Dorothy Kuhn: The Unspoken Keys to Becoming the Ulimate Leader

Dorothy Kuhn grew up a mystical Christian kid, running around the woods with her little brothers and the neighbor kids. She was so fascinated with how cool God made the world, she had to learn all about it, so she studied Science.

She graduated in Physics and Math, and won her first professional position by knowing more about Quantum Mechanics than anyone else. Early in her corporate career, Dorothy struggled to lead in a way that others wanted to follow – in spite of her solid education and smart, friendly ways. It mystified and frustrated her and her managers, who saw potential. What was the problem?!

Her background in Science, church and community service, plus her eye for patterns and simple solutions and access to top experts opened the door. She was honored to be Texas Instruments’ representative to Carnegie Mellon University, where she co-authored the industry standard in Systems Engineering with the Department of Defense, and served as Product Manager for its assessment method. Back at Texas Instruments, she spearheaded the turn-around of select military projects, leading with focus and fun. From there she led national and international teams at Fortune 50 companies, plus turn-around consulting at privately held firms.

Her community service includes chairing Christian Education at her Methodist church, chairing the Sesquicentennial Commission for her city, where she also served as Planning and Zoning Commissioner. For her county, she served as Democratic Party Vice Chair. She’s proudest of her two grown children, who are both loving and savvy. When health issues began sapping her energy, focus and memory, she found her productivity and fun fading. Without pills, Dorothy found a natural way to feel better, remember and focus well, plus she “captured the thin within,” now feeling half her age. She’s a guest expert on TV, international radio and podcasts. Dorothy Kuhn helps savvy, inspiring entrepreneurs, professionals and community leaders step up their game.

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