can save any relationships Emma Hernandez is an Executive Love Coach a #1 International Bestselling Author of Women Who lead. […]

Interview with Wornel and Kellen Simpson, Financial Professionals with Wornel Simpson and Associates

Wornel Simpson and Kellen Simpson are among the nation’s leading investment and insurance industry professionals with over 4 decades of experience. They exhibit a unique approach to ascertaining 21st-century economic and generational trends and opportunities. Wornel Simpson and Associates was established in 1983 as a financial management firm. In 2018, J. Clyde Management ( was […]


Interview with Jay Fields, Somatic Coach and Author of LinkedIn Courses

Jay Fields, M.A. is an educator, coach and author who has taught the principles of embodied social and emotional intelligence to individuals and organizations for twenty years. Her approach to helping people have their own back at work and in life is grounded, playful, empathic and intelligent. Jay received her BA in Psychosocial Health and […]


Angela Soong – Entrepreneur – Mark Stephen Pooler

Angela Soong is a Property Developer, Investor, Consultant & landlady who looks after her own portfolio of over 20+ properties in the UK and abroad, manifested/achieved in less than 1 decade. She is the Host of ‘Birmingham Partners in Property’ group, masterminding the 2nd largest subscription based community of regional investors. Angela is an author, entrepreneur […]

Interview with Brad Gotto Owner of Fiat Wealth Management

Brad is a fiduciary, fee only financial planning firm located in Wayzata, Minnesota. Where most advisors stop, we begin. We specialize in helping people figure out why they saved a pile of money, and how to spend it. We are a holistic firm with a special focus on tax planning.People always ask about our name. […]


Interview with David Feldman, Founder of 3 Owl an Award-Winning Creative Agency

David Feldman is the founder of 3 Owl, an award-winning creative agency that crafts nimble brand identities and elegant digital experiences to equip clients for success. With a small core team and a carefully curated network of seasoned contractors, 3 Owl has generated tens of millions of dollars in added revenue for Fortune 500 and […]


Ep. #03 – Stephanie McAuliffe – Define Your Path with Dr. Virginia LeBlanc “DocV”, The Pivot Maestro.

Stephanie is the CEO of Reclaiming Your Self, founder of The Way of the Diamond Warrior, and author of the recently released international bestseller, The Impact of Silence. She is a multi-dimensional healer and guide, and works with female leaders to reclaim their sacred selves, to step into their power, the truth of who they […]

Episode 220-Lizzie Horvitz with an Effective Way to Measure Sustainability with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

Welcome to Episode 220 of Building My Legacy. In this podcast we talk with Lizzie Horvitz, the founder and CEO of Finch, which helps consumers understand how to find products that are best in function and best for a healthy, just planet. Lizzie’s goal is to minimize our footprint at large in the world. She […]

Episode 477-There’s BIG MONEY In Online Reputation w/Steve Wiideman-The Brand Doctor Podcast with Henry Kaminski, Jr.

In This Episode Of The Brand Doctor Podcast: How to manage your online reputation when your brand gets into trouble How important your brand’s personality and online identity REALLY is when it comes to your business’ online reputation Entrepreneurs forget to do this crucial step when it comes to maintaining a strong online reputation Resources […]