Ligament Instability is a buzz term in the healthcare field that patients are bringing to our office in search of answers. Ligaments hold bones to bones in your body and as you can imagine – instability would be an issue and can result in a wide range of symptoms from achy muscles to migraines to vertigo. But are these symptoms inevitable? And is ligament instability the only culprit?

Many patients are being referred to our office by other healthcare providers because our motion x-ray technology is the gold standard for identifying ligament instability in the neck. But it also shows when it isn’t instability – but immobility that is causing the problem.

In this episode, Dr. Dan and Angela share what ligament instability is and what can cause it (especially in developing spines), what a lack of spinal motion means for health and how resolving one problem can impact the other. When there isn’t a clear cut reason for chronic symptoms, finding the true cause is the only way to find real relief.
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Becky Auer

Becky Auer is a Best Selling Author, host of the Spotlight Success Series and contributing author to Six Figure Coach Magazine, Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine covering and sharing success tips and strokes of genius from successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and marketing experts who share their failures, successes, resources and strategies.

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