Joseph Willis – Author and Consultant

Today we have with us Joseph Willis, author of Teaching Lessons: Creating a Cultural Infrastructure for Great Schools.

Teaching Lessons is designed to provide real solutions to our educational problems in the USA. The book analyzes the problem through the perspective of a classroom teacher and provides solutions to the problem.

Joseph Willis is a veteran teacher, with nearly forty years in the classroom. In addition, he works as a consultant to business and education.

About Joseph Willis

Joe Willis received his Bachelors degree in Speech Communication and English from Eastern New Mexico University in 1977 and his Masters degree in Speech Communication from Texas Tech University in 1978. Mr. Willis has been a classroom teacher for thirty two years. He spent the first fifteen years of his career teaching Speech and English in the public schools.

Moving to Midland in 1993, Mr. Willis taught for eleven years at Odessa College. In 2004, Mr. Willis took a position at Midland College, teaching speech communication as an Assistant Professor. During this time, he focused on raising his two sons, Joey and Randy, who attended MISD schools and have gone on to successful careers in vocational ministry.

To Learn More

Visit Joe’s site, to purchase his book and learn more about his consulting services.

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