Rick Tobin, School Safety Expert

Today we have with us Rick Tobin, author of Ten Tips for Teachers for Safer Schools.

The original purpose of Rick’s book was to provide principals with a simple safety guide designed to be shared with teachers to start the school year. Recently he refocused the book on the K-6, Middle School, and Senior High levels, as each requires a unique approach. The final target users are the classroom teachers who have asked, “How do I meet the requirements to keep my students safe and still make the topic relevant and interesting for students, parents and for me, as a facilitator of safety?

About Rick Tobin

Rick Tobin is the President of TAO Emergency Management Consulting.  He is a seasoned emergency management consultant with over 39 years of experience specializing in emergency readiness for schools, government and business. He also serves non-profits in their efforts to prepare for emergencies, disasters and catastrophes. During his career he has been a professional high school teacher, an instructor for the Department of Defense, and trained thousands of professionals to respond and recover from emergencies, including teaching business continuity at Sacramento State University in California.

To Learn More

Visit Rick’s book website at http://www.safetolearn.com and his art and writing website here http://www.thezoneart.com

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