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Ep. #43-Hormone help is here! A new approach with Heather Summers and Tavia Morse-Salvadalena, Functional Nutritional Practitioner

In this podcast episode Tavia interviews Heather Summers, a Registered nurse of 28 years and also a mental wellness coach. Today we talk about all things Hormones. Both men and women have them and both can struggle at one point in their lifetime. Heather talks about a new discovery that has not only helped her […]

Ep. #42-Hormone Disrupters w/Renee Wroten, Author, Holistic Health Coach and Tavia Morse-Salvadalena, Functional Nutritional Practitioner

In this episode I interview Renee Wroten, a Holistic Health Coach and wellness strategist. Renee and I discuss all things HORMONES. Specifically, we talk about the things you should avoid that can interfere with proper hormone production. Renee also talks about how she healed her uterine fibroids by changing her diet and lifestyle. Health starts […]

Ep. #41-Turning Tragedy into Triumph with Tina Alexis a Certified Reiki Master, Inspirational Speaker, 9/11 Survivor

In this Episode I introduce you to the wonderful Tina Alexis. Tina Alexis is a mother, Certified Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Strategist, Metaphysicist, Metaphysical Counselor, Inspirational Speaker, 9/11 Survivor, domestic violence survivor, 2-time Published Author and the creator of the “Just Being Challenge” This phenomenal woman has gracefully overcome some of life’s most difficult experiences and […]

Ep. #40-Mental Health talk with Miss TriCities, WA–Tavia Morse-Salvadalena, Functional Nutritional Practitioner

In this episode, I interview the beautiful Hailey Fisher. I met Hailey a few months ago and immediately knew I wanted to learn more about her. Not only does she hold the Miss Tri-Cities Title, but she has written a children’s book, a mental health advocate all while going to college. Hailey shares with me […]

Ep. #39 Houston We have a Problem: Metal Implants!–Tavia Morse-Salvadalena, Functional Nutritional Practitioner

In the episode I discuss my newest fight and my upcoming surgery to remove my dental implants. I will share with you why metals are bad for your mouth and How the cause a interference with your energy and neurological systems. I share my long journey of going from 3 root canals, to 3 implants […]

Ep. #38 –Dr. Thompson Maesaka, DC – The headache whisperer with Coach Tavia Morse-Salvadalena

In the episode I interview Dr. Thompson. He is a Chiropractor and also a functional neurologist. Thompson is the owner of the Minnesota Center for chronic headache.  After experiencing a history of concussions, Dr. Thompson felt compelled to tap into the market of healing the brain that has had trauma.  Dr. Thompson’s ultimate passion also […]

Ep. #37-TOP must do TIPS for better digestion today! w/Melanie Yukov, Herbalist, Health Coach & Speech and Language Pathologist

In the episode I interview Melanie, she is a holistic health coach and community herbalist. Melanie shares 6 important tips digestive health. From healing the vagus nerve to showing simple gratitude to your own food. Melanie shares amazing tips to get your gut health back into tip top shape, Tune in and hear her magical […]

Ep. #36-Freedom from Breaking away from the bad habits w/Jan McDonald, Speaker & Coach w/John Maxwell Team w/Coach Tavia Morse-Salvadalena

In this Episode: I interview Jan McDonald where she shares her experience of how she overcame years of alcohol addiction. Jan gives great advice to those who have either gone thru the same journey or are just starting out on their journey.  Her biggest advice is “don’t do it alone” . “No one needs to […]

Ep. #35-Ben Clark, Co-owner of Tri-Cities Wellness & Infusion center, Ketamine-The new help for pain, depression & Lyme Neuropathy

In this episode, I interview Ben Clark who is a Nurse practitioner/ Certified Registered nurse in Anestesiology who is the co-owner of Tri-Cities Wellness and Infusion center, located in Kennewick, WA Dr Ben and I discuss a newer treatment called KETAMINE and how this treatment Is helping patients fight chronic pain as well as other […]

Ep. #34-Fibromyalgia pain- the brain-body connection-Dr. Irene Luc, Therapeutic Pain Specialist with Coach Tavia Morse-Salvadalena

In this episode, I interview Dr. Irene Luc. A Therapeutic pain specialist. We discuss all things pain but specifically what Fibromyalgia is. Fibro as most call it is a diagnosis for thousands of people, generally more women than men are diagnosed. It’s a diagnosis for when people experience widespread pain for no known cause. Most […]

Ep. #33-Guest Speaker Erin Gallagher -Intuitive life and business coach with Coach Tavia Morse-Salvadalena

Erin helps visionary leaders heal on all levels so they can ignite their confidence and lead without fear. She uses the Akashic Records to teach people how to tap into their soul’s purpose and create massive success in all areas of their lives. After a 17-year drug and alcohol addiction, Erin healed herself naturally using […]

Ep# 32-Anxiety-Brain Fog, Depression- Is is really just all in your head? Coach Tavia Morse-Salvadalena

On this episode Tavia talks about the gut-brain connection. Many people deal with anxiety and depression, but in the traditional medical world are we dismissing the root cause. Anxiety can stem from the gut. Its not just a brain issue. Tavia explains more in this podcast. Tavia further discusses the gut-brain connection and how parasites […]

Ep# 31-Emotional Guidance thru Hypnosis With Ketra Thompson and Coach Tavia Morse-Salvadalena

Tavia talks with Ketra about all things Hypnosis. Ketra discussed her story as well as how hypnosis can help people work thru their past trauma. We discuss the myths around what hypnosis is and how it can truly benefit any person who needs to heal emotionally and physically. Furthermore, hypnosis can help people with : […]

Ep# 30-Stop chasing SHINY OBJECTS & start getting well! With Coach Tavia Morse-Salvadalena & Ryan Syverson

In this episode, Tavia discusses how searching for answers to your health can be like a magical scavenger hunt. In other words, many people go years undiagnosed and they go from one “shiny” magic potion or pill to another and yet still don’t get better. After spending hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars, and yet no […]

Ep# 29-Reality of Getting Help with Mental Health With Coach Tavia Morse-Salvadalena & James Timmons, husband, Father, Real estate Broker

In this podcast episode Tavia interviews James Timmons, a husband and father that shares his story of his infidelity of his marriage. As well as the financial constraints it put on him just to get the proper help. James is very vulnerable and personal in our talk and by sharing his story he hopes to […]

Ep# 28-NEW YEAR- let the Truth be told! With Coach Tavia Morse-Salvadalena

In this podcast episode Tavia talks about her new year and new discoveries she found after fighting covid with her husband simultaneously. She goes into deep discussion about how she treated it, how she felt, how her husband did and the differences between the two fighting the same virus.   Tavia keeps it real and […]

Ep# 27-Five Easy Detox tips for a healthier new year! With Hollie Nesbitt & Coach Tavia Morse-Salvadalena

In this episode I talk with Holli Nesbitt,  A functional medicine health coach. Holli and I discuss what “DETOX” means for complete health as well as talk about the importance of detox for optimal health. Holli gives important tips and top ways you can start detoxing today. “Just by simply eating clean is the easiest […]

Ep# 26-Chiropractic care and chronic illness: Its more than you think! With Dr. Kyle Bryant DC & Coach Tavia Morse-Salvadalena

In this episode, I interview Dr. Bryant but as I call him “DR KYLE”. We discuss what chiropractic care is and what is is NOT. Doctor Kyle explains how his practice is a little different than most traditional chiropractic clinics.  Doctor Kyle focuses more on ‘TOTAL body health and looking at the root causes of […]

Ep# 25 – Hidden Health Problems in Your Mouth-part 2 with Functional Nutritional Health & Life Coach Tavia Morse-Salvadalena

In this podcast episode Tavia takes you back in time and shares her journey of having dental cavitation surgery. This is Part 2 to episode #14 the hidden health problems in your mouth Tune in to hear what her experience was at her most recent oral  surgery she had on October 27th at a holistic […]

Interview with Bill Cates, Founder of The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing™ & Author of “Radical Relevance”

For over 25 years, Bill has helped financial professionals move from incremental growth to exponential growth by communicating more compelling value and multiplying their best clients. Thousands of financial advisors are using Bill’s Relationship Marketing System™ to enhance client engagement, create more effective personal introductions, and communicate more relevant and compelling value. Before starting his […]

Ep.#24-Don’t let Anxiety stop you in your tracks! Samantha Barnett, Nutritionist/health coach in Australia speaks with Coach Tavia

Samantha (better known as Sammy) Barnett is a clinically trained nutritionist and health coach based in Queensland Australia.  She is the owner of Seeds of Life Nutrition and also the podcast Wholehearted Heath & Nutrition.  Being a mum of two young boys and dual business owner, Sammy has experienced firsthand the dangers of not slowing […]

Ep. #23- Ginger Parker, Reiki Master and Massage therapist-REIKI- How can it benefit you today!

In this podcast episode I interview Ginger Parker. Ginger has been a massage therapist and reiki master of 15 + years. It has been her joy and purpose to help people and live their lives purpose. Ginger discusses what REIKI is and how you can benefit from its healing properties. We discuss how healing isn’t […]

Ep. #22- Guest Speaker: Christina Popovic, Business coach, Speaker and master transformational coach

In this podcast episode I interview Christina Popovic, a business consultant  who is dedicated to helping women thrive on purpose and in business  She is a Navy Veteran, a  fierce mother of two tiny humans Reina 1 and Liam 7) and a Navy wife to her husband Chris of 10 years. Christina is passionate about […]

Ep. #21-Guest Speaker: Sharik Peck, Physical Therapist and Inventor of the REZZIMAX Tuner Pro

In this podcast episode I interview Sharik Peck a Physical Therapist that invented a miraculous tool called the REZZIMAX Pro Tuner For years, Sharik and his wife Cheryl lived with chronic neck problems and other health issues. It seemed no matter what they did, nothing helped. Sharik (a licensed physical therapist and counselor) searched for […]

Ep# 20-KEEP SEEKING your PASSION & FIND Adventure along the way-Michael “Zap”Zappia, Former NFL player, Author, Speaker, Actor, Entrepreneur

In this Episode: Tavia sits down with Michael aka ZAP Zappia to discuss his adventures as an entrepreneur. Michael takes us back to his college years where he played football all the way up to now where he is now working for SUPER DRAFT as a marketing and sales consultant. Life has thrown Michael many […]

Ep# 19-Dr. Jon Harmon, DC. Board Certified in QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) & Neurofeedback

In this episode, I interview Dr. Harmon Dr Harmon had been a chiropractor for twenty-two years in Boise, Idaho. However, when his family had some severe trauma in March of 2010 and March of 2011 he started to change how he wanted to help people.  He experienced both suicide and murder in his family with led […]

Ep# 18-What Your Health Can Look Like- Tavia Morse-Salvadalena, Functional Nutritional Health & Life Coach

In this Episode Tavia talks about the “man in the can” Otherwise known as what is your body made up of. Tavia talks about the 7 pillars that make up our health and why it is important to address each of these when getting back to better health. Tavia also talks about genetic testing and […]

Ep.#17-Scott Leeper, Marine Veteran, Author, Speaker & Certified Health & Life Coach, Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

In this episode, I sit down and talk to Scott leeper about his mission to help veterans change their lives. Scott has been helping veterans access their unconscious minds to make effective, lasting, positive changes in their lives.  Scott Leeper founded of the Alpha Lima Charlie Foundation and is hitting the ground running. After navigating his […]

Ep.#16-Coach Tavia Morse talks with Catharine Arnston, Founder and CEO of Energy Bits

In this podcast episode, I talk to Catharine Arnston about these tiny pellets that offer a powerful health benefit! Catharine started ENERGYbits after her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and was advised by her oncologist that an alkaline diet would help her heal. Catharine immediately sprung into action to help her sister research alkaline foods […]

Ep.#15-The Secret Sauce to Weight Loss Revealed-Coach Tavia Morse w/Rusty Osborne-Personal Weight Loss Coach and CEO of Find Your Total Health

In this podcast episode Coach Rusty and I discuss all the myths behind losing weight and how his struggle led him to this amazing new adventure in his life. Rusty talks about his story of being overweight, sick, and tired as a musician and ultimately how he transformed his life.   Rusty has helped men […]

Ep.#14-Coach Tavia Morse-The Hidden Health Problems in Your Mouth

In this episode, Coach Tavia talks about her hidden health problem associated with her mouth. Tavia talks about her journey of finding the toxic nightmares that were causing her to be sicker. There are 3 major things that Tavia had to address in order to get her immune system and suggests that you too look […]

Ep.#13-Coach Tavia Morse-Functional Nutrition Health Coach talks w/Amanda Schaefer-Finding Gratitude with a sickness

In this podcast Tavia Interviews Amanda Schaefer, a podcast host, an author, a speaker, a mother, a daughter, a mentor, a friend. Amanda shares how she overcame 3 autoimmune diseases by tapping into her faith and by having more gratitude in life.  Amanda is a storyteller and an encourager. She loves to create and everywhere […]

Ep.#12-Coach Tavia Morse-Functional Nutrition Health Coach talks w/Deana Lansing & Tara Canode-should you hire a Health coach or Counselor?

In this episode, Tavia sits down with two special guests to clarify the differences between a health coach and a counselor. In today’s world, there is confusion when it comes to who can help you when you need help. There are similarities but also a lot of differences. We discuss the differences so that individuals […]

Ep.#11-Coach Tavia Morse-Functional Nutritional Health Coach talks about Epstein Barr Virus EBV and Lyme relation

In this episode, Tavia talks about the virus called Epstein Barr virus She discussed what it is, how you can get it and the surprising facts around this common virus. Epstein Barr virus is also known as MONO. It is a virus that is in the herpes family. EBV is very common, most people contract […]

Ep.#10-Coach Tavia Morse-Functional Nutritional Health Coach speaks w/Dr.Christopher Wakely Lyme Literate Doctor, Chronic Illness Specialist

In this episode Dr. Wakely gives listeners an in depth overview of what Lyme disease is, how Lyme is being overlooked and current treatments. Doctor Wakely also explains why Lyme tests like the Elisa and western blot are not always 100% accurate.  Furthermore, Doctor Wakely explains the patients he treats are complex and the patients […]

Ep. #9-Lyme Disease Awareness Month-Coach Tavia Morse-Functional Nutritional Health & Life Coach

Tavia is the founder of Sweet life health coaching and is a functional nutritional health & life coach! Tavia gets to the root cause of why YOUR not getting well. Tavia was led to this fabulous job while fighting her own personal battle with Lyme disease. After going undiagnosed for over 10 years – Tavia […]

Ep. #8-What Your Doctor Isn’t Testing You For & What You Should Know! Coach Tavia Morse–Functional Nutritional Pract, Health & Life Coach

In this episode, Tavia discusses why you should ask your doctor to test you for simple tests like Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, B and more. Tavia discusses the importance of getting these tests on a regular basis and WHY you need to see what your levels are now. Tavia also talks about the importance of […]

Ep. #7 Coach Tavia Speaks With Jeanette Rhea–Personal Trainer, Registered Nurse RN and Health Solutions Expert

Listen to the story of resiliency and hard work- and how 1 day changed her life forever. Jeanette is a Registered Nurse (RN of 32 years, an ACE personal trainer, a nutritional specialist, and a woman with a passion for making her dreams come true. In this podcast, we discuss how ONE day changed the […]

Ep. #6-The Secret to FAT LOSS success is easier than you think. It’s just math! With Angela Derrick and Coach Tavia

Fat loss expert, Angela Derrick talks about how tomake losing stubborn body fat simple, doable, and fun! Angela understands that the best weight loss plan is the one you’re able to stick with, which is why she’s built her philosophy around flexible dieting and food freedom. Angela talks about her journey from being a body […]

Ep. #5- How a “Special Sugar” changed my life for the better with Chris Knight and Coach Tavia

Chris Knight is an entrepreneur and a businesswoman who is changing lives. Chris is also a wife to her husband Tim who has been married for 38 years. They have 7 kids, and 23 grandkids as well. In this episode Chris talks about how she was burned out on life and working for her husbands […]

Ep. #4-Coach Tavia Speaks with Ryan Syverson, FDN-P, ACPT -Health Consultant and Owner at SubLyme Life

Ryan Syverson has spent the last 5 years of his life using his personal and professional experiences to help his clients overcome complex chronic illnesses like Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia when it seemed like all else had failed them. As someone who battled Lyme Disease and Mold illness for 7-years, Ryan knows first-hand the challenges […]

Ep. #3-Coach Tavia Speaks with Hanna Hermanson–YOUR DREAM LIFE CAN be your REAL LIFE!

On this episode, Hanna talks about how she went from living by the rules to breaking the rules and by that I mean- how she started to live the life she dreamed. Hanna Hermanson is a Certified Business Coach and Success Trainer, she helps business coaches and entrepreneurs build brands so that they too can […]

Ep. #2- Erick Salzenstein-Talks about how he went from living in a jail cell to living with a purpose and creating the life he dreamed.

On this episode, Erik talks about his life after serving 4 years in prison and transforming his life while inside he came out looking to make his mess his message and In under 3 years Erik was able to start & scale 2 different online coaching businesses up to $60k months as well as starting […]

Ep. #1-Health Coach Tavia talks about her journey to becoming a health coach after years of being mis-diagnosed with Lyme disease

Tavia Morse-Salvadalena In this episode, Tavia talks about her journey of seeking help with her health and going misdiagnosed for over 10 years!  And how she turned her complete medical mess into her message. After going to the doctors for stomach issues, migraines, pains, sinus infections, female issues, and flu-like symptoms AND after seeing the […]

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