Janak Mehta, Facebook Advertising Expert, On How to Leverage Facebook Advertising to Grow Your Business

In this episode, Janak Mehta, a Facebook advertising expert, discusses why paid advertising on Facebook is the quickest and most reliable way to generate leads for your business and get a great ROI on your investment.

For best success, he notes that you should test ads, headlines and target markets first to find out which ads work best before spending a great deal of money. And, it isn’t necessary to have a gigantic budget with which to advertise on Facebook, Janak has clients who spend $30-$50 dollars a day on Facebook while others spend over a million dollars in advertising per day. Regardless of the size of your business, Janak can help you with your social media advertising.

A highlight of the interview was Janak’s training on Facebook video advertising and why it’s the hottest and latest way of getting leads for your business.

Janak Mehta is called the Facebook Advertising Ninja and is the co-founder of Clients Online, a full-service Facebook advertising and marketing agency based in Scottsdale, AZ. He works with information marketers, experts, influencers, coaches, speakers, authors and consultants grow their business with social media advertising. Clients Online offers a unique reverse engineering ROITM approach to build, optimize and scale client’s campaign.

Janak is a serial entrepreneur who started his career as a research scientist at Bell Communication Research Lab and then worked as a business analyst at Ford Motor Company. He started his entrepreneurial journey with his real estate investment company in 2004. He speaks about and teaches Facebook advertising and Google Analytics at conferences and colleges.

For more information, visit Janak’s site at http://www.clientsonline.com/.

Joel Helfer

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