In this podcast episode Tavia interviews Heather Summers, a Registered nurse of 28 years and also a mental wellness coach. Today we talk about all things Hormones. Both men and women have them and both can struggle at one point in their lifetime. Heather talks about a new discovery that has not only helped her with balancing her hormones, but also symptoms like hot flashes, low libido, night sweats, moodiness, weight gain, fatigue and more. Recently a new product has emerged that is changing the lives its called the Happy Hormone Pack. Heather talks about how providing the body with proper gut probiotics is the starting point to better weight management. I product called GBX fit has been paving the way to women losing that stubborn belly fat. Furthermore, we discuss how balancing the cortisol is a HUGE player in avoiding that stubborn body fat. A product she discusses to help that is called MOOD plus and last we need to balance all 3 hormones not just Estrogen. A product called Ignite is doing just that. This trio of supplements is a game changer and has clinical studies to back its claims.


The bottom line is there is no magic pill to cure any health condition. It starts also with proper clean nutrition.


Also, we have something additional that has been helping so many, its called:

the HAPPY JUICE. Oh my! So many great products that can support women and men with their stress, mood and overall health.


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Mike Saunders, MBA

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