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DAVID ADELSON: Are You Truly Aligned to Your True Self Take this Quiz Now! Be a Master Co-Creator

A lifelong healer, author, meditation teacher, artist and inventor, David Adelson has spent decades studying quantum physics, consciousness and unified field theory, developing more than 500 easy-to-use Enhancers™ to reduce stress and increase success and joy in life. His dynamic approach has helped countless clients and followers around the world achieve more happiness, abundance, peace, […]

HENRY DEVRIES: Forbes Thought Leader Shares Proven Tactics to Get High Level Clients With Books and Speaking

Get your pen and paper and take notes. You will want to listen to interview over and over again in order to get all the gold nuggets! Henry Devries shares insights in how to use books and speaking to land high paying clients. Storytelling helps consultants and coaches persuade on an emotional level. Maybe that […]

LARRY WARD: Politics Today With Donald Trump As President

Larry Ward brings decades of political, corporate, and non-profit experience and expertise to his role as the President of Political Media, Inc, experience that allows him to helm a company that is truly inside politics and outside the box. From a New York communications and advertising background, Larry turned his attention to Washington in 2002, […]

DAVID and JILL STOWELL: The Dyslexia, Learning, and Attention Challenge Solution

After 34 years of solving learning and attention challenges for over 10,000 students and their families, Jill and David Stowell can testify that bright but struggling students can become comfortable, independent, and successful in school and in life. They’ve also shown how private practice owners can provide these services in a way that fulfills them […]

TRUE TAMPLIN: Raising an Executive: Igniting Your Son’s Inner Executive To Outperform His Peers and Continue Your Legacy

True Tamplin is an entrepreneur and author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller Raising an Executive: Igniting Your Son’s Inner Executive To Outperform His Peers and Continue Your Legacy. At age 13, True’s father Ken Tamplin was offered to be the lead singer for Journey. Despite desperately needing the money, the 5-year touring contract was too […]

JENA RODRIGUEZ: Brave Master for Branding You

Jena Rodriguez, a Brand, Business and Brave Strategist and founder of Brave Masters, Inc. is committed to boosting brand clarity, catapulting profits and unleashing the full human potential of entrepreneurs internationally. She teaches service-based business owners how to capitalize on their “natural” abilities and package and price their greatest strengths so that they can create […]

ED BENSINGER: IT Solutions to Solve Everyday Tech Problems

Ed Bensinger’s technology career includes 21 years of Microsoft certification and jobs working for Conrail, Motorola, Fijitsu, MindSpring and Earthlink, and a nuclear power plant, prior to founding Bensinger Consulting in 2003. His firm specializes in providing IT solutions nationwide for small and medium-sized businesses, helping them save thousands of dollars on hiring, salaries, and benefits, […]

NANCY MARTIN: Dance Your Way to an Empowered Self

Nancy Martin is a renowned speaker, facilitator, best-selling author of Dance Your Way to an Empowered Self, and the creator of “Back Off” – a proprietary method of teaching women and girls how to embody confidence so they can repel potential abusers and claim their own authentic voice. She is an abuse prevention expert, women’s […]

JIM STRYKER: Mortgage Lending Author of Borrow Smart, Retire Rich Shares Insights

Jim R. Stryker is Pacific Northwest Regional Manager, Guaranteed Rate, NMLS 962532 Those that know me, know I am happiest and the most passionate about assisting others around me with achieving their goals and reaching for new levels of their personal bests. For the last 17 years, I have been in the Mortgage lending industry. […]

Dr. DEBORAH MATTHEW: This is Not Normal: A Busy Woman’s Guide To Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Dr. Deborah Matthew MD helps her patients restore their health by addressing the root cause of their symptoms, instead of treating diseases with drugs. After suffering with hormonal symptoms that left her exhausted and irritable, and prevented her from being the wife and mother that she wanted to be, she refocused her medical career to […]

CORINNE WEAVER: Learning How to Breathe and No More Meds Author Shares Insight

Dr. Corinne Weaver is a compassionate Upper Cervical chiropractor, educator, motivational speaker, mother of three, and international bestselling author. She recently shared the stage with New York Times Best-selling author, Suzanne Somers at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty club. She is the founder of Upper Cervical Wellness Center and Indian Trail, NC, since […]

VINCENT W. DAVIS: Civil Rights Attorney Helps Get Your Kids Back

Civil rights attorney Vincent W. Davis was a featured speaker at Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club, an annual conference of thought leaders from around the globe including CEOs, dignitaries, professionals, and leaders in the technical and medical fields. Having personally represented over 1,000 families across the country since 1986 in their battle to […]

Dr. Deb Schreibman: Your Journey to Wellness International Bestselling Author Interviewed

International Best-selling author, Dr. Deb Schreibman shared the stage with New York Times Best-selling Author Suzanne Somers at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club. Her book, “Your Journey to Wellness: Creating Ease Through Preventive Care” recently was a No. 1 International Best Seller on Amazon. Dr. Deb Schreibman was a featured speaker at […]

Dr. KEESHA EWERS Shares Integrative Medicine Health Coach Certification Information

I started out in medicine as a registered nurse in 1985. I loved my fast-paced life in the critical care world, working with patients in the intensive care unit and really connecting with them and their families. I found I was good at helping those who were in crisis. However, I also found that people […]

Dr. HEATHER TUCKER: Bridging the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

Dr. Heather Tucker is the CEO of Another Level Living, Inc as well as a certified Life Harmony Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. Dr. Tucker is uniquely skilled in the areas of technology interaction, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and significant emotional events. She supports entrepreneurs and business leaders who desire to increase their work/life balance and […]

MICHELE SCISM: The Results Lady and Decisive Minds

Michele Scism is a decisive, driven and committed serial entrepreneur who helps successful business owners create passive income streams so they can stop working so hard and start enjoying the benefits of entrepreneurship. Michele’s business expertise has been highlighted recently on NBC, CBS, Fox, and She is a Stevie award-winning business consultant, international […]

Rasheeda Omolade-Sule: Married, Let’s Talk

Rasheeda Omolade-Sule says the Married, Let’s Talk has a mission to positively impact women from all walks of life, to support one another in confidence, to fight our battles together before the Lord and rejoice together in our victories. “As helpmates to our husbands, our #1 thing Is to help them by praying for them. […]

DAVID SUESS: Fairfax Data Systems’ CEO talks Office Automation at Harvard Faculty Club

David Suess, the CEO of Fairfax Data Systems, was very honored to speak at Harvard to the best-of-the-best entrepreneurs around the world!! These leaders of businesses are transforming the world in every aspect of people’s lives including IT, medical, financial and personal coaching. He spoke on providing “technology makeovers” for every business by securing, and […]

Dr. ANASTASIA CHOPELAS: Scientific Healing and the Diamond Healing Method

Dr. Anastasia Chopelas is the Scientific Healer, a role that was borne out of necessity when she became ill 20 years ago. After spending 40 years as an international researcher and professor in physics, she retired to work on helping the health and well being of those around her. During her 20 year journey to […]

LISE GOTTLIEB: E-Commerce Queen Shares Tips to Create Super-Charged Power eCom Formula

Lise Gottlieb, a well-known and successful entrepreneur from Denmark who is also known as “The eCommerce Queen of Denmark” has received the eCommerce 2017 Award at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club recently. She spoke at a Thought Leader Conference at the Entrepreneurship Student Club’s at Harvard Business School about her eCommerce Formula […]

MICHAEL MARTINEZ: How to Retire From Honda Author Shares Insight Into Retirement

Michael Martinez has been a financial advisor and pension advocate for more than 21 years, dedicated to helping individuals with their pensions, income planning, investments and preparing for the future. He started The Pension Group for exactly this reason: To help people better understand their pension options. Since then, Michael has helped hundreds of clients […]

JEREMY MATRANGA, RFC : International Best-selling ‘Taxing Away Your Wealth…’ Book Author Interviewed

Securities and Advisory Services offered through Cetera Advisors LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity. Jeremy M. Matranga, RFC, author of international bestseller “Taxing Away Your Wealth: Tax Management — The Missing Piece of Your Wealth Strategy” shares his thoughts and experience on leadership and success in financial matters […]

Dr. MANJULA RAGUTHU: Health is Wealth

Dr. Manjula Raguthu is Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine as well as Family Medicine. She has a holistic approach to the patient and the management of disease. She believes strongly “Health is Wealth”. She has been in practice for more than 26 years. She did her medical school from India, and her residency […]

ANNE ROSE HART: Unleash Your Authentic Awesomeness

Anne Rose Hart is known as a Joyful Genius for her pioneering work in the field of human potential and applied neurophysiology over last decade. As the creator of the revolutionary Quantum Play method for personal transformation, Anne uses playful mindset, playful movement, deep inquiry, and the energy of joy to help evolutionary leaders to […]

RAO GARUDA: From $7 to Success

Rao Garuda, ChFC, CLU Rao is the President of Associated Concepts Agency Inc., founded in 1978. He came from India with $7 and a scholarship to the University of Colorado to pursue his Master’s degree in engineering. Rao is also a graduate of American College from Bryn Mawr, PA. Rao has more than 30 years […]

Dr. STEVE WANDER: You Can Reclaim Your Health

Functional Medicine and Holistic practitioner Dr. Steve Wander spoke at Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club and shared the stage with New York Time Best-selling author Suzanne Somers. Dr. Steve Wander was a featured speaker at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club, an annual conference of thought leaders from around the globe […]

BONNIE FATIO: Helping Inspired Women Lead, Creator of AgeEsteem

Bonnie Fatio, creator of the groundbreaking concept AgeEsteem®, inspires and challenges people of all ages. Her uplifting talks and workshops motivate audiences throughout the world. Founder of AgeEsteem®, author and internationally recognized motivational speaker who inspires and challenges. For the last twenty years she has specialized in motivation and its power to influence positive change […]

TROY FULLWOOD: Real Estate Note Investing Education for Today and Beyond

Troy Fullwood will be speaking at NASDAQ, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft. He just recently shared his message at Harvard Faculty Club at the annual Business Experts Forum. Troy founded Pinnacle Investments in 1996. He has written more than 250 articles on real estate investing and has spoken at more than 60 industry conventions as well as […]

JODY SAMUELS: “The Trader’s Pendulum: The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Traders”

Stock and currency markets trading coach and author Jody Samuels spoke at Harvard Business School’s Business Expert Forum recently and shared the stage with best-selling author Suzanne Somers, who recently released “Tox-Sick to Not Sick.” “It was an honor to meet Suzanne Somers and to speak at the Entrepreneurship Student Club at Harvard Business School’s […]

DOUG PHILLIPS: Corporate Vision for the Entrepreneur

Doug Phillips is a facilitator for the CORPORATE TRAINING PROGRAM used by American Express, Anheuser-Busch, AT&T, BOA, General Mills, General Motors, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Prudential, Re/Max, Verizon, Etc. Doug Helps CEO’s Re-Establish Corporate Vision, Then Drives It Throughout Their Organizations. Doug recently spoke at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club. To Learn More, […]

MALA RAMAKRISHNAN: Single Mom Grows ISuccess Online Business

MALA RAMAKRISHNAN shares her story of going from homelessness to success in this inspiring interview. Listen and learn about how the seeds of success are planted and sown for harvest. Empowering women is my biggest passion. Mala says: I am a single mum for 3 children. Have been through many hurdles and was made homeless […]

ALAN PORTER: Financial Planner Shares Out of the Box Legal Financial Strategies

Alan Porter was a featured speaker at the annual thought leaders’ conference Business Expert Forum at the Harvard Faculty Club. These thought leaders include CEOs, dignitaries, professionals, best-selling authors, technical and medical experts from around the world. After being a Blackhawk helicopter pilot and instructor for 21 years, his career path took a dramatic change […]

ELANI KAY: Tips for Parents of Child Actors

Founder & CEO of Star Parents, ELANI KAY coaches parents of children in the entertainment industry navigate the unique challenges that come with raising a child in the public eye. A bestselling author, life coach, speaker, single mother of three young boys, Operations Coordinator of an entertainment company, & expert “momager” to her oldest son […]

SHARI PHEASANT “Best Selling Author” and Founder of Barn Boot Camp

SHARI PHEASANT is a member of the International Women’s Leadership Association and the National Association of Professional Women. Shari has been voted Woman of the Year twice, Female Shop Owner of the Year in the industry and Small Business of the Year locally in her hometown. As a certified professional behavioral analysis, Shari also owns […]

JOHN RANKINS: International Bestselling Author of the Life Mastery Playbook

John Rankins is the International Bestselling Author of the Life Mastery Playbook, Founder of the Revolution Mastermind, and President of Optimo International. Known for his entrepreneurial focus on Sales and Leadership training, John’s mission to develop leaders and change lives is the reason he’s one of the most sought after business trainers alive today. His […]

DAVE NASSANEY: #1 Bestselling Author of “It’s My Life Too” A Caregiver’s Caregiver

DAVE NASSANEY is an author, speaker, radio host, and entrepreneur who has just published his fifth book, “It’s My Life, Too! Reclaim Your Caregiver Sanity by Learning When to Say “Yes” and When to Say “No.” However, his most important role is the caregiver to his lovely wife, Charlene, who suffered a massive stroke 21 […]

DARREN COLEMAN: ‘Easy Prey’ Author Shares Insight about Cyber Security

Darren Coleman is the owner of Coleman Technologies located in Langley, BC, Canada. Coleman is a passionate information technology professional, entrepreneur and technology author based in British Columbia. He founded Coleman Technologies in 1999, and since that time has prided himself on his high quality services across a range of areas. These include consulting, IT […]

BONNIE FATIO: Inspired Women Lead – Mentoring Women to Lead Globally

Bonnie Fatio shares her vision for mentoring women to lead globally. A free leadership mentoring program for women Be mentored – Mentor Cross-cultural – Cross-border “If we aspire to positively transform our world, then we must promote women into leadership positions at all levels of society around the globe.”~ Bonnie Fatio Having boldly made that […]

LUBA EVANS: Change the World via the Evolution of Consciousness

Luba Saraswati Evans-Zion (Luba) is a visionary and internationally known lecturer on spiritual, personal and holistic health issues. Luba says that the inspiration behind her work is her vision of personal growth, liberation, return of divine feminine, sacred union of feminine and masculine, connection to the source and the idea of living the life as […]

NAVI DOWTY: Financial Success For The Smiling Retiree

Navi Dowty is a financial educator author and retirement income planner, who’s earned the prestigious Chartered Financial Analysts designation, held by less than 1% of the financial advisory community. He is the creator of the proprietary Smiling Retiree Process. Navi Dowty, CFA is an internationally known speaker, bestselling author, educator, and retirement income planner. He […]

NICK CHOAT: International Best Selling Author of Online or Flatline for Business Today

Online or Flatline earns International Best Seller status on Amazon. Nick Choat is an entrepreneur, consultant, and speaker with over three decades of professional experience, most recently as a small business digital strategist. His professional career began in rural East Tennessee, when as a child Nick worked at his family’s country grocery store. After graduating […]

FRANK DEMMING: Meet the Local Business Guy, author of “Seven Steps to Recession-Proofing Your Business”

Frank Demming is the author of  “Seven Steps to Recession-Proofing Your Business.” In this interview, get the tips you need to know to grow your local business. Frank Demming (a.k.a. “The Local Business Guy”) means business. Small business, that is. He’s a marketing expert with a proven track record of helping localized businesses from all […]

Dorothy Kuhn: The Unspoken Keys to Becoming the Ulimate Leader

Dorothy Kuhn grew up a mystical Christian kid, running around the woods with her little brothers and the neighbor kids. She was so fascinated with how cool God made the world, she had to learn all about it, so she studied Science. She graduated in Physics and Math, and won her first professional position by […]

Dr. Joanny Liu: Best Selling Author Offers Solutions for Concussions

Dr. Joanny Liu, TCMD, has appeared a dozen times on TV on FOX, NBC, CTV and Global, from coast to coast within the US and Canada to teach positively and constructively about concussions. She has been quoted by various news outlets including FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, The Boston Globe and the Miami Herald about her […]

Heather Poduska Helps You Become the Brand Star You Are Meant to Be

Heather Poduska is a star maker who teaches ambitious entrepreneurs how to become powerful influencers and profitable speakers. With more than 25 years of professional performance experience on stage as an operatic soprano, as a national speaker and the host of her own popular television and podcast show, Thrive, Heather knows what it takes to deliver […]

Fonda Clayton – Stop Giving Your Power Away and Have a Juicy LIfe

Fonda Clayton is #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of Stop Giving Your Power Away, creator of the Juicy Life Show podcast and coach for women. She teaches women who seem to have it all, but who feel empty, to trust and know their bodies and possess personal power. “Women compromise, instead of telling their truth. […]

IAN BRODIE: Email Persuasion Author Shares Client-Attraction Methods

Ian Brodie is the best-selling author of Email Persuasion and he has been helping some of the world’s leading organizations with their marketing and sales challenges for more than 20 years. More importantly, he has “walked the talk” and sold multi-million dollar consulting engagements across multiple countries and cultures. He says, “in truth, I’m far […]

BRIAN G. JOHNSON: Tube Ritual and Trust Funnel Author Reveals Video Success Secrets

Brian G. Johnson shares his unique marketing insights in this jam-packed solid information interview about using video for marketing and staking your claim in online. Go to Where, Brian G. Johnson takes content marketing seriously. “However, I don’t take myself too seriously! Don’t just share your message, amplify it by incorporating my proven and […]

BRIAN M. DOUGLAS – ‘Plan Your Estate Before It’s Too Late’ Now Available on Amazon

Brian M. Douglas is an estate planning attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. Brian M. Douglas assists clients in all areas of life and wealth planning. In this interview, he talks about important issues each person should plan for during their personal life stages. Brian M. Douglas is the international best-selling author of  ‘Plan Your Estate Before […]

Tamara “Tami” Patzer – Social Media Educator and Founder of Blue Ocean Authority

Tamara “Tami” Patzer is a best-selling author, publisher, and video producer at Blue Ocean Authority. She teaches Social Media and Marketing courses at Florida Gulf Coast University and helps local business owners and professionals get found online using Blue Ocean Authority. Tami is the publisher of Guides Publishing and currently is working on “How to […]

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