Jerry Luciano, The AZ Web Guy, on How Attorneys, Medical Professionals and General Contractors Can Attract Great Leads and Turn Them into Paying Clients

In this episode, Jerry Luciano of BGA Marketing explains how he and his companies help attorneys, medical professionals and general contractors generate leads and new clients with a “done for you system” so they can concentrate on running their business.

He went on the say that his goal is to turn on a faucet of new clients for his clients.

Jerry “Ace” Luciano is “That Guy.” You know — the one everybody refers to when they’re describing someone. “That guy” that knows everyone. Or “that guy” that introduced us to those great business connections. Or even, “That guy that wrote the book.”

Jerry has been involved in internet marketing and effective lead generation from the web for over a decade – and makes sure that his clients stay on the cutting edge of Google’s ever-changing algorithms and utilizes the latest and greatest methods of building a client and marketing base. He prides himself on customer service and giving his clients the “Easy Button” when it comes to lead and business generation.

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Joel Helfer

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