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Episode 111- What it takes to be a Personal Shadow Coach with Nancy Pickard and Hanna Hermanson

Today we are talking with Nancy Pickard, a Master Coach, about what it takes to be a Personal Shadow Coach! Nancy Pickard is a Certified Integrative Coach through The Ford Institute for Transformational Training and the Levin Life Coach Academy. She is certified as a Breakthrough Shadow Coach, Empowered Parent Coach, Courage Coach, Healing Your […]

Interview with Jonathon Hensley-co-founder and CEO of Emerge, Author of Alignment- Overcoming Internal Sabotage and Digital Product Failure

The book teaches how to Overcome Internal Sabotage and Digital Product Failure. Alignment is the one thing you’ll find at the heart of every successful relationship, team, and organization in the world. When developed and leveraged, alignment can create the foundation for unparalleled product success. Part One Focuses on what alignment is, and why it’s […]

Rumbi Jena – Founder iReign Female Academy – Brilliance Business

My name is Rumbi. I founded iReign Female Academy in 2020 to help women like me who are looking for change, whether it is time for family, oneself, or the freedom to focus on the causes that are dear to you. I started helping women transform their mindset in 2013. My Background is Nursing and […]

Chris Saturnio: What Most Entrepreneurs Miss About Successful Product Design

Since 2009 the hit television show Shark Tank has brought the world of entrepreneurship front and center to millions of households. Every contestant with a product and a dream wants a handshake deal with one of the Sharks. Unfortunately, 20% of these deals don’t come to fruition after the investors complete their due diligence. According […]

Regeline “Gigi” Sabbat – Motivational Keynote Speaker – Mark Stephen Pooler

Regeline Sabbat also known as Gigi, is the CEO and Founder of Life Service Center of America, LLC, Motivational Keynote Speaker, 3x Best Selling Author of the ” Walk With Me” and ” God First” books that have been endorsed by Les Brown. Gigi is also the Co-Author for several best selling book collaborations, and she […]

John Wiley: The Fatal Mistake Most New Businesses Make and How to Avoid It

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around half of new businesses fail within 5 years. 65% don’t make it to 10 years. Today’s guest says that the cause can be found in a common error committed by most new entrepreneurs. We’re going to dive deep into what that is and how you can avoid […]


Dr. Russell Kennedy – The Anxiety MD – Brilliance Business

RUSSELL KENNEDY  MD, BSc, RYTDr. Russell Kennedy, aka “The Anxiety MD” specializes in the art and neuroscience of helping people recover from anxiety disorders. He knows anxiety from the inside out, as he developed his own anxiety disorder as a result of growing up with a dad with severe schizophrenia.  Dr Kennedy has degrees and […]

Interview with Jeremy Keil – CFP®, CFA Retirement-Focused Financial Planner with Keil Financial Partners

Jeremy is the host of the Retirement Revealed blog and podcast. Jeremy loves helping people learn more about, and feel more confident about their money. After graduating from college, Jeremy started out by selling suits at Jos A. Bank and working on different political campaigns — which probably explains his love for wearing a tie […]

Interview With Robert Syfert Co-Founder and Chief Visionary at

Robert is also the founder of InvestorPO, Property List Manager, and USA Portfolio Real Estate. Robert is an innovator in the real estate investment industry who creates software, tools, and services that enable real estate investors to do things better and faster. He’s passionate about being part of the solution and finding answers to the […]

Episode #22-The 15 Minute Financial Feast Podcast-How Financial Professionals are Compensated-With Mark Triplett & Troy Westendorf

We believe that every dollar has a purpose and a timeline. When and how your retirement assets will be used should be understood before making important financial decisions. The Triplett-Westendorf Purpose and Timeline 5 Step Planning Process (PT5) begins with Discovery. Understanding where you are now, and then defining where you want to go (Your […]

Episode #10-Staying Free, Happy, Flowing and Growing: Rheena Mae of MaeMae Jewelry speaks with Oscar and Kiya Frazier

In This Episode of The Couple-preneurs Show with Rheena Mae of MaeMae Jewelry, we discuss: The history of MaeMae Jewelry Staying free, happy, flowing and growing How to sell retail, wholesale on Amazon while being the manufacturer and distributor Finding one’s superpower   About Rheena Mae: Please rap in the key of the Fresh Prince […]

Episode 181-{part 2} David Greer’s Process to Achieve High Performance and Growth-Building My Legacy with Lois Sonstegard, PHD

Welcome to Episode 181 of Building My Legacy. In this podcast we talk again with David Greer, entrepreneurial coach, author and facilitator, who in a recent podcast shared his struggle with alcoholism. This time David gives us an in-depth look at the planning process he uses to help businesses achieve high performance and growth. David […]

Episode 180-David Greer on Dealing with Issues that Affect Your Legacy-Building My Legacy with Lois Sonstegard, PHD

Welcome to Episode 180 of Building My Legacy. In this podcast we talk with David Greer, entrepreneurial coach, author and facilitator. David shares with us the fascinating story of his life’s journey, including a major issue he overcame that we know can happen to any of us as we’re establishing our career and building our […]

Episode 443-The Key To Attracting High Quality Clients-The Brand Doctor Podcast with Henry Kaminski, Jr

In This Episode Of The Brand Doctor Podcast: The #1 key to attracting high-end clients What you’re NOT doing that’s costing you thousands of dollars in potential client work Why high-end clients aren’t buying from you Resources: Connect with Henry:   Continue the conversation with Henry’s So […]

87: FS16 – Are You Suppressing Your Type?

Hello! And welcome back to the Front Seat Life podcast and our new series, the Front Seat 16! I am your host Jessica Butts, and I am here to help you be unapologetically, who you are in your life, love and business, by understanding and embracing your innate personality type. Most of you know, I […]

194: Navigating Parenting Differences – Rachel Duffy

Rachel Duffy brings in actionable tips to navigate parenting that not only enriches your relationship with your children, but also unlock some of the barriers to your sex life. We discuss parenting issues, how to correct behavior, and navigate the differences in parenting approaches with your partner.   Finding a passion for caring for family and […]

Dr. Terrance Cooper On The Health Benefits Of Detoxing

In this interview, Dr. Terrance Cooper “Doc”, shares how detoxing can improve health. Doc Cooper practiced Chiropractic for 43 years in California and Utah. He retired from his chiropractic practice in 2017 but not from helping seniors regain their health through natural means when possible. While he is not adjusting his patients full time, he […]

Interview with Kevin Knebl, International Speaker, Author, Trainer and Executive Coach for Financial Professionals

Kevin’s clients include individuals and small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies. He’s an in-demand, leading authority on Social Selling, Relationship Marketing, LinkedIn, and Twitter with a healthy dose of Inspiration, Transformational Insight, and Humor blended in for conferences, conventions, company trainings, and many other events. Kevin is the co-author of “The Social Media Sales Revolution: […]

Jeremy Owens Founder of US Construction Zone Discusses The Future of Technology Within The Construction Industry.

Jeremy has extensive experience and knowledge in the construction industry, how it has changed over the years and where it could be going. Depending on the hat he is wearing, he could be managing his team, tweaking his robust marketing plan, analyzing his operations reports, or daydreaming about the future of US Construction Zone. Coming […]

Interview with Annissa Deshpande Founder of lōglab – Author of “The Comeback” Teaching How to Harness the Competitive Advantage of Modern HR

Annissa Deshpande is a former HR executive of a Fortune 500 where she oversaw the successful hiring of 20k people in 150 countries annually and designed internal talent initiatives to achieve business results. While most HR programs are heavily focused on compliance, Annissa helpsteams think bigger, align to business goals, and create great experiences for […]

Interview with Tom Stefaniak Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) President of Pinnacle Wealth Management

Tom built Pinnacle Wealth to be a firm that values relationships above all. Tom loves meeting with clients and building a relationship that goes far beyond finances. This allows him to help you aim toward your personal and financial goals. He helps you address the needs of your specific situation to devise your personalized plan […]

Ep. #62-Dr. Matthew Raidbard-Talks leadership styles and how to tap into yours with Sivonnia DeBarros, Protector of Athletes

Dr. Matthew Raidbard On this episode, Dr. Matthew Raidbard discusses all things leadership, how to tap into yours and his new book with Sivonnia DeBarros, the protector of athletes. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in history and classical studies from Indiana University, Dr. Raidbard decided to pursue his dream of being a college basketball coach. […]

Episode 110-How To Use Branding to Build Loyal Engaged Brand Superfans with Hanna Hermanson

Today we’re going to talk about how to get raving fans who are excited and ready to invest with you! As a coach or a consultant, do you have the feeling like you’re always on a hamster wheel, posting and commenting and chatting and engaging? That’s why this episode is all about a good overview […]

Interview with Wayne Moloney-Australian Business Growth Specialist and Co-author of The Wentworth Prospect

For over four decades, in roles from salesperson to Managing Director he helped a diverse range of businesses in Australia, Asia and Europe achieve their revenue and profit goals. Since leaving his corporate career, Wayne has spent over 15 years helping B2B organisations tackle their business growth challenges through the application of sound sales and […]

Dr. Vera A. Brown Providing Live CE To Dentists and Dental Hygienists

Dr. Vera A. Brown started her career in dentistry and found her passion educating dentists and dental hygienist through live continuing education courses offered online.  To learn more, visit


Ep. #21-Guest Speaker: Sharik Peck, Physical Therapist and Inventor of the REZZIMAX Tuner Pro

In this podcast episode I interview Sharik Peck a Physical Therapist that invented a miraculous tool called the REZZIMAX Pro Tuner For years, Sharik and his wife Cheryl lived with chronic neck problems and other health issues. It seemed no matter what they did, nothing helped. Sharik (a licensed physical therapist and counselor) searched for […]

Interview with Daniel Kraak Partner and Personal CFO at Atmos Planning

Atmos Planning is a financial consulting firm that works virtually with small business owners across the country. Prior to Atmos, Dan was an Army Captain, earned an MBA from Notre Dame, and worked as a financial planner. He’s also held multiple roles at Fortune 500 companies. In his free time, he enjoys all the hiking […]