Greenville Real Agent Agent, John Bowen, Helps First-Time Homebuyers Navigate Their First Home Purchase

In today’s interview, Greenville, SC, real estate agent, John Bowen, reveals the insider information first-time homebuyers need to know as they navigate the purchase of their first homes. He discusses the importance that the income to debt ratio plays in the home buying process. In addition, he lists the questions first-time homebuyers should ask when they think about purchasing a home as well as those to ask when they seek to work with a real estate professional. Most importantly, he divulges the most important quality home buyers should seek in their real estate agent that will help them find the perfect real estate professional to work with them.

About John Bowen

John Bowen is a real estate broker in Greenville, SC, with 18 years’ experience. He has a small team and serves people who want to sell their homes and people who want to buy homes. Back in 1999, he purchased a home and had a negative experience. He began to research the home buying process and realized that a lot of information had not been explained very well, which hindered his ability to make a well-informed choice.

With this in mind, he set out to help people first and foremost, knowing that if they accomplished this primary goal, the success of a profitable business would soon follow. John holds an ASR (Accredited Seller’s Representative) certification indicating he has taken extra education classes on selling and pricing homes and how to market them effectively. He has committed to education in his business model. The real estate industry changes rapidly and because of that, he attends at least 16 hours of training each year in order to keep abreast of the changing marketplace.

Contact John Bowen

Visit his website at, call him at 864-275-4535, or check out one of his social media sites.






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