Owen Moon, CEO of CarClick360.com on Hyperlocal & Targeted Advertising for Car Dealerships

In this episode, Owen Moon, CEO of CarClick360.com, discussed hyperlocal and targeted mobile advertising for car dealerships. Owen notes that about 75% of all Internet usage is done through a mobile device and when people go to their mobile device, they will start with a mobile app. The advertising shows up for the consumer when it is makes sense for the consumer as they are living their lives.

Because the ads are locally-based, the ads can be shown to the consumers in that specific geographic marketplace when they are on their mobile devices.

This mobile marketing help dealerships find car shoppers and buyers and connect them via advertising on mobile devices to get them to walk into car dealerships. These ads are served up as messages on popular apps such as The Weather Channel and ESPN. They put these ads in front of car shoppers multiple times. Statistics show that between 30 and 50 percent of people who go to dealerships end up buying a car or at least using the dealer for servicing of their existing vehicles.

His mobile messaging and advertising service can be used for other business as well, like restaurants.

For more information about Owen, visit his website at http://www.carclick360.com.

Joel Helfer

Joel Helfer is an AM Talk Radio Producer, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Speaker, and current Talk Show Host on Main Street Mavericks Radio.

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