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Today we have with us Zaheen Nanji, Director of the Shanti Wellness Center. The Shanti Wellness Centre started as a dream in early 2009 and became a reality that fall when a lot of planning, hard work and love went into constructing the Centre from an empty bay to what it is today. Zaheen, an NLP Practitioner,, co-founded the Centre, along with her husband, in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, their home town.

Shanti, in the Hindi language, stands for peace, calm, or silence depending on the context it is used in. Their philosophy of wellness encompasses the mind, body and spirit with a balanced flow of energy. Their mission is to provide this balance together with peace and harmony so you can establish a healthier lifestyle proactively.

Zaheen is also the author of two books, Attract Your Ideal Weight: 8 Secrets of People Who Lose Weight and Keep It Off and Unlock the Power of You: 12 Keys to Health, Happiness & Success and a new book coming out in the fall, The Resilience Reflex — The 8 Keys to Transforming Barriers into Success in Life and Business.

About Zaheen Nanji

People who don’t know Zaheen Nanji’s background sometimes assume that achieving success was easy for her. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Her first challenge began around age 5, when an incident left her with a speech impediment-stuttering. As she got accustomed to the people around her in Kenya and they got accustomed to her speech, another change occurred at the age of 15 – her parents sent her to Canada to create better educational opportunities, but this move made her speech even worse; she lost confidence in herself and found comfort in food.

Even after going through speech therapy in her twenties, Zaheen wasn’t cured, but this was the stepping stone to finding her VOICE. As Zaheen completed her education in Nutrition & Food Science and Environmental Health, she became determined to understand the source of her speech impediment because it had such an impact on things she wanted to do but felt she couldn’t. Using her strategies to embrace fear rather than run from it, she slowly started her transformation.

While balancing her family, Zaheen has created a successful health and wellness business and simultaneously acquired 3 rental properties within a span of less than 36 months. Not only an entrepreneur,Zaheen is also the author of an award-winning book on behavior weight loss, which won a bronze medal at the Global E-book Awards and was featured in the top 10 in Women Business Owners Today E-zine.

To Learn More

Visit Zaheen’s website, and sign up to receive a six-week audio series about thriving in the midst of change.

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