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Lidia Kuleshnyk – Chronic Health Specialist – Brilliance Business

Lidia Kuleshnyk helps overworked, stressed-out , high-achieving men and women be grounded, energized and focused, what she calls being Centered-Connected-Conscious™ ,  so they can own their power and never be burned-out, exhausted or tired again. For 25 years, Lidia has been coaching clients who would like to find the inner ease of living in their […]

Interview with Chris Orestis, CSA President of Retirement Genius

Chris is a nationally recognized financial, health/LTC, and retirement issues expert. He has over 25 years’ experience in the insurance and long-term care industries and is credited with pioneering the Long-Term Care Life Settlement over a decade ago. Known as a political insider and senior issues advocate, Orestis is a former Washington, D.C. lobbyist who […]

Interview with Air Force Chief Master Sergeants Ericka E. Kelly and Lefford Fate about their New Book P.E.R.S.I.S.T.E.N.C.E.

This book will give you an inside look for anybody planning on serving, currently serving, or who has served to help them be successful and significant. You will hear from Chiefs in their own words, with different personalities, and different backgrounds. Each word relates to the more significant theme. You will learn how to be […]


205: Sex as a Widow – Krista St-Germain

Master Certified Life Coach, Krista St-Germain, gives advice on how to deal with grief after losing a life partner. In this episode, we will talk about sex after loss and how it fits into the grieving process. How do you discern your needs and wants after being widowed? How do you decide when you’d like to have […]

Indiana Gregg – CEO and Founder of Wedo – Brilliance Business

Indiana Gregg has built a successful career as both a performer and a creative tech visionary. She currently serves as the CEO and founder of Wedo, a mobile/web-based social bank & communication drop-in payments application that helps people virtually sell their goods and services in real time. The platform attracts people from all over the […]


Episode 120-Thinking of Becoming a Digital Nomad? Learn How Working Nomads Do It with Francis Nayan and Hanna Hermanson

Dreaming about the digital nomad lifestyle? Wondering how to become a digital nomad? Why not learn from those who are already doing it? Today on the Dream Life is Real Life podcast, I’m talking with a fellow digital nomad, Francis Nayan. In fact, Francis is the creator of The Nomad Newsletter–a semiweekly publication where he […]

Ep. #72–EJ Cutliff– Sports Marketing Pro & Podcaster on black culture in sports with Sivonnia DeBarros, Protector of Athletes

EJ Cutliff EJ Cutliff is a top-ranking sports marketing leader who drives multi-millions in new revenue. He has delivered at least double-digit percentage growth in every sales position throughout career. An expert in the business of sports marketing, EJ offers proven performance discovering sponsorship opportunities to create campaigns that elevate the brand. Specializing in creating […]

Episode 193-Andrei Mincov on Trademarks: When? Where? And Why?-Building My Legacy with Lois Sonstegard, PHD

Welcome to Episode 193 of Building My Legacy. In this podcast we discuss trademarks with Andrei Mincov whose company, Trademark Factory,® offers trademarking services with guaranteed results for a guaranteed budget. Trained as a lawyer, Andrei became passionate about intellectual property after helping his Russian composer father fight a radio station that stole his music. […]

James Peters – Transformational Mindset Coach – Mark Stephen Pooler

James Peters | Transformational Mindset Coach   “James Peters a Transformational Mindset Coach and Jay Shetty Certified Coach. James has been on one heck of a journey and his speciality is working with and helping to motivate “adversity survivors” so they can rediscover their true self.   James coaches and inspires “Adversity Survivors” navigate between the […]

Interview with Brad Swineheart, SVP of Channel Marketing & Business Development at White Glove Helping Financial Advisors Grow Their Bottom Line

Speaker, NASDAQ Contributing Author and Podcast Host Brad has helped grow the client success team at White Glove from 12 employees to more than 50 highly trained seminar coaches and account managers. His leadership has helped guide this team to service thousands of advisors who have hosted upwards of 20,000 in-person and virtual seminars, facilitating […]

Interview with David Ciccarelli CEO of Voices-The World’s #1 Audio Services Marketplace

David Ciccarelli is an entrepreneur at heart. For the last decade, David, with the help of his team, has grown Voices from the ground up to become the leader in the voice-over industry. More recently, he has led the charge through Voices’ transition from a voice-over platform to a creative services marketplace, newly adding translation, […]

Episode#20-The Impact of using New Age Technologies: Ashwin Srivastava of Sapio Analytics speaks with Oscar and Kiya Frazier

In This Episode of The Couple-preneurs Show with Ashwin Srivastava of Sapio Analytics, we discuss: Artificial Intelligence, Governments, and Social Impact using New age Technologies About Ashwin: Ashwin Srivastava is the global CEO of Sapio Analytics, a government advisory firm, positioned as an artificially intelligent shadow government support system, with presence in USA, UK and […]

Episode 453-How Personal Do You Get With Your Personal Brand?-The Brand Doctor Podcast with Henry Kaminski, Jr

In This Episode Of The Brand Doctor Podcast: What personal brands are missing in their digital marketing in 2021 – 2022 How personal should you get with your personal brand How does leveraging your personal brand grow your business online Resources: Connect with Henry: Continue the […]

204: Healing Your Sex Life Through the Unconscious Mind – Dr. Tonia Winchester

Healing Your Sex Life Through the Unconscious Mind  Dr. Tonia Winchester has been a naturopathic doctor for 15 years. This episode will explore brain-based coaching, and how people can really achieve breakthroughs and get out of patterns that haven’t been working for them. Dr Winchester talks about accessing the unconscious mind in order to achieve […]

Ep. #71–Dominic Militello– XPro & Founder of Career Coaching for Athletes, helping athletes land new careers with the Protector of Athletes™

Dominic Militello Dominic Militello, a former Div 1 college and professional soccer player, is the Founder of Career Coaching for Athletes. After struggling for many years to find his new career identify after his professional athlete career, this was Dominic’s first attempt at entrepreneurship where he discovered a deep passion and determination to assist former […]

Episode 119-How to Start Investing in Stocks: An Entrepreneur Teaches Investing Basics with Teri Ijeoma & Hanna Herman

Teri Ijeoma learned how to start investing as a side hustle. In time–with some trial and error–she was able to quit her job and travel the world thanks to investing. Like any great entrepreneur, she saw a need while having conversations about investing… Recognizing that need and acting on it turned into a hugely successful […]

Julia Lemberskiy: How to Succeed By Choosing the Unconventional Path

Julia Lemberskiy is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and startup executive with over 10 years experience launching and leading business lines at companies like Uber and Rocket Internet. As co-founder of JJ Studio she has helped dozens of hyper-growth startups scale their operations and growth channels and most recently she joined the Venture Capital firm Frontier […]

Interview with Tom Stefaniak Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) President of Pinnacle Wealth Management Discussing Putting Your Financial House in Order

Tom built Pinnacle Wealth to be a firm that values relationships above all. Tom loves meeting with clients and building a relationship that goes far beyond finances. This allows him to help you aim toward your personal and financial goals. He helps you address the needs of your specific situation to devise your personalized plan […]

Alan Wade – World Record Holder – Mark Stephen Pooler

Alan Wade is a five time International Best Selling Author and Guinness World record Holder. He created, The Magic Within, Coaching and Consulting Company with his partner, Cindy Preston, to help others find their inner Magic. After years of working in the addictions and mental health field watching clients being traumatized every session. Alan started […]

Seth David Radwell: How to Understand and Overcome Our Political Division

Seth David Radwell is an internationally known business executive with a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and a Bachelor of Arts degree summa cum laude from Columbia University. He served as President of e-Scholastic, the digital arm of the global children’s publishing and education company, and as President […]

Mary Smith: How to Be Your Craziest, Most Authentic Self

Mary Smith, LPC, wants everyone to be able to be their craziest, most authentic selves always. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and cognitive healer, she helps people get there using humor, actionable insights, and personal story-sharing to connect with patients and help heal their personal suffering so their true selves can emerge. Learn more at: […]

Mike Thorne: How to Create and Benefit from Your Own Personal Trust Community

Mike Thorne is known as a transformer whose mission is to restore human dignity to unleash greatness in people. As a former C-level executive of top consumer brands including President of Russell Athletic, President of Yankee Candle, and CEO of a synthetic turf company, Mike is now building a Vistage Worldwide Practice and dedicating his […]

Stephen Shedletzky: How to Be A More Effective, Humble Leader

Stephen Shedletzky supports humble leaders – those who know they are both a part of the problems they experience and the solutions they can create. He has worked alongside optimist and best selling author Simon Sinek since 2011. Stephen also advances his own ideas to help create people and purpose first organizations as a thought […]

Chris Schembra: How to Strengthen Your Client and Team Relationships with Gratitude

Chris Schembra is the founder of the 7:47 Gratitude Experience™ — an evidence-based framework used to strengthen client and team relationships in profound ways. He’s used the principles of gratitude to spark over 500,000 relationships around the dinner table, serving Fortune 50 CEO’s, Olympians, Academy Award winners, Grammy Award winning #1 recording artists, Super Bowl […]

Bishal Sarkar: How to Become a More Powerful Speaker and Communicator

For past 14 years, Bishal Sarkar has been a real-world public speaker and life mastery mentor who has been speaking on stages around for some of the biggest companies in the world including Microsoft, Apple, CISCO, IBM etc. Many of the fortune 500 companies in the world hire him to train their top leaders to […]

Bob Gower: How to Radically Align and Lead Your Team

Bob Gower is Managing Partner of The Alignment Company. He’s an authority on agile software development, lean theory, and responsive organizational design. He has advised leaders at companies like GE, Slack, Wikimedia, and Spotify. He’s the author of the books: Agile Business and Radical Alignment. Learn more at:

Dr. Pamela Gerali-Architect for the Human Spirit- How to Go From Seeking to Finding Yourself

A visionary and pioneer in spiritual growth and transformation, Dr. Pamela Gerali shares life-changing experiences and insights with clarity and humor. She captivates readers and audiences with wisdom and practical guidance from the Blueprint for the Human Spirit®, her holistic model for conscious, compassionate living. She is an architect for the human spirit. Pamela is […]