Anti-aging is a scam. There is no stopping time; why waste it being against aging when you could be learning how to do it gracefully? That’s what residents of Blue Zones do. Blue Zones are areas of the world where people live the longest lives, consistently reaching age 100. With the average life expectancy in the U.S. currently 77 years, it’s obvious that those outside the Blue Zones are definitely missing something.

Dr. Dan and Angela explore the beauty of blue zones, what allows them to produce so many more centenarians on average than other areas of the world and how we can use their lessons to improve our chances of aging gracefully. Kick anti-aging to the curb and embrace aging as a gift that not everyone receives! Take the time to tune in to this episode and start paving the way to a more graceful tomorrow.

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Becky Auer

Becky Auer is a Best Selling Author, host of the Spotlight Success Series and contributing author to Six Figure Coach Magazine, Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine covering and sharing success tips and strokes of genius from successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and marketing experts who share their failures, successes, resources and strategies.

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Dr. Dan & Angela Turo

Dr. Dan and Angela Turo make a fantastic team! They focus on factors that promote health, rather than focusing on treating disease. Their mission is strong! They help guide people about being healthy & to increase knowledge about exercise, nutrition, stress-reduction, time management, and discovering their personal best self.