In recent years, gut health has emerged as a key component to immune system function. A healthy functioning digestive system is a large factor in how you feel and your ability to fight off infections. And when the gut isn’t in check, you know it – you’re more likely to get sick, have less energy, and deal with other health challenges. That means giving your gut health a makeover could be the best way to revamp your overall health.

In this episode, Dr. Dan and Angela discuss the importance of gut health and listening to how your body signals you through feeling and function. Dr. Dan shares his personal health issues in 2023 with extreme fatigue, pain, and ultimate diagnosis of Lyme disease and shingles. They emphasize the gut-brain connection, benefits of intermittent fasting, and the need to make health a priority with lifestyle changes versus just taking supplements. If you’re not feeling as good as you should, maybe it’s time for a gut check – and this episode is the perfect place to start.

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Becky Auer

Becky Auer is a Best Selling Author, host of the Spotlight Success Series and contributing author to Six Figure Coach Magazine, Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine covering and sharing success tips and strokes of genius from successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and marketing experts who share their failures, successes, resources and strategies.

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Dr. Dan & Angela Turo

Dr. Dan and Angela Turo make a fantastic team! They focus on factors that promote health, rather than focusing on treating disease. Their mission is strong! They help guide people about being healthy & to increase knowledge about exercise, nutrition, stress-reduction, time management, and discovering their personal best self.