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Once the gold standard, Body Mass Index (BMI) has been used as a health indicator. Introduced in the early 19th century by a mathematician (not a physician), its intended use was as a quick way to estimate obesity. Over the decades, BMI morphed into a number that gets far more weight than it deserves. And […]

Convenience Catastrophe

With life moving at warp speed, convenience feels like a necessity. We need things fast, grab and go, instant-everything. In fact, if we don’t have to stop what we’re doing to make it happen, even better. But in a world moving so fast, it’s time to stop and consider what all this convenience is doing […]

Healing Takes Time

In a world where instant gratification is becoming the standard, admitting that something takes time is almost unheard of. But when the topic is healing, time is a necessity. Given time, the body can do amazing things – including restoring, regrowing, and revitalizing you from the inside out. Dr. Dan and Angela dive into the […]

FBS: Flat Butt Syndrome

There’s no nice way to say it – Flat Butt Syndrome has got to go. It might sound funny, but FBS is no laughing matter. Many chronic pain symptoms and movement challenges can be traced back to FBS. And while it’s most prominent in the senior population, the time to stop FBS is before it […]

Hormone Harmony

Hormones are chemical messengers that your body uses to signal an innumerable amount of processes in your body.  And when your hormones are not in harmony, your body will let you know (usually in the form of nagging symptoms – headaches, weight gain, chronic fatigue, lack of libido – until you figure out what to […]

Stop That Sedentary Lifestyle

Movement is so important for our health. But for many of us, so much of our day is spent not moving. The standard sedentary lifestyle that has become so common place in today’s tech-driven world is not conducive to wellness. In fact, a lack of movement in your day can be a cause of many […]

Fat vs Carbs: The Ultimate Throwdown

Fat vs Carbs. Who’s worse? Who’s necessary? Who’s sabotaging your diet? Are fats making you fat? Are carbs slowing you down? Is there really an answer? Dr. Dan and Angela are taking these two macros to the mat as they dive into this nutrition discussion that many experts can’t seem to agree upon. What’s the […]

Sleep Posture Reboot with Dr. Dan and Angela Turo

Quality Sleep is one of the cornerstones to overall health. When you sleep, your body has time to heal and restore itself. When you are restless, suffer from insomnia, or frequently wake during the night, your body loses that opportunity to repair and replenish. And that’s a big problem for your health. The role of […]

Battling Breakfast Blunders with Dr. Dan and Angela Turo

Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day. Cereal is not your friend, no matter what the label says on the box. And milk really doesn’t “do the body good.” Your breakfast has been bought and paid for by food lobbyists, re-branded by marketers, and sold to you as the healthiest way to […]

Don’t Be a Hospitable Host with Dr. Dan and Angela Turo

Everyone talks about “boosting” your immune system (and that’s not a bad idea); but what about all the things we do on a daily basis that are impairing our immune system’s ability to function? It’s like boxing with one arm tied behind your back – you don’t really have a fighting chance! The only way […]

Inflammation Information that Could Change Your Health with Dr. Dan and Angela Turo

You might be thinking: A whole episode on inflammation – are they crazy? But did you know that there are different types of inflammation? That inflammation is a natural process in your body that can be beneficial at times? That the medication taken for inflammation might be doing more harm than good? That chronic inflammation […]

Doctored Data and Limited Vision: How Can We “Trust the Experts”? with Dr. Dan and Angela Turo

We are constantly asked to trust external entities with our health: Trust the Experts, Trust the Research, Trust the Science. But shouldn’t we stop to ask ourselves a few obvious, but important questions – Who is doing (and benefiting from) the research? Are we looking at the full picture or just a fragment of the […]

Blood Sugar Blunders and Developing Diabetes: What Can We Do About It? with Dr. Dan and Angela Turo

Twenty years ago, the Journal of the American Medical Association released a study suggesting that 1/3 of children born in 2002 would be deemed diabetic at some point in their lifetime. Those children are now 22 years old. And surrounded by hidden and not so hidden sugar in our diets and more screen-filled sedentary lifestyles, […]

Clearing Cholesterol’s Name: What You Really Need to Know with Dr. Dan and Angela Turo

Good Cholesterol? Bad Cholesterol? Where do we start? Cholesterol gets a bad rap that it really doesn’t deserve. In today’s episode of What the Health?!, we’ll break it all down for you – LDL. HDL. Cholesterol in food and Cholesterol in the body. When Cholesterol is a health risk and what you can do about […]

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